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"more cosmetic than concrete"

That's GE CEO Jack Welch describing Obama's alleged rightward tilt, a tilt too many people fell for back in 2008:

welch_jack.jpgPresident Obama's attempts to move to the political center have been more cosmetic than concrete, author and former General Electric CEO Jack Welch told CNBC.

Speaking as the president tries to find common ground with the new Republican-led House of Representatives, Welch said the supposed shift from the president's liberal base hasn't amounted to much as far as policy is concerned.

"The tack to the center is verbal, it's not actionable," he said.

As an example, he cited Obama's move last month that permitted employees of the Transportation Security Administration to unionize. The directive has come under criticism as further evidence of the president's anti-business position and a further placation of organized labor.

"Let's hope he's moving to the center," Welch said. "But from what I see--unionizing 43,000 TSA workers on a Friday and giving a speech (to the US Chamber of Commerce) Monday morning--show me the money."

This isn't good.  Someone telling the truth about Obama's duplicity is simply not a good thing.  The lie that is Obama must now be re-packaged.  Again. 

Yet another shade of lipstick must be found for this pig.


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Comments (7)

Obama the community organiz... (Below threshold)

Obama the community organizer never actually caught the car he was chasing ...

He did catch the car in the presidential campaign of 2008 ...

Now Presentdent Obama doesn't know what to do with it ... its hard to rabble rouse against the man when YOU are the Man ...

Ya mean to tell me that Bar... (Below threshold)

Ya mean to tell me that Barry never "moved to the center"?

Next thing ya know, you'll be telling me water is wet and fire burns!

At least Clinton made some ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

At least Clinton made some genuine attempts to "triangulate" by rebuking some of his fellow Democrats who were more to the radical left than he.

Of course, there really aren't many further left than Obama.

Unfortunately nobody watche... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Unfortunately nobody watches CNBC and most voters wouldn't know Jack Welch from Raquel Welch.

That said, regarding Obama's laughable entreaty with the political center, the man simply cannot pry himself too far away from his radical roots. When you spend your entire developmental years being indoctrinated by people who hate America and loathe capitalism it's not as if you can flick a switch and suddenly morph into a moderate.

"Let's hope he's moving to ... (Below threshold)

"Let's hope he's moving to the center," Welch said. "But from what I see--unionizing 43,000 TSA workers on a Friday and giving a speech"

Barry moves to the center? Didn't know marxism had a center? Oh well, learn something new everyday.

The painfully (at least for... (Below threshold)

The painfully (at least for Obama) ironic thing here is that the left doesn't like him either, considering him not "left" enough and a sell-out.

liked that last line Rick..... (Below threshold)

liked that last line Rick...good snark






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