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Chronicling the rank leftist hypocrisy

What follows is from the Republican Party of Wisconsin and it needs to go viral:

But wait, there's more in this Facebook note from Michelle Malkin (teaser photo below):

Leftists calling for a Gang Bang

We await those Religious Leftists who were so quick to call for Sarah Palin's incarceration (for crimes she did not commit) shortly after the Gifford's shooting to stand up and decry the behaviors chronicled here.

Just. Don't. Hold. Your. Breath.


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Comments (10)

They don't even see the hyp... (Below threshold)

They don't even see the hypocrisy.

Oh, Bruce? Hyper? Warinfant... (Below threshold)

Oh, Bruce? Hyper? Warinfant? gaboob?


Totally correct, Ga... (Below threshold)

Totally correct, GarandFan.

If they DID see the hypocrisy, then reality would intrude. Which would create an unsolvable dilemma.

I'd pay to see that.

Even if the local trolls we... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Even if the local trolls were to respond what would we get besides the usual "everyone does it/your side did it first/stop infringing our freedom of speech" bullshit. Then they will go back to their lefty websites and make lists of which Fox News anchors they'd like to rape and in which order.

What the left hasn't caught on to yet is that the internet shows all the crap that they have gotten away with for decades and the rest of the world isn't taking it anymore. We see their intimidation for what it is and the media can't polish that turd for them.

A few on the left recognize that which is why we are getting net neutrality and an internet kill switch. Even then we have learned from Egypt that you can't turn off the internet unless you turn off the whole world.

Many, many years (1952) ... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

Many, many years (1952) ago my sister married a member of the Young Communist League (UK) and his constant anti- British, anti-capitalist, anti-anything reflecting national loyalty was a considerable annoyance to the family. He hated all of the usual evils of capitalisim and went into raptures on seeing the countenance of Yuri Gagarins father, aged 54; "magnificent, such strength and character", although the image was of an utterly clapped out, shrivelled and toothless peasant. Stalin was the name and 'the proletariat' was the game'. This stuck with my BoL for an entire lifetime although he faltered fleetingly at the uprising in Budapest. Unions were everything to him, as the instrument by which he would help pull down the government and reeducate the masses. Later, I understand from my father, he would stand his pre-teen son on a chair to recite the manifesto of K Marx and that other bloke whose name I forget, (that's it, Engels), and encourage his accuracy, periodically, with canings to his calf muscles, a loving demo of the humanity that is most at home in the bosom of the left.The undeniable arrogance that I recognize as paramount in Bill Maher's feigned humour always manages to direct me back to this reminiscence. My nephew, now closer to sixty than I am to eighty, is of course somewhat fucked up due possibly to this early encounter with the kindly soul of socialism... (he is still striving to earn his doctorate in nuclear physics after many years of subsisting on his hard earned and much deserved govt grants), and has never succeeded in holding a real job. His pater, however,is, today, a union pensioner, old age pensioner and thrives on the income of his new wife's status as 'landlord', (Oy Gewalt') ....and in the pub it's only his shout when prompted by his circle of think alikes to ' share his wealth'. This reflects back on his early arrival in our family where at table his long reach and rapid devouring of the tables bounty earned him my father's nickname for him..."the gannett"..a plunging, diving sea fishing bird, of genus; voracio democratica potomaticum.

This is a comment by Calyps... (Below threshold)

This is a comment by Calypso Facto @ Althouse we're trying to pass the info around.

A little talked about aspect of the teachers’ benefits debate has been the use of the WEA Trust for health insurance for most of the school districts in the state. WEA is a creation and affiliate of the teachers’ union WEAC. WEAC attempts to negotiate mandatory use of the WEA service in its district contracts. In return, WEA kicks back a “marketing fee” to the union (or at least that’s the assumption—WEA refuses to open its books to disclose the mechanism). Nice little side game action for the teachers union.

The Journal Sentinel reported last fall that wherever districts allow a WEA monopoly, health insurance costs $200 more per insured per month than where there’s competition. WEA covers 160,000 Wisconsin teachers, so the annual cost to Wisconsin taxpayers is more than $300 million. $300 million a year of pure union graft.

So tell me who’s being wronged again by limiting union negotiating power?

I'll note that Bruce can dr... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I'll note that Bruce can drop in on the next thread and insult people's faith but can't be bothered to make even one comment about the people he so staunchly defends.

You'd think that he would have the decency to shut up on the thread he posted on and perhaps make a comment acknowledging how the thugs and hate mongers on the left hurt their own cause. But perhaps it's because he supports the hate.

The left has always been th... (Below threshold)

The left has always been the side of the shouting hate. Always. ww

The left always got away wi... (Below threshold)

The left always got away with these tactics in the past since the LSM would simply fail to report it.

Not reported, didn't happen.

But those days are gone. Now the left is showing that they're the ones with no sense of "civility" and word is getting out.

It should also be noted that the left has a very small playbook, Alinksy's and it's no longer a secret. When these tactics fail, as they will, all that's left is the tantrum.

Wow! Crickets from the usua... (Below threshold)
David B:

Wow! Crickets from the usual leftist trolls . . . .LOL.






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