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Neutrality Is Not An Option

The fallout in Wisconsin over public-sector unions is still coming. Now some of those unions are doing all they can to draw support from the business community.

"All they can" being a euphemism for "blackmail."

The heads of several unions -- police, fire, and teachers -- have sent a letter to a Wisconsin business asking for them to publicly support their fight against Governor Walker -- and informing them should they choose to not support them, they will engineer a boycott of them.

Marshall & Ilsley Corporation was one of Walker's bigger donors, it appears -- which means that they spent a fraction of the money the unions spent trying to defeat him. And that is a declaration of war. They want the bank to not only stop supporting him, but to back them. Or else.

(It's worth noting that the first signatory, James Palmer of the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, was busted for DUI in 2009 -- hat tip to Jeff Goldstein.)

This is so far beyond intolerable, I don't know how to react. This is the public sector unions declaring war not on their political opponents (they did that already), but now those who have supported their opponents in the past.

OK, it's war. I don't like it, but that doesn't matter any more.

One countermove comes to mind: start waging war back against the unions. They've shown their true colors, they've demonstrated that they feel no compunctions on their behavior.

So decertify them.

The Republicans are under attack on every front. They literally have nothing to lose -- the Democrats and their union owners have made it abundantly clear that they intend to destroy the Republicans by any means necessary -- strip them of their supporters, recall them, assault them in public, perhaps even kill them. If the Republicans were to move to decertify the unions, what more could the leftists do? What further threats can they throw out? What further attacks can they make?

This does have the advantage of being exceptionally provocative, and if there's one thing that the left has shown in Wisconsin, they are quite willing to be provoked to lash out in anger. And while that fires up their base, it marginalizes them with the general public.

Von Clausewitz observed that "war is not merely a political act, but also a political instrument, a continuation of political relations, a carrying out of the same by other means." Here's a case of political war being declared and waged.

And the only thing worse than war is slaughter, when one side refuses to fight back.


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Comments (28)

Unfortunately, in war, one ... (Below threshold)

Unfortunately, in war, one fights to destroy the opponent's will to fight. In negotiations, one's goal is to not destroy your your opponent but extract from them what you want. Asymmetric warfare is what's happening now. You are right. The times for negations seem in the future. However, the effort necessary to destroy the will to fight on either side will be detrimental to our society. Just which President of our nation was raised and preened by those who support this approach to the USA?

If you're endorsing violenc... (Below threshold)

If you're endorsing violence against union thugs, onboard with that.

The unions have their back ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

The unions have their back up against the wall and what we saw in Madison is what we can expect at the next election. The threats, intimidation and violence will only escalate. obama will be putting much more into coordinating the effort as his reelection will hinge on the union support. Should he win reelection there will be pretense remaining with regard to the payoff for the unions.

If the dems ever get control of the Congress, Senate and White House they will ram through union protection laws that will make it impossible to remove them and will give them full power over the American people.

Unions used to be purposefu... (Below threshold)

Unions used to be purposeful when they tried to help protect the poor employees. Nowadays, unions seem to desire the only thing – their own profit. It is no longer about protecting people or providing benefits for them. Let’s hope most of them dissolve soon.

"The Republicans are under ... (Below threshold)

"The Republicans are under attack on every front."

That's what happens when you kick the hornets' nest.

I think that the left has t... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I think that the left has taken as the message from the 2010 election that they cannot impose their ideas through democratic means as they are too unpopular with the general public. This would be correct.

Unfortunately, it is not prompting a reevaluation of those ideas, but rather a growing movement to impose socialism by any means possible and to destroy democratic government if it tries to move away from socialist policies. They are calling in the streets of Portland today for a class war. The unions will have no scruple at shedding the blood of anyone who stands in their way.

I fully expect that there will be bloodshed in the streets and that unionized police will do nothing about it and that obama's Organizing for America will be sponsoring it.

The Americans need to go nu... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

The Americans need to go nuclear: investigate the unions under the RICO Act. Let's face it, all too many of them are in fact racketeer influenced and/or corrupt organizations. We're seeing with particular clarity now.

"Let's face it, all too man... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"Let's face it, all too many of them are in fact racketeer influenced and/or corrupt organizations."

There, I fixed it for you.

Doubt that the unions would... (Below threshold)

Doubt that the unions would appreciate being investigated for violations of RICO. Can make life awful "uncomfortable" for those union officials.

Now wouldn't that be a shame?

There was supposed to be a ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

There was supposed to be a strike through on the "too many".

Why does the preview often show the HTML markup but when you post it the formatting disappears?

Jim, I was wondering what I... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Jim, I was wondering what I'd gotten wrong!

Doubt that the unions wo... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Doubt that the unions would appreciate being investigated for violations of RICO. Can make life awful "uncomfortable" for those union officials.

No RICO appreciates being investigated under the RICO Act. Which, of course, is the whole idea.

They are calling in the ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

They are calling in the streets of Portland today for a class war. The unions will have no scruple at shedding the blood of anyone who stands in their way.

Union members are, what, 7% or so of the population? And they're threatening the other 93%? Good thinking.

They're like minorities who threaten race war, apparently not fully grasping the import of the term "minority."

Well it's not just the unio... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Well it's not just the union members its the jobless hippies and ignorant intellectuals as well. While they are far more numerous than what you would find in the midwest or the south they are plentiful in many places.

Just remember the Bolsheviks took over all of Russia with a very few people and a whole lot of willingness to bully, intimidate and kill. The left here has already shown that they will do the first two and they are flirting with the last.

Strike through does not wor... (Below threshold)

Strike through does not work, seen it happen to my posts several times. Meh...

The unions, if they decide violence is the way to get what they want, will quickly learn the unpopularity of their choice.

"So decertify them."
I so would like to see that happen, starting in WI.

I'm not sure how unpopular ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I'm not sure how unpopular it will prove if the socialist media won't cover it and the unionized police won't stop it. We need to be prepared to endure quite a bit before the message gets out. We should also be prepared for large blocks of the internet to go dark without explanation.

So now threatening boycotts... (Below threshold)

So now threatening boycotts is "blackmail"? Funny, I believe that this site has previously defended boycotts as a legitimate expression of dissatisfaction. Also note: apparently threatening to fire union employees if they don't capitulate is NOT blackmail.

Sorry, john, this isn't the... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Sorry, john, this isn't the Ladies' Garden Club threatening a boycott, it's the Police and other emergency personnel.

I know union thugs think all is fair, including breaking legs and intimidating little girls, but this is over the top.

"All they can" being a euph... (Below threshold)

"All they can" being a euphemism for "blackmail."

Why else would they bus up all those community organizers from Chicago?

I really hope the thugs tak... (Below threshold)

I really hope the thugs take it to the streets. The herd needs some thinning. That WI circus showed the independents again, how uneasonable and childish the left/dem's really are. ww

I believe that there are a ... (Below threshold)

I believe that there are a couple of problems with the suggestion to investigate under RICO. First, I am fairly certain that RICO is a federal statue. Thus, any investigation would have to be conducted by the Holder Justice Dept. 'Nuff said.

Police Unions are the most arrogant of all. I have burned for years from fund raising appeals by various law enforcement "benevolent associations". Always feel that there is a veiled threat. They know where you live, what you drive and how much you contribute.

Walker and any governor who defies them is very brave, and is fighting a stacked deck.

Oldflyer your right, it is ... (Below threshold)
Mighty Mouse:

Oldflyer your right, it is a federal stature. As long as it is being run by Eric (My People) Holder there is no way the unions will ever be investigated or held accountable. Think back to the dropped case of the New Black Panther Party and the voter intimidation of 2008.

Come on, folks. This is PRO... (Below threshold)

Come on, folks. This is PROTECTION.
What we are seeing is the Family (the Mafia) in action. Pay us or something bad will happen to you.
Organized crime has long been connected to Unions, but up until now that has been kept pretty quiet.
The gloves are off, the screens are down, the blatant connections are now obvious.
Democratic politicians are elected with the assistance of Union funds. Union funds are provided by Democratic politicians. See? It is a closed loop.
Union contracts are negotiated by Unions (representing Democratic politicians) and Democratic Politicians (representing Unions). Do you see a conflict of interest here?
No wonder they are so hostile!

The problem is that Marx de... (Below threshold)

The problem is that Marx declared a class war between the labor class and the wealth class - and anyone with any investments or means of production was part of the wealth class.

Now the unions are heavy investors, their members are middle-class, and trade union members often own their own means of production. In America, a household in poverty has one wide-screen TV and two computers with Windows XP, one car that is five years old, and beds made from a mattress and box-spring instead of space-age memory foam.

The class war should have ended a long time ago, but instead of declaring victory, the class warriors seek only genocide, driven by hatred.

So there's your answer, Joh... (Below threshold)
jim x:

So there's your answer, John. Boycotts = great when conservatives like the cause, but = evil when conservatives don't.

Oh, and no conservative groups ever actually make physical threats and intimidate people. That's only something "union thugs" do - AKA teachers. That video of Rand Paul's crew throwing a woman to the ground and stomping on her? That must have been a false flag impersonation by union thugs.

Jesus Christ, people.

I mean, I'm really sure thi... (Below threshold)

I mean, I'm really sure this comment of ww's isn't a wish that some people get killed, right?

I really hope the thugs take it to the streets. The herd needs some thinning.

Nah. That's perfectly reasonable. Of course if a liberal replaced "thugs" with "pro-lifers" or whatever - gasp! Liberals are advocating genocide! Etc.

Sorry, john, this isn't ... (Below threshold)

Sorry, john, this isn't the Ladies' Garden Club threatening a boycott, it's the Police and other emergency personnel.

Great, so let's just stop paying them altogether and cut their other benefits! Because apparently it would be unconscionable for them to threaten to cut services, even when we treat them like dirt. They have a duty to society, even when society gives them the finger, right? Think of all the money we'd save!

By the way, please show us ... (Below threshold)

By the way, please show us where they said they'd withhold emergency services. The letter says they will "publicly and formally boycott the
goods and services provided by your company."

What's so "over the top" about emergency personnel refusing to eat at the restaurant of someone who supports stripping union rights?






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