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"We are going to paint the nation purple"

Locutisprime takes us from Wisconsin back to January of 2008 and the promises made to SEIU by then Senator Obama:

Make no mistake about where this President's loyalties lie. Make no pretense as to where he wants to take this nation. Make it your business to deny that taking.

This radical President's agenda must be stopped, he must fail, or this country as we know it is history.


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Voter registration drives? ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Voter registration drives? Get-out-the-vote efforts?

OMG!!! What a radical!!!!

(applauds) Oh, nice try, Br... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

(applauds) Oh, nice try, Brucie. That isn't some generic "get-out-the-vote effort." It isn't some "voter registration drive." It is Obama pandering to SEIU, flat-out saying he's going help them increase their power.

Purple is the new Brown.</p... (Below threshold)

Purple is the new Brown.

Members = dues... (Below threshold)

Members = dues
Dues = Money
Money = Campaign Money !!!
Campaign = Power for Democrats.

Why does the Left hate Walmart?
Their employees make the same as other retail employees, their benefits package is the same. They are protected by all the labor laws.
$1.00 If Walmart had Union members the would be paying dues equal to one dollar per hour.

In the US Walmart has 1,800,000 Employees. Keep at 1 mill. 40 hour work week that 40 million dollars a week the union is not getting. 52 weeks in the year and now you know. The more union workers, the more due the more political power.

Look at how under funded Union Pensions are. Their are to support those but many of they have no money. So they try their best to take take over funds from other employees to prop up their failing ones. This would not be an issue so if they did not spend money on Political campaigns. (UPS strike )

What they are going to do i... (Below threshold)

What they are going to do is get the nation "painted" red. (Busy throwing anything purple away, don't want any mistakes)

Note how often the prez wea... (Below threshold)

Note how often the prez wears a purple tie.

It takes a real lack of bra... (Below threshold)

It takes a real lack of brain power to be inspired by that. No wonder the trolls love Barney the purple T-Rex..

"Look at how under funded U... (Below threshold)

"Look at how under funded Union Pensions are."

Only for the 'workers'. The Union bosses pensions are fully funded. Odd how that works out.

Purple? Why that's just fab... (Below threshold)

Purple? Why that's just fabulous!

Every village has an idiot.... (Below threshold)

Every village has an idiot. Lucky us, We have Bruce.

Says 914, noted dispenser o... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Says 914, noted dispenser of pithy witticisms.

It's interesting and reveal... (Below threshold)

It's interesting and revealing that he needs no teleprompter when he speaks about his true beliefs. Namely, handing over power to unions. SEIU in particular, of which I used to belong, which has a dangerous agenda.






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