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The NEA is not concerned with children or education but power

Via Locutisprime at my place, a look into the mind of the NEA as filtered through the mouth of their outgoing general counsel in 2009, a look that should frame what is happening in Wisconsin and across the country as teacher unions continue making their demands. This should leave you with a bad taste in your mouth:

It's not about the merit of their positions, it's not about caring about children, it's not about a vision of great schools for every child... it's about power... it's about paying dues... it's about advancing the interests of education employees...

This should get wide play friends.


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"It's not about the merit o... (Below threshold)

"It's not about the merit of their positions, it's not about caring about children, it's not about a vision of great schools for every child... it's about power... it's about paying dues... it's about advancing the interests of education employees..."

Its about one world collectivist thinking. How else could the nincompoop in chief affirmative failure assume a position of power.

Yet again we have a powerfu... (Below threshold)

Yet again we have a powerful person stating exactly what their goals and beliefs are and as frightening as those ideas and beliefs are, the mainstream media never reported it? I guess I shouldn't be surprised

This is a shocking admission given in front of hundreds, if not thousands of teachers and most of them immediately stand and applaud.

Those who are protected from the realities of what most hard working Americans go through, such as yearly evaluations and the possibility of not receiving a raise or even being fired for incompetence just don't get it.

I have family members who are or were teachers. I often brought up specific persons who should not be in the classroom. Their effectiveness had waned as they grew older or their love of alcohol had started to become a problem or they had lost patience with their students and classroom discipline was terrible or they were just plain too stupid to teach. The answer I always got was - "but they are our collegues and the job of the union was to assist them and hopefully help them see a better choice in career than being a teacher." It never happened. Not once. In the meantime, their classroom students suffered. And they continue to suffer.

Material for a commercial t... (Below threshold)

Material for a commercial that Scott Walker should use in Wis and Repubs should use nation-wide. And not just on you-tube. Pay for and run it on various MSM outlets.

I'll be saving this quote to use every time a union teacher dishonestly tells me the [next] tax hike is for the children.

ps: Michael Graham also references this in his column in the Boston Herald

This should get wi... (Below threshold)
Brett :
This should get wide play friends.

Indeed. But it won't.

That guy is alike a Saturda... (Below threshold)

That guy is alike a Saturday Night Live skit of Dick Cheney.

Voters in AL tossed the Dem... (Below threshold)

Voters in AL tossed the Democrat Party to the curb for the first time since the 1860's in 2010.

The Alabama AEA ran the statehouse, literally.
Their main man, Paul Hubbard, ruled the state and had more power than the Governor. The Democrats used the State college system as a payoff system to legislators who didn't show up or put in minimal effort at their 'teaching' jobs and in return were at the beck and call of Paul Hubbard. Several of them now reside in the State Big House.

When I say: "Free at last, free at last, thank God Almighty, I am free at last." I'm NOT kidding. What PH wanted for the AEA, PH got and the AL State AEA was THE state organization. Even more powerful than the insurance industry, who aren't slackers either. Now, they are waiting to see who they can buy on the Republican team. My bet is its already our new governor.

You can bet the farm, the kids and your dog that all of the government unions are watching and plotting how to stop ANY of their power from being taken away.

That asshat's statement needs to be viral.

The last years I taught, I ... (Below threshold)
Don L:

The last years I taught, I refused to pay for NEA dues (that abortion etc. stuff) making me the evil one.

The NEA is a bigger threat ... (Below threshold)

The NEA is a bigger threat to America than any muslim terrorist!! They need to be shut down.

Bruce? Hyper? Woop?<p... (Below threshold)

Bruce? Hyper? Woop?

[the sound of a ton of pins crashing to the floor]






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