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Obama cuts Voice of America broadcasts into China

The man is on record minimizing American exceptionalism so this, within a month of his meeting with Chinese President Hu Jintao, is no real surprise:

Voice of America (VOA) plans to end all radio and TV broadcasts in Mandarin and Cantonese starting in October amid a budget cut plan announced by US President Barack Obama, reports said yesterday.

The decision is highly controversial and has already engendered some strong reactions among China watchers.

"Shocking and idiotic," said Arthur Waldron, professor of international relations at the University of Pennsylvania and an expert on China.

"Information is our strong point. As true news about China comes out, it will be easier for us to deal with them. Radios are very effective indeed at shaping public opinion," he said.

"I would think this was bad satire, but I fear it is true. It shows a complete lack of understanding of the world situation and correlation of forces," Waldron said.

Or... it shows that attempts to spread American concepts of freedom and liberty are items not seen to be terribly important by the Obama administration who likely bowed to related Chinese demands a month ago during Juntao's visit to DC.

No, it's not bad satire.  Yes, it's terribly bad governance... unless you're attempting to foist Marxist/Communist/Socialist policy on the masses. 

Then it's terribly effective governance.


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Comments (10)

Cut the entire FCC budget u... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Cut the entire FCC budget until he restores the message of freedom. Where are the propagandists for the good guys? Isn't this stuff (being nice to freedom hating communist despots who murder their citizen's babies is the real transparency of the haloed one's administration. Nail it on him, every day. We don't need no birther arguments -this stuff is good evidence if it were at all presented to America for what it collectively is.

The new acronyn for America... (Below threshold)
Don L:

The new acronyn for America;RWR
Rusah was Right! He needs to fail!

The right once again demons... (Below threshold)

The right once again demonstrates their stupidity.

You can't cut taxes and cut spending and not end up ... uhm, follow me now you twits -- cutting programs also.

You reap what you sow, morons.

Woop: "You can't cut tax... (Below threshold)

Woop: "You can't cut taxes and cut spending and not end up ... uhm, follow me now you twits -- cutting programs also."

Gee, Woop, you're RIGHT! So as Don L says in comment #1:
Cut the entire FCC budget

I thought that Stupid M....... (Below threshold)

I thought that Stupid M..... F..... Woop was 86'd last week?

Looks like he managed to take his idiot pill on time this morning.

Barry is just doing what hi... (Below threshold)

Barry is just doing what his masters tell him. Right woop?

We can also tell the people... (Below threshold)

We can also tell the people of Tibet "Hey! Barry's got your back!".

Sorry Woop. My bad. It was ... (Below threshold)

Sorry Woop. My bad. It was gaboob who was excommunicated.

"You can't cut taxes and cut spending and not end up ... uhm, follow me now you twits -- cutting programs also."

If we follow you, we end up with our head up Barry's ass.

I don't trust a damn thing ... (Below threshold)

I don't trust a damn thing this president does? It always seems counter to the american ideal. ww

Yeah. .same reason that lef... (Below threshold)

Yeah. .same reason that lefties always go straight to the most worthy programs to cut and ignore the pork. Like when there are budget cuts, the first thing they do is cut police and firemen so they can parade around saying "Look! They made us cut police and firemen! Government should never be cut!!!"






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