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Would you like to feel good about yourself?

Not the usual fare here at Wizbang so you may feel the need to copiously use the scroll bar.

Pause for a moment... consider how well off you really are... then consider giving to those who aren't... you know there are many in need... and you know you're likely able to give a little something to make their lives better.  Any of the charitable organizations listed below are worthy.  Click on an image and give.  Do it now.  You'll feel better.  You honestly will.  And you'll be making a difference in somebody's life.

Clicked on one yet?


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Comments (4)

Much prefer donat... (Below threshold)

Much prefer donating on a LOCAL level--you can see immediate results, with less overhead eating up the donation.

Not to mention it doesn't always need to be cash, material stuff can be a true life-saver.

Might want to include <a hr... (Below threshold)

Might want to include UMCOR - give to them on one of their targeted needs and 100% of your donation goes to that.

Fun fact: The president of... (Below threshold)

Fun fact: The president of World Vision, Richard Stearns, is a BFF of Jim Wallis---Obama's "spiritual advisor". He has been a big supporter of Wallis' Sojourners. Stearns is big on social justice and global issues. I am not trying to talk anyone out of anything, just want to make sure people make an educated decision. Naturally you can Google (or Bing, etc.) and find out more.

World Vision was started in... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

World Vision was started in 1952, long before Richard Sterns became the organization's president. What Sterns does in his private life no way reflects on the work of World Vision.

By the way, I've been with Compassion International for the last 23 years. That organization constantly receives a high grade from charity watchdog groups.






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