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Inside an apartment during the Japanese earthquake

A number of things strike me as I watch what follows (plucked from VerumSerum). 

It speaks volumes of Japanese engineering that the apartment complex did not collapse at the height of all that rocking to and fro but more incredible to me is what is seen less than two minutes into the earthquake.

Whomever is filming pans towards what appears to be a television (though it may have been a computer) which is showing, while the rocking continues, where the earthquake was centered.  Freakin' amazing. 

Watch and wonder how you might've fared.  I think I may very well have peed muh pants:


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Comments (7)

Well I wouldn't have been s... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Well I wouldn't have been standing in front of the glass doored bookcase. He's lucky that didn't fall on top of him.

I'm guessing that this might have been an aftershock and that's why the display of where the epicenter is.

I'm still dizzy from watchi... (Below threshold)

I'm still dizzy from watching the video.

I confess a small dribbling... (Below threshold)

I confess a small dribbling in my pants after being awakened from a sound sleep by a 3.2 earthquake in Alaska in 1982. freaky experience having your world bobbing around while you try to figure out what the hell is going on.

<a href="http://wizbangblog... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

This one's even weirder.

I'm trying to figure out what is happening here. It appears that the TV/computer is on some govt channel that has just registered an aftershock (within seconds ago), and is now counting down the seconds until the shock wave hits the community. So the viewers know it's coming, and are bsically doing a countdown. (or so it appears to me). I've never seen anything quite like it. Kinda spooky.

(Hat tip: Ed Driscoll)

D'OH!!!Andr... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:


Andrew X is an idjut.

Here is the correct link for the above.

Translation:"This ... (Below threshold)


"This is scary..."

"Bad! This is bad!"

"Idiot!" (second thoughts about being amongst all that glass, is my guess)

"Guess I'm gonna make it..."

I have been through several... (Below threshold)
Brett :

I have been through several moderate and one pretty big quake (Loma Prieta, about 10 miles from the epicenter) and it's pretty frightening. The worst part is, you have *no idea* how long it is going to go on, or how bad it will get. It could stop in a second, it could get much worse and go on for minutes. In Loma Prieta, it went moderately for maybe 5 seconds, almost stopped, then really cranked back up again for the rest of the time.

I assure you that even 18 seconds is plenty enough to get your heart going. I can't even imagine 100x the magnitude for 5 minutes.






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