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Gone fission

Splitting atoms with his mind, he is.  NRO caught up with a noted super genius taking time away from the day job in his home state to join the protests in Madison, Wisconsin.  Which makes him, aside from having won some baubles from his peers, usual.
"My message [to Walker] is, look in the streets," (Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom) Morello says. "There are tens of thousands of working people here every day saying that they are not going to be shafted."
No offense Professor Brainiac, but the people there every day aren't working.  Well, except the Senate Republicans.  Probably the janitors.  Are the tens of thousands of people still leaving piles of (recyclable) trash laying around everywhere?  Or did they realize it's bad PR when you force taxpayer-funded clean-up efforts while you're striking to ensure your collective bargain rights to the taxpayers' children's tax dollars?  Or maybe the Tea Party folks cleaned up the place.

If only there were some quick, orderly way to determine what the people want their elected officials to do.  Not some weeks long contest of wills; who can afford to shirk their responsibilities for that?  Heck, as much as I want lower taxes and less government I can't afford to lose my job in pursuit of that desire.

Can I stop now?  You know where this is going, right?

So in 2008, the state of Wisconsin proudly sent its electoral votes to Obama in a crushing 56-43  split.    They sent five Democrats to the US House vs. three Republicans.  No US Senate seat in play.  Democrats won an 18-15 seat edge in the State Senate and a 50-45 advantage in the State Assembly.

That temporary insanity trend was broadly evident nationwide.  I seem to remember talk of mandates and a permanent leftward shift in the country being bandied about.  We got a bum steer stimulus package with no Republican votes.  Half of which was bail out money to the already mired-in-debt states so they wouldn't have to start laying off teachers, police, and firefighters.  The Holy Trinity of conservative budget cutting dreams.  Because when Republican butchers take a hatchet where Democrats say a scalpel is needed, they're looking past the patient's fat ass and heading right for the vital organs.

Then there was that well-thought-out, practical, swell new health care bill passed through inscrutable methods with no Republican support.

Wisconsin voters turned out 52-47 for Scott Walker in 2010.  They sent five Republicans and three Democrats to the US House.  They kicked Russ Feingold to the curb.  The State Senate flipped 19-14 Republican.  The House flipped 57-38 Republican.

That's not a course correction, that's a freakin' U-turn.

In response we get tantrums, running home with the ball, and what, no holding your breath?  A side order of sanctimonious celebrity imploring us to ignore the voters and heed the mob assembled outside the statehouse door.    And dig the Unabomber-style get-up he's sporting.  Is that supposed to be some kind of superliminal message?

You stick to your day job of guitar picking and I'll stick to my day job of importing banned pesticides and refrigerants.


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"My message [to Walker] is,... (Below threshold)

"My message [to Walker] is, look in the streets," (Rage Against the Machine guitarist Tom) Morello says. "There are tens of thousands of working people here every day saying that they are not going to be shafted."

>>> My message to Morello is look at the election. There are hundreds of thousands of people who voted to put this man and his agenda into office and they will not be denied.

Oh, and your music sux, eff you. Die.

Who?... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:


For democrats who view elec... (Below threshold)
jim m:

For democrats who view elections as a game to be won by any means necessary the results of the election do not mean anything in terms of what the public wants. Elections are contests of who can get the most ballots counted not a measure of the will of the people.

Dems see people marching in the streets as an expression of the will of the people. That's why they put so much stock in busing activists and union members across state lines in order to create the impression of popular will.

I think that health care re... (Below threshold)

I think that health care reform is a great idea. I have type 1 diabetes and for me to get insurance, it was a nightmare until I found [redacted] search for them online and you can get affordable health insurance instantly.

"Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar... (Below threshold)

"Shut Up 'n Play Yer Guitar" - Frank Zappa

While I have heard the name of the band I've never heard their music and until this post I couldn't have told you a single band members name.

>Oh, and your SONY MUSIC CO... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

>Oh, and your SONY MUSIC CORPORATION music sux, eff you. Die.

Fixed. RATM is a Sony cog in the corporate machine. Hypocracy rears it's head.

Yep, He's stupid enough to... (Below threshold)

Yep, He's stupid enough to vote for Barry again..

This is one of those joke g... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

This is one of those joke groups which purport to oppose "corporate greed" but have made millions under contracts with Sony.

Of course, hypocrisy is practically a prerequisite for leftists, so they smoothly pass over the contradiction. Naturally, their fans are young idiots incapable of thought (most having had their brains virtually destroyed by public schools).

Elections have consequences... (Below threshold)

Elections have consequences.

Shut up and play.

Is the State of Wis. going ... (Below threshold)

Is the State of Wis. going to bill the SEIU for the extra clean up costs? They should. Demonstrations have consequences too.






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