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Palate Cleanser: Is It Local?

Just a reminder that these folks exist.

And have the Constitutional right to vote. Ugh.


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Got them in my subdivision.... (Below threshold)

Got them in my subdivision. I don't think they appreciate my deer antlers in the yard, but my venison is all organic, wild raised, renewable resource. mpw

Yes douchebags are everywhe... (Below threshold)

Yes douchebags are everywhere, local, worldwide, EVERYWHERE..

The only one in the video t... (Below threshold)

The only one in the video that made any sense was the chicken. LOL Do people really act this way? Forget the chicken, I'll have a burger.

Yep, they're what helps kee... (Below threshold)

Yep, they're what helps keep Austin Weird too.

#1 has it right. They woul... (Below threshold)
jim m:

#1 has it right. They would flip out if you harvested deer legally and actually used the meat. But 'local', 'free range' chickens are a-ok. Of course a lot of these localist idiots are more likely to be vegetarian or even vegan.

Maybe they would like to go back a century ago when lack of transportation for food meant starvation for millions. Go local and go hungry. Be my guest.

What you are missing here i... (Below threshold)

What you are missing here is that the IFC is making a series mocking these types - Humor used wisely is the best disinfectant.

Grace, what your missing is... (Below threshold)

Grace, what your missing is that they are doing with actors what they could have easily done as live hidden video. I live over the coastal range from these people and they come here every summer. Some of them retire or open restaurants and art galleries here, and then come to see me as patients.

Ahhhhhhhh! [desperately running away in horror of my morning schedule]

John: Yes, and they re-ele... (Below threshold)

John: Yes, and they re-elected David Wu many times.

"His name was Colin."... (Below threshold)

"His name was Colin."


OH God, this is my former b... (Below threshold)

OH God, this is my former boss. A "Progressive" from San Fran (no, not gay, but happily married to a wonderful woman and he had a couple of amazing kids as well) who was so full of himself. He'd pull this kind of stuff all the time.

I remember him questioning at a restaurant whether the tuna he was ordering was "dolphin safe". I joking told him it was an odd question and blatantly a shallow evaluation of physical appearance. He reacted as if I had punched him in the nads. Asked me why I thought it was shallow, and based on looks.

I just replied that while he seemed overtly concerned about the dolphins safety because they were all cute and Flipper-like he didn't really seem to give a shit about the tuna.

Oh ferchrissakes...<p... (Below threshold)

Oh ferchrissakes...

They're poking fun at themselves. It's funny.



Also, while these people are assholes, locavore restaurants happen to be popular right now among foodies of all stripes. Animals that don't grow up in factory farms taste way better and are better for you. And, if you care about animals' quality of life, there's that too. But you don't have to care about that to prefer giving your money to independent farmers/ranchers rather than agribusinesses.

But if liberals enjoy free-range beef, that means you have to dislike it, right?

Tuna aren't mammals, F+1. Fish don't have the same mental capacity as dolphins, which have language and emotions. Dolphins are appropriate objects of moral consideration, whereas fish aren't, not to the same extent anyway.

Check out the other clips f... (Below threshold)

Check out the other clips from the series. The ones from the feminist bookstore are freakin' hilarious!

given the small number of l... (Below threshold)

given the small number of local farmers relative to the total number of Americans about only 5% of us can buy local from non agribusiness farms. What are the other 95% to do about those nasty agribusiness farms and the food they produce ?

Try buying local produce or fruit in Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb in the northeast ... you'll save alot of money !!! in fact try being a vegetarian by buying local year round ... good luck with that ...

I doubt you could tell the difference between "free range" and not so free range in most restaurants if the food is prepared with any sauces or spices ... there are better and worse grades of meats and comparing low grade chicken to free range is hardly a fair comparison ...

and lets not get started on vegans ...

And, if you're like me and ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

And, if you're like me and from the Great Pacific Northwest ("where the tattoo ink never runs dryyyyy...."), you're LYAO with every airing of "Portlandia."

How about this: all things ... (Below threshold)

How about this: all things being equal, you're better off paying more for free range meat from a local farmer, if you have the opportunity to do so.

How many people will drive five minutes for shitty fast food, but would never consider driving an hour to a farmer's market for two weeks' worth of produce?

[limping home after a parti... (Below threshold)

[limping home after a particularly Portlandia inspired day]

Hyper, I don't have to drive an hour to get to a farmer's market, but I have to drive 90 min to get to Walmart. Guess where most of my local patients prefer to shop?

[hint, its not local]






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