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Solid Rocket Booster video of Shuttle Discovery launch

What follows is simply fascinating.  6 different camera views attached to the SRB showing the ascent and then the fall back to the ocean, some with sound.  Incredible:


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Now how am I supposed to ge... (Below threshold)

Now how am I supposed to get anything done on Saturday Morning with this cool stuff to watch?

Indeed, this is a fantastic... (Below threshold)
Paul Hooson:

Indeed, this is a fantastic video. I love space videos. I hate to see any cutbacks to space exploration.

Excellent video. Sad to se... (Below threshold)

Excellent video. Sad to see the dying throes of the Space Race.

There is an old saying with... (Below threshold)

There is an old saying with more than little truth in it, that only a fool makes the same mistake twice. This is the second failure with the same cause. The original failure was analyzed and supposedly action was taken to prevent the same malfunction. Could it have anything to do with the effort reach out to muslims through NASA.






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