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True To His Roots

By my reckoning, today marks the 578th day of Ted Kennedy's sobriety, and while it isn't a nice, round number, there is some news that merits giving "the lion of the Senate" a fresh kicking. Normally, I don't care for kicking dead horses, but when the "horse" in question is one who lived as heinous a life and caused as much harm as Teddy, then I'll break out the good boots.

Thanks to a Freedom of Information Act request by Judicial Watch, we now have access to some FBI files from 1961 regarding the late Senior Senator from Massachusetts, and my ain't they juicy.
Teddy went on a tour of Latin America, and some of the highlights of his trip include renting out an entire brothel in Chile, inviting his American embassy-assigned chauffeur to accompany him on the bacchanalia, and attempting to meet with Communists, Soviet agents, and other anti-American figures (including one American expatriate who had renounced his citizenship).

Others have had their share of fun with this news, but there are a couple of aspects here that haven't drawn too much attention that I believe are well worth noting.

The first is, this happened in 1961. A lot of people gave Teddy a lot of rope because of the tragedies his family had suffered. However, in 1961, they were riding high. True, he'd already lost one brother and one sister to aircraft accidents, but that was over a decade in the past. In 1961, the Kennedy family was pretty much at its peak of popularity and accomplishments. Teddy's two older brothers were the President of the United States and Attorney General respectively, his father could not have been prouder and happier, and Teddy himself was holding down a job in the Suffolk County (Massachusetts) District Attorney's office until he turned 30 and take Jack's old Senate seat from the family coatholder and seat-warmer, Benjamin Smith (Jack's college roommate). He was married, a baby daughter at home and a son on the way, scion of the most powerful political family in the nation, rich as hell, and had his whole future mapped out for him.

In brief, he had very few "sorrows" to need to drown.

The other, even more important, point is that in retrospect, it's remarkable just how much his father's son he was. I'd always thought of Teddy as the "runt" of the litter (despite his copious bulk). Old Joe Kennedy was a small man, physically, but an incredibly powerful personality and a legendarily dominant force. Teddy, though, was at his core a "small" man, dominated by his weaknesses and fears and failures, unable to resist the pressures to fulfill his assigned role in the family dynasty.

But in several ways, Teddy managed to follow in his father's footsteps.

When it came to naming his sons, Old Joe demonstrated his ambitions. His firstborn was his namesake and designated heir: Joseph Patrick Kennedy, Jr. Next came his father-in-law's namesake, John Fitzgerald Kennedy. Son #3 was named Robert, and -- probably at his mother's insistence -- given the solidly Catholic "Francis" as a middle name.

Then came along Teddy. By that time, Old Joe had already sired three other sons and five daughters. So when it came to naming him, Joe figured he'd honor his chauffeur, procurer, and buddy Edward Moore.

So, when Teddy is abroad with an overly-fat wallet and the entire US government seemingly ready to cater to the every whim of the brother of the President and the Attorney General, it's little surprise that he'd want to hire out an entire brothel. And when he goes to partake of his purchase, why shouldn't he invite along his own "Eddie Moore," his embassy-assigned chauffeur? It's what Dad would have done, and what Dad actually did.

Another aspect of Old Joe people don't like to talk about much is his initial admiration and respect for the Nazis. While he was FDR's Ambassador to the Court Of St. James, he sent back many dispatches talking about how Hitler and Nazism was the wave of the future, how we shouldn't grow too attached to England, and we should certainly not do anything that would encourage that war-mongering lunatic Churchill.

With that in mind, Ted Kennedy's outreach to Communists and anti-Americans in 1961 and his efforts to collaborate with the Soviet Union to advance his political career first against President Carter, then a few years later President Reagan, ties in quite nicely with his father's own activism.

When Teddy Kennedy finally did pass on, a bit over a year and a half ago, I figured he'd finally come to the end of literally decades of embarrassing himself, his family, and his nation. I should have known he'd find some way of continuing the disgrace from beyond the grave.


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Comments (23)

Can the "good people" of Ma... (Below threshold)
Jeff H:

Can the "good people" of Massachusetts get a refund, with interest, for the government funds Teddy used for his little escapade back in '61?

Historical clarification of... (Below threshold)

Historical clarification of the mans politics is fair game.

But when it comes to his personal issues such as renting a brothel, I lean toward letting the man rest in peace.

...it couldn't have happene... (Below threshold)

...it couldn't have happened to a nicer fellow.

Great analysis.Won... (Below threshold)

Great analysis.

Wonder what prompted the FBI to release the report to Judicial Watch at this time. Must still be some folks at the FBI who still have integrity and wanted to see the real story on Teddy in the public domain.

Would love to see the FBI reports on the East German lovely or the mob girl who befriended Jack when he was in the White House.

What a bunch of whore mongers these Kennedys were!

R.I.P. Mary Jo... (Below threshold)

R.I.P. Mary Jo

"Wonder what prompted the F... (Below threshold)

"Wonder what prompted the FBI to release the report to Judicial Watch at this time."

JW has been after the Kennedy file for YEARS. The FBI simply ran out of excuses. The main one being that Splash was still alive and in the Senate.

Scratch a liberal, find a R... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Scratch a liberal, find a Red fellow traveler.

Color me surprised.

Yawn. A Kennedy was a woman... (Below threshold)

Yawn. A Kennedy was a womanizing boozer? Really!? Come on, I think the Great Bloviator was a gasbag of epic proportions, but on the 1-10 scale of news importance this ranks somewhere -100.

No one in Mass is going to be shocked to learn this. It doesn't really alter anyone's perception of Ed on either side of the debate.

It's committing the unpardonable sin of being utterly, and completely boring.

Ted Kennedy was a disgustin... (Below threshold)

Ted Kennedy was a disgusting, vile man, father, husband, American and human being.
I say let him rot in hell.

But when it comes to his... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

But when it comes to his personal issues such as renting a brothel, I lean toward letting the man rest in peace.

I'd generally agree with letting personal issues rest, but not in this case, for two reasons:

1. Renting a brothel (!) isn't exactly like having an affair, which I'd certainly leave undisclosed; and

2. Liberals love to gush about how wonderful Teddy was ("Lion of the Senate," "Conscience of the Democrat Party," that sort of crap). From that perspective, a true understanding of the man qua man is important. And let's face it, while I hate to speak ill of the dead, he was a turd.

Good points Jay G.... (Below threshold)

Good points Jay G.

And don't get me wrong, I despised Ted who I consider responsible for the gutter politics that liberals employ to this day. I'm referring to the SOB's Bork speech.

Put that together with his almost singlehandledly ruining our immigration laws and his corpse should be tried for treason.

When Teddy started out to r... (Below threshold)

When Teddy started out to run for the Senate in 1962, he faced Edward J. McCormack, Jr., the state Attorney General, in the primary. McCormack knew Ted had no experience and that he had been expelled from Harvard. I still clearly recall McCormack addressing the Democratic faithful in his Massachusetts accent: "If my opponent's name were Edward Moore, his candidacy would be laughed at as a joke."

Of course, he wasn't Edward Moore; he was Edward Moore Kennedy. And so he went on to win the primary, the Senate election and every reelection race thereafter.

Just one more mark on the s... (Below threshold)

Just one more mark on the scoreboard that justifies his vilification by anyone with morals.

His reputation as a scumbag is firmly cemented in history and all this will do is add a barely noticeable stain in the filthy fabric of his life's tapestry.

He should have died that ni... (Below threshold)

He should have died that night in the car ... his survival and later actions are the nearest thing to actual proof that the Devil exists ...

I hope he is actually in heaven because for a man like him it would be HELL ...

You just can't say enough bad things about him, now or ever ...

My only hope was that his doctors were not able to give him enough pain medication in the end ...

"His reputation as a scumba... (Below threshold)

"His reputation as a scumbag is firmly cemented in history and all this will do is add a barely noticeable stain in the filthy fabric of his life's tapestry.

13. Posted by Gmac | March 1, 2011 2:34 PM |"

I say Al Gore will most likely be remembered for similar reasons.

Where is hyperbolist and hi... (Below threshold)

Where is hyperbolist and his rightious anger at moral public servants? Oh Hyper? Where art thou? ww

Ah, Ted where'er ye be here... (Below threshold)
gary gulrud:

Ah, Ted where'er ye be here's a little prayer ye be given a peer soon to comfort ye.

Lord send Barry to Ted's side and quickly.

^Wishing death on a sitting... (Below threshold)

^Wishing death on a sitting President--nice work, Gary.

Willie, I don't know what that comment is about and so I can't speak to it.

"^Wishing death on a sittin... (Below threshold)

"^Wishing death on a sitting President--nice work, Gary."

Better him then us.

It was a role model like li... (Below threshold)

It was a role model like like Teddy that created so many wanna-bees...

...like Chucky Sheen.

.... Teddy Kennedy finally ... (Below threshold)

.... Teddy Kennedy finally did die, a bit over a year and a half ago ....

That's still quite recently -- I suppose -- and my Grandma said I should speak only good of the recently deceased so, how about:

"Ted Kennedy is still dead?


SHAME ON YOU JAY!!!! Kicki... (Below threshold)

SHAME ON YOU JAY!!!! Kicking a dead horse.......however kicking a dead horse's ass seems like an ok thing to do.

Corky Boyd says: .... What ... (Below threshold)

Corky Boyd says: .... What a bunch of whore mongers these Kennedys were .....

I say: .... What's this "were" BS, Corky?






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