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Who Said That? Charlie Sheen or Muammar Gaddafi

I know. One nutjob squanders millions of dollars on cocaine fueled, drunken whore benders, and the other nutjob squanders millions of dollars brutalizing  his own people with a mercenary army.

Details, details.

The US actor and the Libyan leader have produced some choice lines recently. Can you distinguish between them? I got 7 out of ten.

Speaking of things said, the ever patronizing Christiane "war whore" Amanpour, of ABC News, gave the murdering tyrannt daffy Gaddafi a world wide platform to spew his cranial diarrhea this past Monday.

I'm certain Christaine's world has been enriched by the experience.


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Comments (9)

Who cares?... (Below threshold)

Who cares?

Who Cares?Well it ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Who Cares?

Well it just goes to show that what Hollywood considers mainstream is virtually indistinguishable from a muslim terrorist and authoritarian dictator.

What they considered mainstream and normal is radically to the left of America.

9 out of 10... (Below threshold)

9 out of 10

Where is the Nobel winner? ... (Below threshold)

Where is the Nobel winner? Since he has received the Oscar the world has grown even more volatile.

I just got one of these on ... (Below threshold)

I just got one of these on FB that added Glenn Beck to the mix.

Wait... Charlie Sheen has a... (Below threshold)
Pile of Pooh:

Wait... Charlie Sheen has a mercenary army?!

I have been, and wi... (Below threshold)

I have been, and will continue to be, unaware of Sheen's spewings.

Ghadaffi, OTOH, has the virtue of relevance.

"What they considered mains... (Below threshold)

"What they considered mainstream and normal is radically to the left of America."
2. Posted by jim m

Exactly, but this has been fairly evident since the late 60's or 70's in film, print and TV production. Hence, you are pointing out the rather obvious and I still say, "Who cares".

Because I really don't.

Charlie Sheen is a well paid actor, drug fueled and crazier than many who have sloshed across the stage.

Khadaffi is another in a long line of military dictators who is power drunk and rich beyond even the Saudi Royal family's dreams.

He is also as insane as Charlie Sheen but perhaps has a small sense of mortality thanks to a few near misses courtesy of AF F-111's in the 80's, not that it matters.

Both of them could drop dead right now and the only one that would affect me is Khadaffi and only because of his country's oil production. Other than that? I doubt there would be much notice either were gone a month or two later.

So I reiterate, who cares?

P.o.Pooh: "Wait... Char... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

P.o.Pooh: "Wait... Charlie Sheen has a mercenary army?!"

Well, he has an entire law firm working to keep him out of the hoosegow ...

He's managed to hold CBS hostage for more than a year ...

and despite having nothing of significance to say, he's managed to get onto more than twenty television talk shows in the past 3 days.

So yeah, seems Charlie does have a private army to advance his goals.






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