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Obama administration "openly hostile" to oil producing states

So says Alaska Governor Sean Parnell:

With the unrest in the Middle East as his springboard, Gov. Sean Parnell lashed out at the Obama administration's stance on domestic oil production, saying the White House approach was having a tangible effect on the country's foreign policy.

In a speech at the National Press Club, the Republican governor called the federal government "openly hostile" to oil-producing states, particularly for the delays in allowing Shell to drill exploratory wells on leases off Alaska's northern coast that the company purchased in 2008.

"If it looks like a moratorium and walks like a moratorium ... maybe it is," said Parnell, who is in Washington this weekend for the National Governor's Association winter meeting.

Parnell said there's a direct link between the economic recovery and the failure to use Alaska's oil reserves as a national security buffer against the uncertainty in Libya and other oil-producing countries in the Middle East. Higher gasoline prices could harm any economic recovery, Parnell said.

"This is the moment our government must re-examine its 'no new wells' policy when it comes to oil exploration and development here at home," Parnell said. "The U.S. foolishly imports more than 63 percent of our oil. That leaves us vulnerable to the economic shock of disruption of these oil supplies and it drives down that economic recovery."

All of which leaves America and Americans in a tough place:

Barack and a Hard Place.jpg

In related news, the Obama administration seems to be digging in their heels on the dilling moratorium:

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar said the oil industry hasn't yet persuaded him to re-start deep-water drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, and that he won't "respond to political pressure" on the issue.

Too bad drilling proponents aren't all homosexuals... Salazar would likely then choose to respond.


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Comments (26)

Too bad obama does not unde... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Too bad obama does not understand economic realities. All he understands is ideology.

Naaah.... he doesn't unders... (Below threshold)

Naaah.... he doesn't understand that either.

why don't we just drill....... (Below threshold)

why don't we just drill....damn the laws and full speed ahead. After all, it doesn't seem that the administration cares much for the rule of law does it? Just set up and drill for heavens' sake.

I'm no expert on oil market... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

I'm no expert on oil markets, so I ask these question in all sincerity:

Isn't all oil produced in America sold by private companies on the world oil market? And doesn't that oil go to whoever pays the best price for it? So why is it assumed here on Wizbang that oil drilled in Alaska or the Gulf would be used only in America?

Hey Bruce, ever hear the ec... (Below threshold)

Hey Bruce, ever hear the economic theory that if you only have 5 apples in the entire world, those would be very expensive? But if you had 5 million apples, the price would drop?

Go think about that.

As to your second question. Yeah, companies cut costs by buying oil overseas and paying to have it shipped long distances so that they don't have to buy that same oil in the US and ship it shorter distances.

EXCESS product is shipped overseas.

Oh, and Barry WANTS high ga... (Below threshold)

Oh, and Barry WANTS high gas prices. It makes his 'green' energy more "competitive". Start looking for a "second" recession. It will have Barry's name all over it.

Ignore the Kenyan clown. Dr... (Below threshold)

Ignore the Kenyan clown. Drill baby drill baby drill.

Mr. Henry,I expect... (Below threshold)

Mr. Henry,

I expected better of you. You weren't one of the "moron" trolls that come here to play.

As I said, GarandFan, I ask... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

As I said, GarandFan, I ask these questions sincerely.

Isn't Tokyo just about as close to Alaska as, say, San Diego? Isn't Seoul even closer?

And I understand how 5 apples would be more valuable than 5 million. But how about the difference between 5,000,000 and 5,000,500? Would that difference justify the risk of ruining the environment to make apples cheaper?

You all give Obama to much ... (Below threshold)

You all give Obama to much credit, HE has NO idea what he is doing, unless of course its partying at the White House

"But how about the differen... (Below threshold)

"But how about the difference between 5,000,000 and 5,000,500? Would that difference justify the risk of ruining the environment to make apples cheaper?"

Every decision requires a choice. Every choice ends with a result. It's called "cost-benefit".

The oil comes from the envi... (Below threshold)

The oil comes from the environment in the first place Bruce. It is not dropped off by aliens passing by Earth. It does not 'ruin' the environment.

If you could figure rubbing 2 sticks together to make fire. Surely you can reason that the oil was placed here for this reason.

To be used for the betterment of Man. Of course if one believes all of this is an accident, then it becomes the good of the many out-weighing the good of the few. The few being enviro-whack jobs and the trial lawyers that stand to gain.

Now you've ruined your reco... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Now you've ruined your record, 914, of every comment boiling down to either "shut up" or "whatever." You actually gave some thought to this one.

You're still perfect on never saying anything intelligent on the Internet, though, so there's that.

So, spilling millions of gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico or the Alaskan coast doesn't ruin the environment because oil is part of the environment, huh? Brilliant.

"So, spilling millions of g... (Below threshold)

"So, spilling millions of gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico or the Alaskan coast doesn't ruin the environment because oil is part of the environment, huh? Brilliant"

I wouldn't go that route. It's better used for fueling the economy and growing the Country. Not that you and Barry have an inkling of a clue about such things.

To answer a question, yes, ... (Below threshold)

To answer a question, yes, a lot of Alaskan crude is used elsewhere in the world.

But increasing available oil drives prices downward.

Also, by keeping oil extraction here in the US and expanding it, there is the benefit of more good-paying jobs, plus the benefit to the state and federal governments for the extraction fee revenues they generate.

Also, domestic production reduces the cost of shipping and transport and reduces our trade imbalance with other countries.

Finally, regarding the environment, the environment is no less at risk if the extraction is done by Chinese companies who purchased rights from other countries in the Gulf than if done by US companies extracting oil using US mineral rights.

Throw in the additional environmental risks associated with shipping in more oil, and you actually have a reduced environmental risk if you increase domestic oil extraction.

Thank you, Weegie. I wasn't... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Thank you, Weegie. I wasn't kidding when I said I'm no expert on oil markets, so thanks for the thoughtful explanation.

Let's hope he doesn't budge... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Let's hope he doesn't budge - 2012 and the future of this nation depends upon winning and oil - energy cost -and jobs will determine the winner. It is almost (I hate this over-used word) "unbelievable" that the drill, baby, drill mantra, hasn't already begun from the political right. Obama and the eco-weapon left are indelibly bonded (like abortion and feminism) together. The candidate that attacks the eco-politics including AGW will win - when gas hits $5 a gallon and business reacts with another convulsion of closings and layoffs -those unprincipled minions who put Obama in will flee like crazy to the antidote - a strong GOP pro-drilling, candidate. The one who claims the prize must start NOW fighting eco-politics and keep harping on the issue (plus a little Obamacare for dessert)

If he thinks that will forc... (Below threshold)

If he thinks that will force me to buy one of his 'lectric cars he's out of his mind... oh, wait...

Bruce Henry: ""So, spilling... (Below threshold)

Bruce Henry: ""So, spilling millions of gallons of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico or the Alaskan coast doesn't ruin the environment because oil is part of the environment, huh? Brilliant"



"Microbes Munching Gulf Oil"

snip: "The degradation rates estimated by the team were higher than other measurements for the deepwater temperature of 41 degrees Fahrenheit (5 degrees Celsius), but they are not unprecedented, Hazen said.
This is what we expected because the Gulf of Mexico receives the equivalent of an Exxon Valdez spill every year in seeps of oil," he said. Since the waters continuously receive oil from natural seeps on the sea floor, the Gulf's deep marine microbes have evolved to eat oil"

Repeat: "the Gulf of Mexico receives the equivalent of an Exxon Valdez spill EVERY YEAR!!"

Does naturally seeping oil,... (Below threshold)

Does naturally seeping oil, present for perhaps millions of years, along with microbes that have adapted over those years to consume that carbon count as making that oil "part of the environment"?

To Bruce, I guess the answer is "no".

I can't wait for Bruce's next lecture on why the "lost" data from East Anglia CRU (lost coincidently right about the time it was going to be opened up to public scrutiny..what are the odds?) which was "scrubbed" and formed the basis for the "Proof" of AGW is actually still valid.

Bruce can no more see the t... (Below threshold)

Bruce can no more see the truth of oil being a natural part of the environment then Barry can see tax cuts creating jobs.

He is used to sniffing Obama's farts. Apparently this is where he gets his carbon offsets.

@Bruce HenryAny oi... (Below threshold)
Rick Caird:

@Bruce Henry

Any oil produced in the US reduces our balance of payments even if it is sent overseas and replaced with a barrel of oil from Saudi Arabia or Canada. For example, if we buy barrel of oil from Canada for $100 and we sell a barrel of Alaskan oil to Japan for $100, we now have our barrel of oil and have not increased our balance of payments. Otherwise, we would get a barrel of oil from Canada for $100, but have no offset.

Weegie is dead right. What... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Weegie is dead right. What effects he price of oil is he overall supply. Also effecting it is refining capacity. The US lacks sufficient refining capacity to keep up with demand so even some of our domestic production is sent overseas to be refined.

The eco-left has stood in the way of developing any energy of any kind. They stand in the way of wind farms and solar farms because they take up large tracts of land and the installations will disrupt the environment. They hate windfarms because they fear that they will kill birds.

They hate nuclear because the spent fuel is a storage problem. They stand against the development of reactors that will reuse old fuel and reduce the amount of waste.

They hate oil and prevent the drilling and refining of it, but they allow foreign companies to drill right off our coast and they support obama spending billions to fund Brazil in expanding their production.

They hate natural gas even though the science shows that it naturally seeps up through the ground and extracting it does not alter that fact.

They hate coal even though we have been incredibly successful in making it a cleaner technology.

They hate incinerators that burn our garbage and they hate the land fills that have to be kept open because they won't allow those incinerators.

In short they hate humanity and the modern world. They want to live in some fantasy world where there is no waste and there is no want. We'd all like that it's just hat the rest of us are adult enough to understand that it really is a fantasy and that we need to make hard decisions on energy and the environment.

The eco left lives in a fantasy that says that we can preserve the environment just as it is, but even nature militates against that as it changes all the time and even climate changes all the time. The record shows that the earth was once far warmer than it is today and the polar regions still had ice. I'm just glad that people are waking up to how ignorant in foolish these people are and that hopefully everyone will stop listening to them.

One other point, Salazar is... (Below threshold)
Rick Caird:

One other point, Salazar is wasting everybody's time by claiming he is unpersuaded by the oil companies. Since he is under court order to start issuing permits, he needs to be dragged into court to show why he should not be held in contempt of court. I suspect a little time in the slammer will be quite educational for him.

This is the most lawless administration of all time. They still have not appealed Vinson's ruling on ObamaCare nor asked for a stay. It appears they think the proper process is to ignore the ruling.

Don't forget we are the onl... (Below threshold)

Don't forget we are the only country that has the huge capability to convert that oil into gasoline. We have our oil, we have our refineries. What is stopping us? Liberals and environmentalists. ww

Bruce ...You may n... (Below threshold)

Bruce ...

You may not be an oil expert but is it really that hard to understand that it is cheaper for US refiners to buy US oil at the same price as foreign oil ? The price of oil doesn't include the cost to ship it ... its that simple ...






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