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Canada's healthcare is better than America's

Because it's 'free' and because Justin Bieber says so:



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Good! Now Hyperbo... (Below threshold)


Now Hyperbolist can get the psychiatric help he so desperately needs without ObamaCaring the Canadians.

And it's exactly this ag... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

And it's exactly this age group that our left up here want's to enfranchise with the vote...just like prison inmates. And you wonder why the Dem's have fled Madison! Incidentally, my free medical care has me waiting since last August for an appointment with a specialist. I might be better off as an illegal and imposing myself on your generosity.

Just what we need. A 'teen... (Below threshold)

Just what we need. A 'teenage heart-throb' giving advice on medical insurance. Guess he'll be giving his music away "free" real soon.

time 4 a Chicks moment... (Below threshold)

time 4 a Chicks moment

That little girl may feel d... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

That little girl may feel differently once she hits puberty.

His logic is a little messy... (Below threshold)

His logic is a little messy...

You can read it (if you want) at http://wonkette.com/438378/justin-bieber-attacks-u-s-health-care-just-because-it-bankrupts-sick-people

It seems to lose something in the translation.
For example

Justin says:
My bodyguard’s baby was premature, and now he has to pay for it.

When you translate that from idiot teen age canadian popstar to english it reads

I don't provide my employees with a health care plan.

The truth about free health... (Below threshold)

The truth about free healthcare is that it is certainly not free.

It is great for going for a check up or a cold, but wait until you "need" "elective" surgery. "Need" as in can't walk up and down stairs because your knees are so bad that you are afraid one will give out. But knee replacement is "elective" surgery.

Close personal friend has been suffering for years (literally years). She finally will be able to see a specialist this coming August. The projected time of her surgery will be one and a half to two years from that initial appointment.

Yes, it is free. Do you think she might want to have the option to pay? Not legal here unless you leave the country, then there is absolutely no insurance for the surgery at all.

Choices are always limited. Here it is availablity of qualified doctors, nurses and hospital beds. In the U.S., it is the quality and type of health care plan that you have or do not have.

Sorry, but outcomes are not under any person's or any government's control. So the choices are:
pay and don't wait
don't pay and wait.

gaius piconiuscome... (Below threshold)

gaius piconius

come on over and impose, everyone else is

get yours while the getting is good

Healthcare spending is the ... (Below threshold)

Healthcare spending is the single biggest reason why your economy is in the toilet. (No, it's not because of discretionary spending, which accounts for, what, one-eighth of the federal budget?) Your for-profit system is less efficient and more expensive than any in the developed world. And it's exactly what you deserve.

Hyper,Yeah, it has... (Below threshold)
jim m:


Yeah, it has nothing to do with confiscatory tax rates and a government whose economic policy is so clouded that businesses cannot plan what to de next quarter much less over the next 1 to 5 years.

Health care is expensive but in a nation where it isn't nationalized it is also a large industry producing economic value.

The US healthcare industry draws in people from around the world for the service it provides. That is an economic value.

The US medical device industry manufactures billions of dollars wother of equipment and disposables that are exported around the globe. That is an economic benefit.

The US pharmaceutical industry manufactures drugs that are exported around the world. That is an economic benefit.

The US healthcare industry conducts more research and launches more new products and treatments that anywhere else in the world. That is more than just an economic benefit.

Ingorant people like you see healthcare as only a drain but in the US it is 6% of the economy and has historially been one of the most productive segments. That is why the libs want to control it, not because of the cost but because of the profit.

The biggesxt reason our economy sucks right now is over taxation, an uncertain regulatory environment and a monetary policy that is driving us rapidly to hyperinflation. Morons like yourself are unable to see past your ideology to see the reality on the street.

Health insurance is not val... (Below threshold)

Health insurance is not value. It's for-profit death panels.

While some Canadians do pay to use the system in the United States, more Americans practice healthcare tourism than any other people in the world. Mexico, Thailand and India are common destinations. The United States is a horrible place in which to get sick.

The medical device industry is not what I'm talking about and you know it. I'm talking about the cost of treating patients, like vs. like, in different places around the world. It costs a lot more in the United States than in any other country, and the outcomes are not as good as cheaper places such as Canada, France, Japan, Korea, Australia, England...

Your system is indefensible. But of course you'll defend it because you like the idea of people selling their homes to pay for cancer treatment.

Also, you appear to not understand the concept of 'hyperinflation'.

In Canada there aren't armi... (Below threshold)

In Canada there aren't armies of lawyers making countless billions on the backs of the medical system. Fix that and return to a true free market system and America's healthcare would kick the shit out of Canada system being much higher and quality, efficiency, and timeliness (as it currently is) as well as cheaper. Actually it already kicks the shit out of the Canadian system, notwithstanding the opinions of intellictual giants like Beber and Hyper, but it can still be made less costly too.

There are two reasons why healthcare is so costly here (1) trial lawyers and (2) government regulations. And Obamacare, had it not been ruled un-American (i.e. unconstitutional) would have worsened both of those problems.

Yeah hyper, keep flapping y... (Below threshold)

Yeah hyper, keep flapping your lips. And when you're really sick, take a number and wait.

1) Tort reform is needed. I... (Below threshold)

1) Tort reform is needed. In fact, your entire society is far too litigious. Do you know how hard it is to get rich by suing someone in Canada, even if it's a wealthy employer that forced you to do something dangerous and resulted in you losing a limb? Your country is crazy with the lawsuits!

2) Doctors aren't lawyers, but a lot of them are just as greedy.


Health care is so expensive... (Below threshold)

Health care is so expensive here because many of the users are insulated from the costs, and their use/payment cycle drives up the cost for everyone. Health "insurance" the way it is used in this country is part of the problem. A single-payor system has the same insulation from cost to the user, and as EVERYONE has coverage, overuse rapidly leads to depletion of resources and rationing. Like in Canada and the UK.

OBAUMBLECARE is just as un-... (Below threshold)

OBAUMBLECARE is just as un-American as the stupid lamebrain behind comment 11

Shitloads of regulation, by... (Below threshold)

Shitloads of regulation, by the way, is part of what makes healthcare affordable in countries with superior systems.

As for your system being superior to ours, you don't have data to back that up, obviously, because there isn't any. Outcomes in Canada are better. Canadians are in general healthier so that might fudge the numbers a bit, but all in all your system is fucked and I'm glad you agree with it.

Btw GirlFrand, I wait exactly a week, max, to see my doctor. I recently hooked three friends up with a GP. Lots of doctors in Toronto taking patients, but you've got lots of anecdotes about people dying in hospital lobbies of papercuts so I guess we'll call it even.

What this world needs now i... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

What this world needs now is a shaved Bieber. Or better yet, give that Bieber a full Brazilian wax.

"Rationing". Right, because... (Below threshold)

"Rationing". Right, because if it weren't for the government's management, we would have unlimited resources.

Health insurance companies add zero value to your lives. They are parasitic, and they are ruining your country. Grab yer fiddle, Nero.

hyper - you can get in to s... (Below threshold)

hyper - you can get in to see a GP easily, but if you have something actually WRONG with you you may have to wait quite a while to get it done (like a gall bladder operation for recurrent cholecystitis)

Here's what one of your fellow Canucks has to say about her personal experience:

Blather on in continued denial. It seems to suit you well.

Hey Justin, does Canadian h... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Hey Justin, does Canadian health care cover protease inhibitors? Obviously it doesn't cover human growth hormone.

Hyper your out of your dept... (Below threshold)

Hyper your out of your depth on this issue. (as most others)

Regulation in the USA is the main reason for higher costs. We have much lower infection rates, loss of life, fall's, etc. Where little countries (like yours) have higher incidencies of the above plus. European models, canadian models and the like do not translate to a huge country like the USA. Cannot work. Different government, different accredidation for healthcare organizations, etc. So Hyper, you go ahead and have Justin Beiber be your spokes person. It makes sense, really. ww

Looks like Sean Penn has a ... (Below threshold)

Looks like Sean Penn has a worthy successor. Time he took lessons on bailing a boat with a 12 oz. styrofoam cup.
Shut up and sing, or better yet, just shut up completely.

That Canada's gummint fasci... (Below threshold)

That Canada's gummint fascistic ownership, operation and control of its every health-industry slave and of its every citizen/subject's very bodily functions (AKA "single-payer 'health care'") is so vastly superior to America's was never better illustrated than on 18 July 2000, almost ten years to the day AFTER he was diagnosed with Parkinson's, Canadian actor, Michael J. Fox, became an American.

Seems the Left's "proudly Canadian" on-cue Senate-Hearing Shaker, acutely politically and in every other way aware of where the world's best actual care is available, voted with his feet!

Amazing, isn't it, that dor... (Below threshold)

Amazing, isn't it, that dorks like "hyperbolist" don't see the irony of having to come to America even to find an audience to blather on at about the superiority of their post-the-traitor, Trudeau's, Politically-Correct Multicultural Asian and Euro-Peon Peoples' National Socialist Mobbed-Up Workers' and Gummint Thugs' Democratic Canadian Republic.

Cnada: The "country" you have when you haven't got a country.






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