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The tyranny of identity politics

In Britain, foster parents are being told their Christian morals are harmful to children:

fost_1837346c.jpgEunice and Owen Johns are a God-fearing Christian couple, married almost 40 years, who offered a secure and loving family home to foster children aged between five and 10. But they are to be denied the opportunity to do so any longer because they are unwilling to promote a homosexual lifestyle to a child. Neither Mr nor Mrs Johns has anything against gay people but they are not in favour of sex before marriage, whatever an individual's orientation. Their views were denounced by Ben Summerskill, of the homosexual pressure group Stonewall, as "old-fashioned". Yet not that long ago they would have been considered mainstream and they are, in any case, the strongly held religious views of the couple.

The reason that they were even asked about their views on homosexuality was because Parliament passed the Sexual Orientation Regulations, making it an offence to discriminate on the grounds that someone is heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual. These are the same laws under which Peter and Hazelmary Bull, Christian owners of a guest house, were fined last month for refusing to let a gay couple share a room. But in the case of Mr and Mrs Johns, where is the victim? They were not turning anyone away. Quite the contrary - they were offering a home to children who will otherwise end up in care, and there are precious few people who will. Furthermore, since the children would be aged under 10, matters of sexuality are hardly relevant - or is it being suggested that they should be? Astonishingly, the High Court suggested that it was not so much their Christian faith as the moral certainties of the Johns that were potentially harmful to children.


Already the Roman Catholic Church has had to close its adoption agencies because they cannot conform to the law. Perhaps there is a historical irony here, because we are witnessing a modern, secular Inquisition - a determined effort to force everyone to accept a new set of orthodoxies or face damnation as social heretics if they refuse. Parliament and the courts should protect people like Mr and Mrs Johns, but have thrown them to the wolves. It is a disgrace.

A disgrace indeed.  An Inquisition indeed.

And those foisting their neo-orthodoxies on the rest of us like to call conservatives fascists.

H/T to Dennis Sevakis in email.


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Comments (8)

How soon the lions commeth ... (Below threshold)
Don L:

How soon the lions commeth for the believers?

With so many flagrantly violating God's commandments, is there any surprise that we are again in an anti-Christian world? Can't have those those folks around inconveniently reminding us about who we are and how we are supposed to behave, can we?

As said on this topic on an... (Below threshold)
Ryan M.:

As said on this topic on another blod. . .

would they even ask the question of a Muslim? Or about their beliefs regarding WOmen? Or. . . .

Britain, what a pathetic li... (Below threshold)

Britain, what a pathetic little island, full of wankers who make up such stupid laws.

Soon it will be only the wankers & muslims left as the emasculated citizenry vote with their feet and leave the island of Idiocracy.

But never forget it is all ... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

But never forget it is all about the children. Like ya know the ones that will now be on the street or in a barracks rather than a home.

Looks like liberalism is a ... (Below threshold)

Looks like liberalism is a mental illness everywhere its tried.

I like the fast growing nul... (Below threshold)

I like the fast growing nullification push going on here in the USA

Sharia will solve this prob... (Below threshold)

Sharia will solve this problem for them soon enough

If only they had done this ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

If only they had done this two years ago, Obama wouldn't have removed the bust of Churchill from the Oval Office - he'd have just wrapped a purple scarf around it (something tasteful, with a designer label, of course).






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