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To boldly go where the Russians will take us

And where America has never been, thank you President Obama:

nasa-obama.jpgNASA has struck a $753 million deal with Russia for 12 round trips to the International Space Station, but will now have to pay more per seat - almost $63 million, the U.S. space agency announced Monday.

The new deal will allow NASA to fly a dozen astronauts from the U.S. or its partner agencies on Russia's venerable Soyuz spacecraft between 2014 and 2015 at a cost of about $62.7 million per seat. That's an increase from the $55.8 million per seat NASA paid under a deal for six round trips to the station in 2013 and 2014.


The new deal comes during a major transition year for NASA. The space agency is retiring its space shuttle fleet after 30 years of spaceflight.

The shuttle Discovery, for example, flew its last flight this month. The other two shuttles in service - Endeavour and Atlantis - are expected to launch their final missions in April and June, respectively.

And so the squandering of our grip on leadership in space marches on, the transformation of the country not enough of us love continues.

Hope and change for anyone believing firmly in the waning of America.


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Comments (11)

The US was wasting too much... (Below threshold)
Joel :

The US was wasting too much money going into space. Let's cut our space program way back so we can give more money to intercity liberals to sit on their ass, not work and vote democrat in the next election.

Who appropriated these fund... (Below threshold)

Who appropriated these funds? The GOP should withdraw these funds until a investigation is completed as to whether there is 'funny business' as usual w/obummer, and his muslim friendly bolden.

NASA: Never in the History ... (Below threshold)

NASA: Never in the History of the Human Species, has so much of the confiscated wealth of America's -- and, it follows, of the world's -- most creative, innovative, productive and industrious Men been squandered by so few on the achievement of so little!

The space program gave us t... (Below threshold)

The space program gave us the feeling that anything could be achieved with the application of willpower, courage and plain old curiousity. Now with the virtual abandonment of outer space, Obama has turned us inward. We will only go into space to look down at Earth and devote ourselves to 'global warming' and 'self-esteem for Muslims'. We will no longer search for the wonders of the universe, but must now stay put in our inadequately powered solar-shingled bungalows.

Wow, outsourcing. Okay, Mr ... (Below threshold)

Wow, outsourcing. Okay, Mr President, then I am sure you would understand the desire to outsource municipal, state or federal contracts to the more efficient, cost-effective domestic private sector. Jobs that, in the past, had been done by overpaid, tax-sucking public/government union employees. Just sayin. Hate for you to look inconsistent. And it even pays people in the United States.

Silly Russians, they should... (Below threshold)

Silly Russians, they should just keep upping the price...and to hell with any deals. Thanks to our worthless government and worse than worthless "President" we have NO alternatives!

We can only Hope for a Change in the White House in 2012. Otherwise we are fully SCROOMED! (screwed & doomed)

"at a cost of about $62.... (Below threshold)

"at a cost of about $62.7 million per seat."

Had this been opened up to competative bid by private industry the cost would probably be a couple hundred thousand per seat or less.

Evidently the Democrats wer... (Below threshold)

Evidently the Democrats weren't getting a good 'bang for their buck' with NASA any more.

Or as JFK told the people in Houston, 'NASA was preparing to launch the largest payroll .....er....payload.......'

Well, those ears are kind o... (Below threshold)

Well, those ears are kind of vulcan like. But there is no logic in a 2nd term.

Quite a deal for the Russia... (Below threshold)
John S:

Quite a deal for the Russians. The "venerable Soyuz spacecraft" is the same 1950s technology that launched Yuriy Gagarin into orbit in 1960. The same fucking rocket, with zero improvements. I doubt the entire launch vehicle (or the entire mission, for that matter) costs $62.7 million.

Pathetic! Just pathetic! And for those bleating about NASA's budget. Bambi spends more than NASA each year on golf and vacations.

Obama's "vision" for NASA i... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Obama's "vision" for NASA is typical of his regime. He calls for a moon shot and Mars expedition well after he is long gone from office (may the day hasten) - but with no specific plan or project to do it, no plan to start a project to do it, no budget to even begin such a plan with, and no accountability.

Sort of like his "vision" for Libya - too bad he can't be bothered to do anything to realize it, but he has to fill out his brackets and go to a party, and then there is an early tee time. But don't worry, the "noose is tightening" around Ghaddafi even as the rebels are slaughtered. The Teleprompter said so.






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