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"The U.S. military is too white and too male"

Women and minorities hardest hit:

The U.S. military is too white and too male at the top and needs to change recruiting and promotion policies and lift its ban on women in combat, an independent report for Congress said Monday.

Seventy-seven percent of senior officers in the active-duty military are white, while only 8 percent are black, 5 percent are Hispanic and 16 percent are women, the report by an independent panel said, quoting data from September 2008.

One barrier that keeps women from the highest ranks is their inability to serve in combat units. Promotion and job opportunities have favored those with battlefield leadership credentials.

The report ordered by Congress in 2009 calls for greater diversity in the military's leadership so it will better reflect the racial, ethnic and gender mix in the armed forces and in American society.

Efforts over the years to develop a more equal opportunity military have increased the number of women and racial and ethnic minorities in the ranks of leadership. But, the report said, "despite undeniable successes ... the armed forces have not yet succeeded in developing a continuing stream of leaders who are as diverse as the nation they serve."

I've got to believe there's also a dearth of Muslims in the top echelons of the military and something ought to be done about this as well.

Clearly the goal isn't to have a military prepared to engage and kill the enemy and destroy their bases of operation but to have a force whose effectiveness can be gauged by the color of their skin, the make-up of their reproductive organs, their sexual identity and of course, what God it is they worship.

It's hope and change to retch by.


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Comments (36)

Too white, too male and the... (Below threshold)

Too white, too male and the best military in the world. Definitely have to change that.

Leftism will be the death o... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

Leftism will be the death of us all. Literally.

"despite undeniable success... (Below threshold)

"despite undeniable successes ... "

I have never served in the armed forces so this is only conjecture. I am guessing that our military is as successful as it is because it tends for the most part to accept into the ranks, reward and promote based upon ability and merit. I assume it is relatively blind to political correctness. I have a very hard time accepting that, in general, women do not make as able warriors as men on the front line of battle. Sorry, call me a cretan. However, I am willing to change my predjudice if anyone with direct experience can offer a testimonial for women in front line combat.

But wait, if it's predomina... (Below threshold)
jim m:

But wait, if it's predominantly white then how is it that only minorities are killed in battle?

Sucks when narratives collide.

After all, it doesn't reall... (Below threshold)

After all, it doesn't really matter if the military knows what it's doing. It's only important that race/gender political correctness standards are maintained!!!

What percentage of the mili... (Below threshold)

What percentage of the military is minority/women?

What percentage of those in the officer ranks are either?

The military is a good career, but rising to the top levels is based on performance not longevity.

The thing that bothers me i... (Below threshold)

The thing that bothers me is that they felt they needed such a study in the first place. Now, wait for the study to determine the distribution of gays in the military.

So, I ask, will they now do a study of the NBA and determine that there are not enough whites playing in the league? I get so sick of listening to a MLB game and having the wikipedia story of every minority player.

Political correctness run amuck...

Oh, my son is a caucasian USMC SSgt. DI who has put his feet on the soil of 22 nations while performing missions and deployments.

Yessir, the mili... (Below threshold)

Yessir, the military is JUST the place for social experimentation.

I served and bled for my country, and to see what these progressive cocksuckers are trying to do physically nauseates me.

This cannot stand.

I agree, we need more Major... (Below threshold)

I agree, we need more Major Hasan's in leadership. Did this study forget that at the top of the leadership pole is a Muslim in Chief. A traitor to everything America stands for.

Gee maybe they should look ... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Gee maybe they should look at some demographics

for example


White alone
(of which 30.4 million are White Hispanic and Latino Americans.
Excluding these, this category comprises 65.0% or 199.3 million) 74.8%

Los Angeles Times
September 24, 2005
African Americans are 17% of the overall force

Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders are 3% of the force

Gee it seems that 77% actually falls in line with the US population and with the amount of folks actually serving in the military so it seems that 77% of the leadership being white would actually be about right. Who would have thunk it.

For some other stats that m... (Below threshold)
retired military:
To see just how rediculous ... (Below threshold)

To see just how rediculous this claim is, lets apply their standards to another arena - and not even address the objective of that arena as these people have done. How about the NBA?

Obviously, the NBA demographics do not represent the US and by their standards something needs to be done. First, there are no women in the NBA whereas women represent 50% of the population. And where the league is dominated by black players, that overrepresents a black community of approximately 14%. Now if you were to apply demogaphic percentages to the makeup of an NBA team, what do you think would be the result?

The objective of an NBA team exists is to attract fans by winning games. How many games do you think an NBA team would win if the team was made up of 50% women and no more than 15% black players? And how do you think such a team would attract fans, except to watch the comedy of the team trying to look professional.

Once again, the US military is the target of a social experiment without reference to the objective of the military. We are not talking about the integration of minorities in the miolitary or the open inclusion of gays in the military. In both of those cases, it has been shown that both minorities and gays can serve and serve the military well, and by so doing can further the objectives of the US military which then serve the nation.

The goal of the US military is to project deterrence to any potential enemy of the US, and if that should fail then to defeat that enemy in battle if the US is so confronted. Anything that diminishes the US military's ability in achieving those goals would result in:

1) More casualties than necessary
2) Defeat.

And neither of those results in any way benefit the US. Any questions?

The U.S. military is too... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

The U.S. military is too white and too male...

Too many Americans in it, too.

Seems to me that the questi... (Below threshold)
James H:

Seems to me that the question isn't whether there are enough women African-Americans, Latinos, etc., etc., at a particular rank at a particular time, but whether all individuals in the military have the opportunity to advance based on their merit, and without facing discrimination based on race, sex, etc., etc.

That, IMO, is worth keeping an eye on. People at all levels and in all fields have the capacity to be discriminatory or, honestly, just plain jerks. Seems to me finding the jerks or sources of institutional bias is more important than bean-counting snapshots.

If it ain't broke, please s... (Below threshold)

If it ain't broke, please stop spending our tax payer money on ways to fix it.....
Anyone who is found to encourage the degrading of our Military should be charged with treason, if found guilty hung at a public event and broadcast live.
Maybe I am to harsh?

More PC from the freaking i... (Below threshold)

More PC from the freaking idiots........


Hey! Let's have some equality in the medical schools! Send the D and F "doctors" to work on the members of Congress.

"The U.S. military is too w... (Below threshold)

"The U.S. military is too white and too male"

Barack Obamna is too ignorant and too AfroEuropean.

When do the treason trials begin?

"This independent study" sa... (Below threshold)

"This independent study" says it all to those that understand these code words, doesn't it?

Prepared and presented... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

Prepared and presented by an independent panel that probably boasts not one day of military service among them; there is then a clear under-representation in that light. Years ago I came across a quote of some clever bloke whose name eludes me today; probably Nietsche...'Verily, I laughed many a time at those who thought they were good because they had weak paws' It sticks with me because it is so apropos the left, but there is another development among the left where it certainly does not apply and that is apparent in the viciousness rampant its Union element, as introduced by Tea Jay above. Oh..oh..oh, how complex a profile one assembles to explain and to understand the collective imbalances that confuse even those profiled. I mean, how do you rationize away common-sense and decency yet remain an advocate for a civilized society?

Hmm, and the blood too red ... (Below threshold)

Hmm, and the blood too red when it drains from the body during combat?

What will happen when Captain Cathy dies on the battle field with six little ones? Is there an outcry then for the poor daddy left at home to raise the wee ones?

I am sure it will be far different than that of a young widow in 1967 http://doublenickelfarm.blogspot.com/2011/02/american-history-1967.html

I am SICK and tired of this nonsense. I married a minority and now my children are what? One is in the armed forces now, what is he considered? For stats is he a minority? Or is he white? Because he is both but considers himself one thing only AMERICAN...

For DaveD #3...and you w... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

For DaveD #3...and you won't find too much help Dave. I've trained them and seen them do well, but almost exclusively women are not attracted to the front line dirty business of bayonet and butt, nor are they suited to it, thus they personally select military vocations in trades somewhat remote from eye ball to eye ball enemy contact. Years ago Israel gave it a try but dropped it. Sure, employ them as arty or forward air controllers, but dont imagine them in a rifle squad where they would be, individually, the weak link just as some men turn out to be. Also consider this, from an immediate discussion with my wife...'champion women as much as you like she says, (to me), but they infrequently make good stock brokers (because of family distractions)...good doctors, (blame the biological clock ticking away the motherhood distraction)...or often, good school teachers, (where disciplining aggression makes them uneasy)'. Oh...I was for long years infantry, and actually, at the end of my service, I enrolled the first female into the Canadian infantry many years ago...great interview..serious..former logger in BC forests..good grades..liked men and had none of the affectations of feminism..also did well in all training but two years into actual battalion service she packed it in saying she did not belong (?). Funnily enough the guys liked her, and she them, and when the media came calling to seek out the negatives she denied them the story of discrimination they sought. A good woman I think,in fact I know, and had a fine backbone like my mum and her mother before her, who both had ramrods stuck up their arses. But even they, Dave, would never have fit in!

Next up. There are not eno... (Below threshold)

Next up. There are not enough gay officers in the military.

We need affirmative action for the Senate too. I mean, hey, it worked for the presidency, why not the senate?

Just a little bit more social engineering please... and put it on our tab.

Point of fact: the front l... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Point of fact: the front line combat troops are, even when measured by the diversity of the military, predominantly white and exclusively male. Even given that we have demagogues in the dem party and race baiters like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson claiming that minorities are used as cannon fodder. Imagine the race baiters if minorities were put onto the front lines in proportion to their representation in the general population.

The left is not interested in the military as an organization to defend our country, they see it only as another social works project and an opportunity for social engineering. But as always, they want only success based on your skin color or your sexuality and not on your ability.

People at all levels and... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

People at all levels and in all fields have the capacity to be discriminatory or, honestly, just plain jerks.

Does that include liberals? And union members? And minorities?

Do tell.

For James H @14...I'll in... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

For James H @14...I'll introduce myself as a highly discriminating man and indeed very judgemental....these indispensible qualities gained through life's experiences. And James, from my positions of authority I only sometimes found myself forming performance opinions on minorities and women...and in these, always at the front of my mind was the true equalizer...'that which the profession demanded to ensure the best possible choice to ensure continuing excellence of operational results'. That said, I can't remember a minority subordinate meeting more than the standard of, 'acceptable performer'. But I also remember, as a very young man, meeting and working under a young black sergeant who was, and who remained throughout 35 years of service, an outstanding leader and achiever, and even today, 25 years after his retirement, he is very well received by his old mates...and damn me eyes James if he doesn't in every way interact very sincerely as a white man. On the other hand I have also seen one man promoted to two senior positions simply based on being black and thereby cancelling out the hard work and aspirations of several considerably better prospects. As an exact opposite to the former example I gave, this black man was distinctly anti-white, yet he profited from the weakness of his judges who intended to correct a perceived social imbalance. That was the subtleties of discrimination working as a personal salve since the profession at that time did not demand it.

Mr. Tea,During WWI... (Below threshold)

Mr. Tea,

During WWII, America employed the other half of her population in the war effort, like Rosie the Riveter, Ferry Pilots, and so fourth. Our enemies didn't figure it out until the very end (it was much easier socially, for them to employ slave labor and prisoners-of-war instead).

The debate about women in uniform (and combat) has largely been settled... or at least with regard to the all volunteer force. Women do serve on naval combatants, as pilots and aircrew, and in many other billets and duties too numerous to mention - in which they frequently end up in harms way... its the nature of the beast. Exhibit A: the ongoing war in Iraqi and Afghanistan. This (sometimes inconvenient) fact is not really debatable. Regardless of the the statue barring women from direct combat rolls (-ie- infantry for example), the reality of war isn't even close to what a piece of legislated paper says it is. Our women have engaged in combat, and as warriors, have acquitted themselves with valor and distinction. That is the record... if one is willing to speak with these veterans, and learn about her (story).

Stereo types die hard, and even now many (myself included), sometimes feel squeamish about the images of our mothers and sisters being involved in what is truly a grim and horrific business. But now that our military is all volunteer, who is to say that she (a Lance Corporal for example) is not a warrior... that she cannot fight... that she will not be able to do what must be done... She already has done so, and will continue to do so as long as she wears the uniform and continues to serve.

Yes, the debate still rages in our society and within our culture... and there are some practical bridges applied in the process. The Marines for example, segregate the sexes of our young recruits in bootcamp (and I think for good reasons). But once you graduate, you have earned the title, and you are a Marine - just as good as any that came before.

The BS premiss your post points out - that some say your sex, race, or other status has any relevance, or means anything in respect to what it is to be an American serving in our armed forces is rightly trashed... and it would appear that many of your commentators in their own way (and voice) heartily agree. In my humble opinion, the bottom line for volunteering to serve in our armed forces comes down to just one thing, and one thing only - Can you fight?

Semper Fidelis-

Let's see minorities in pol... (Below threshold)

Let's see minorities in politics have banded together to prevent military recruiting in minority schools. Minority politicians have virulently opposed the military for the past forty years. Moreover, over the past forty years, minorities have achieved advancements in other civil sector jobs, so they don't have to enter the military to advance their skills. So after forty years of this behavior, is it surprising that minority representation is not that high.
Oh, and I'd bet that the number of Quakers and Amish and Jews in the military are quite low as well. Time for an outreach program there as well.

Mr. Tea,In Marine ... (Below threshold)

Mr. Tea,

In Marine communications, I have found lots of monikers acceptable to me, Shock Troop, Jar-head, Devil Dog, Leatherneck... just to name a few of the more printable ones.

Once upon a time, we used to call a Woman Marine, a "WM", mainly because we had yet to actually ever meet one. True story - first contact - when I used that term, I got referred right back to as a "M&M" (Male Marine).

Which was my error... and it brought to my attention in a tactful way that that the preamble wasn't appreciated. Ever since, its always been, Private, Corporal, Lieutenant (or the appropriate rank). One is also within accepted bounds using just the universally accepted title "Marine," when using that third person language in one's speech (which is also characteristic of Marine speak).

The saying, "Once a Marine, always a Marine," is also pretty common, but not universal. I know many veterans from the Marine Corps League, mostly graying WWII veterans, that proudly call themselves "Former Marines." Which is OK by me. I mean, who am I to disagree, and deny them that right, and tactfully correct it? As I see it, they have earned the right to call themselves anything they want to...

Semper Fidelis-

Retired Military #10<... (Below threshold)

Retired Military #10

I don't know how this post disappeared into the ether, but here it is again...

As a matter of principal, how I handled my classification on the census, as well as my new driver's license and voter registration (in the continental United States), was to select "Other," and in the blocks below, as my self identity, I wrote: A-M-E-R-I-C-A-N

Bean counters and green-eye-shade types (among others), use such demographics to divide us. I refuse to play their games on their (those) terms.

Having just moved from (the Territory of) Guam to the mainland, I understand why "Pacific Islanders" might be identified as 3% of the military demographic.

But I wouldn't use those inclusionary/exclusionary nonsensical terms; that's just hooey - pffft. ( Ever hear the ditty: figures lie and lier's figure?) I am willing to acknowledge and say however, that Pacific Islanders are awesome American patriots. ;-)

Semper Fidelis-

Ok, I have read the stateme... (Below threshold)

Ok, I have read the statements from the Marines. I am retired Army, I did time in the infantry, but here is a story I am not seeing. Do you recall during Gulf War 1, about 2 soldiers being captured? One was female one was a black, both were truck drivers, they got separated from the column, had to fight till out of ammo. Seems the real truth was they got caught because they were engaged in sex in the front seat of one of their trucks. Never heard the Iraq soldiers approach. Well needless to say the enemy beat them, then took turns raping her till they were done. The rape was not reported because The American public would not stand for that.

One unreported item of the ... (Below threshold)
Mighty Mouse :

One unreported item of the emergence of the all volunteer military was during the last draw of the draft was a woman's name was pulled out the feminists went crazy and said we want equal rights but you can draft our sons but never our daughters. So much for the equal rights act.

In the 70's I joined the Na... (Below threshold)

In the 70's I joined the Navy, the military was trying to show use that black men were as good as we were. They would have 10 white and 1 black, and he would tell the whites how bad it had been for him. Many people called it Watermelon U. It did not help, but we made it thru it an we all became friends, not because of the leacters, but the work we had to do together. When you put 150 men on a sub, you either become friends or someone leaves. Pat Schroder was the b
Beginning of the end of the Military, this is why I feel the military needs to be as far from Washington as possible.
In Viet Nam the gays would come out so they would not have to go to Viet Nam.
Woman on submarines is just asking for problems. These are all liberal ideas fostered by Pat Schroder.

Let me start by saying that... (Below threshold)

Let me start by saying that I am a Field Grade Officer in the Navy. I am half Japanese and half "white".

The military has for years tried to divesify their officer corps. Diversity is alive and well in the enlisted ranks, but not so in the officer corps. However, these efforts will not lower the standards of the officer corps. That is something the military will not do. Instead, what they are looking at is finding deserving minorities and encouraging them to make the military a career.

The second point is women in combat. As a naval aviator, I am fully attest to the abilities of women in combat from my platform. They can do the job, just as well, if not better than their male counterparts.

"However, these efforts ... (Below threshold)

"However, these efforts will not lower the standards of the officer corps."

I think you need to pull back a bit on such a claim. Physical standards at all three military academies were changed at least one year prior to women being accepted. Why? In order for the military chiefs to say, with a straight face, that the standards had not changed. Has this significantly affected the performance of our military? Not so as you can notice but it is disingenuous at best to say there were no changes or the standards were not affected.

Sheez 29. Mighty Mouse... I... (Below threshold)

Sheez 29. Mighty Mouse... I'm going to call you on it, right now. The incident you speak of happened in the battle for the town of Kafji, Saudia Arabia. The Iraqi's invaded, and the two Army soldiers you speak about were part of a regular resupply convoy to coalition forces in the area (which was British BTW). They tried to turn around when they realized the danger - but got stuck in the sand. That is how they got bagged. The rest of the Army resupply trucks escaped.

It was a tough time for all. I was at the elbow, running the PLRS (look it up) data/com net for the area... and that night an Iraqi mechanized Brigade came hunting for us. Earlier that day we were reconned by an Iraqi scout chopper. I sent in a spot report - but I didn't jump (displace) my 12 man team. We buried our 5-ton truck, master station, HMMWV, and generator (all of it) below the horizon line using our entrenching tools instead (with desert camie netting on top of that at ground level)... which was a big mistake on my part.

Recon (our screen on the border berm) a mile in front of us - had to withdraw when the Iraqi Brigade came at them out of the night. Their job was to screen, not stand, and they hung to the enemy like bugs.

What to do? Drop the net (PLRS was the only thing really working with all the jamming) and run, or stay and keep the net running and hope for the best. We stayed put, in our hole we dug and hoped that they wouldn't find us.

They did. A whole phalanx of T-62's and BMP's got within a 200 yards. It would of been over in seconds (we had one AT-4 and one LAW), but they couldn't see (locate) us in the dark. Marine LAV-25's came to our rescue, and sparked their tanks up with their 25 mm bushmaster guns until they buttoned up. Then the LAV (a light amphibious wheeled assault vehicle) would pull up behind their tank, stop, the commander would pop up out of his hatch, and immolate the enemy tank with his shoulder launched AT-4. LAV's smoking T-62s and BMPs, one after another. Incredible.

That night we lost some good Marines. Including two LAVs by fracticide (A-10 Warthogs), and a four engined C-130 Spooky gunship by SAM. The pilot of which was captured and abused by the enemy. She and her crew are forever heros in my book.

Most don't know about any of this...the battle of Kofji seems to have gotten the attention of the press... and who cares now anyhow?

Well I care for one. And I remember those that gave their all (at the time we didn't know it was fracticide from our own side with the LAV's that got hit). Recon and the LAV's were enraged... and they chased that Iraqi Brigade all the way back across the border leaving a burned out trail of burning smoking tracks, tanks, and fried crew members.

Last bone to pick with you Mighty Mouse. It is unbecoming of you to refer to "black" and a "female" soldiers captured because they were jumping each others bones instead of carrying out their mission. That's bull shit and you are full of crap. WhereTF were you? In the rear with the gear? In theater at all? Pffft. You don't even talk like a real soldier, or a veteran. Shame on you for impersonating one.

Best that you learn to refer to all those who wear the uniform as Americans, and start referring to them that way. Otherwise, folks might see you as a bigoted racist sexist piece of crap, that you really are, eh?

No SF for you - you rotten little shit.

To Rick and all Wizbangblog... (Below threshold)

To Rick and all Wizbangblog commentators:

Upon review, It appears that Mighty Mouse's facts of the race and gender of the two American soldiers in the incident in question from Desert Shield are the only facts he got right... Why is that? All the rest is nothing but malicious lies and slander.

What he wrote can not now be undone. Once the submit cue is pressed - its there for all to see.

But enough of that,

I'm really back in the comment section to acknowledge my part. I got torqued and said some things in retort on this thread that may have offended you. Those are my words, I take responsibility for writing them (and they will be on the net domain forever). I regret the name calling, and I engaged in some sordid innuendo myself... and I apologize for my behavior, and I am willing to accept the consequences - whether from Rick, the Wizbangblog staff, or the Wizbangblog posting community.

Semper Fidelis-






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