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"They are saying exactly how they view the world"

Juan Williams responds to yesterday's NPR Tea Party hatin' kerfuffle with bluntness.  The Daily Caller has details:

The fallout from the video conservative filmmaker James O'Keefe released Tuesday morning has been devastating for NPR. However, Juan Williams, a former NPR analyst who was fired unjustly even according to NPR President Vivian Schiller, finally had his turn to sound off about the video, which apparently showed an NPR senior executive, Ron Schiller, making some disparaging remarks about the Tea Party, the Jewish people and Williams himself.

In an appearance on "America's Nightly Scoreboard" on the Fox Business Network, Williams described the video as an inside look at how the power structure inside of NPR really thinks.

"I think it is a look inside what NPR executives really think, and for me this is a revelation in the sense that here they are saying exactly how they view the world," Williams said. "And what's incredible to me is here they are doing business with people who identify themselves as members of the Muslim Brotherhood."

Reflecting upon his firing at the embattled taxpayer-subsidized radio network, Williams, now a full-time Fox News contributor, had some harsh words to describe his former colleagues.

"To me, this is so bitter," he said. "These are people who are saying they are intellectuals. They are elitist and they understand the rest of us, especially somehow if you're in the Tea Party, you're a racist and me sitting here, David, I'm a bigot. Remember that? He says in another part of the tape they were right to get rid of me because I have no credibility."

There's more at the link including video but what's becoming clearer with each passing day is that tax payers have been funding this mouthpiece for liberalism long enough.




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Comments (8)

Each year, the stores are d... (Below threshold)

Each year, the stores are deluged with Sesame Street character-themed toys. Add in Clifford The Big Red Dog, Arthur, Teletubbies and all THEIR licensed stuff and books - and they're probably pulling in $200-300 million/year in licensing fees.

And yet PBS needs our support and government support... No, don't think so.

Reminds me of a plead-a-thon over at Reclusive Leftist - she needed money to cover her hosting costs and bandwidth charges. I recommended 1and1.com, all you could eat bandwidth and 250gb storage for $10 a month, or 10gb and AYCE bandwidth for $4. The message was 'disappeared', leading me to think it's not about the money so much as it's about the validation that you're doing enough 'good' in your chosen community to have people willing to throw money at you.

As it is, I think a lot of people are going to be finding other places to put their money next time the plead-a-thons come up.

Actually JLawson, the most ... (Below threshold)

Actually JLawson, the most telling and damning part of Schillers screed is when he said we don't need government support. Now the conservatives could use the executives own words to shut off the tap. ww

I agree, WW - cut off the g... (Below threshold)

I agree, WW - cut off the govt. tap, let them live off their licensing.

How did Kos put it? Oh yeah... (Below threshold)

How did Kos put it? Oh yeah, "SCREW THEM"

How will liberals ever surv... (Below threshold)

How will liberals ever survive without other Peoples money?

Answer: Who cares.

Delusional Fantasy:<p... (Below threshold)

Delusional Fantasy:

.... these pseudo-intellectual elitists feel (advisedly - they're too damned stupid to "think") the rest of us, especially those of us that comprise the TEA-party movement, are "racists" and are bigots and have no credibility ....


These pseudo-intellectual head-jobs suffer the Fascissocialist Psychosis among whose definitive symptoms is Pathological Projection Syndrome.

the most telling and dam... (Below threshold)

the most telling and damning part of Schillers screed is when he said we don't need government support.

Not telling, and not damning. Not even a story. NPR's own web site describes them as an "independent, self-supporting media organization". NPR's position has not been (to my observation) that they need government support. It's that public radio and TV (i.e., 1300 small businesses) need it.

Maybe if Shiller had shown ... (Below threshold)
Jeff H:

Maybe if Shiller had shown some of that "discomfort" toward guys wearing robes in the restaurant, he'd have saved his job.






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