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Listen and recall that Obama spent 20 years in this man's church

Twenty years... but none of this rubbed off on him... of course not... I mean there's no evidence of that... is there?

Former Obama mentor and pastor Jeremiah Wright. How long would you have stayed in this man's church? Seriously, I ask you, how long?

H/T Noisyroom.net.


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One visit. There wouldn't ... (Below threshold)

One visit. There wouldn't be a need for a second.

But then, I'm not desperately looking for a pastor who's willing to tell me my self-directed life sucks because of factors I have no control over. Like... not going to school because all my peers didn't see the utility in it, because it was more fun outside the classroom than in it. Like refusing to learn any sort of decent job skills, because who wants to start at minimum wage when you can get booze, bling and broads pushing drugs? It's so much EASIER to blame capitalism or militarism because I don't have what I want! It's so much easier to blame the right! Or white folks! Or white folks on the right! Screw the idea of actually working my way out of this mess - I'm fuckin' OWED, buddy, and don't you forget it!

He takes Martin Luther King's name in vain, I think. He panders to his audience, telling them what they really want to hear - that their situation isn't their fault in any way, shape or form - and rakes in the dough because of it.

Ho-hum.... (Below threshold)


"Ho-hum.2. Posted by... (Below threshold)
LeBron Steinman:

2. Posted by Chico"

For those of you that may be unaware , this is known as the apprehensive, adolescent "whistling past the graveyard" rejoinder of lefties who have no cogent defense for or response to the point being made.

Good question, Rick. There ... (Below threshold)

Good question, Rick. There is a lot of hate coming from JW. One can only wonder how much Obama absorbed after 20 yrs. BTW, I would not call that a sermon. I would call that a speech. Most sermons I've seen don't use notes (teleprompter). This is the kind of stuff that should have been all over the news if MSM did there jobs and I think it should still happen before the 2012 elections. I am sure there is a heck of alot more. Rasicism anyone ?

it's OK.....President Obama... (Below threshold)

it's OK.....President Obama didn't really hear any words come out of his mouth for 20 years. He wasn't listening when this guy baptized his children either. So there was no knowledge of his Socialist rhetoric. I know I'm relieved. Oh, by the way, if you are employed in the mainstream media, please, don't mention the name of Jeremiah Wright! EVER!!!

Don't forget people like Ch... (Below threshold)

Don't forget people like Chico only think conservatives are racist even though we are the only political group that doesn't think about color at all. ww

In all fairness, while Obam... (Below threshold)

In all fairness, while Obama may have been a "member" of that Marxist bigot's church, it's very, very unlikely that Obama ever actually went to church.

Then again, is there anythi... (Below threshold)

Then again, is there anything Wright says that you think Obama disagrees with?

It's a pretty safe bet none... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

It's a pretty safe bet none of this will be featured on '60 Minutes' or 'This Week'...

He's not just a Marxist big... (Below threshold)

He's not just a Marxist bigot. He's also a serial adulterer. How can anyone even think about allowing this despicable cretin into their church to preach? This is the kind of filth our "president" lapped up for 20 years. God help us.

And parents are bringing th... (Below threshold)

And parents are bringing their children to listen to this.

Doesn't exactly give "hope" for the future.

Barry and Moochelle absorbe... (Below threshold)

Barry and Moochelle absorbed all the racist bigotry and hatred for 20 years and baptized their children with it.

It shows every time when racists Moochelle and Barry go on vacation or throw an extravagant party all on the taxpayers dime. They think its a form of reparations, sticking it to Whitey, one tax dollar at a time (for millions of times).

Post racial President...right....more like

Most Racist Precedent

I think Barry ingested the ... (Below threshold)

I think Barry ingested the dancing with capitalism is a demon part above all else of Jerediahs bowel movements.

The video was made 3 years ... (Below threshold)
Captain Obvious:

The video was made 3 years after Barry quit the church.

captain oblivious-... (Below threshold)

captain oblivious-

"The video was made 3 years after Barry quit the church."


"The video was made 3 years... (Below threshold)

"The video was made 3 years after Barry quit the church."

And this changes the fact that the (P)resident spent 20 YEARS sitting in on his diatribes?

Lay off the coolaid and get a clue.

Yep, Barry left the church ... (Below threshold)

Yep, Barry left the church because 3 years before this video Wright was a pillar of inspiration across Chicago.

It is obvious that Barry's hate America and the joos inbreeding were conflicting with his inner power hungry money driven aspirations.

That is whats obvious captain.

"Yep, Barry left the chu... (Below threshold)
Captain Obvious:

"Yep, Barry left the church because 3 years before this video Wright was a pillar of inspiration across Chicago."

Barry left this church 3 years before the video was made after denouncing Wright and his teachings.

Trying to tie this to Barry - a video made 3 years later - and after Barry denounced the man and his teachings - is childish.

You folks complain when somebody does this kind of thing to Sarah Palin or some other conservative icon - why are you being hypocrites and using the same kind of smear tactics against Obama?

The answer is obvious.

Wow! The immature Cap. Obvi... (Below threshold)

Wow! The immature Cap. Obvious doesn know he is obviously forgetting facts. The post is about Obama sitting under this guys spiritual leadership (hate) for twenty years. Wright isn't just now stating these things.

Also, I loved the 35 year old pictures of Rumsfeld and Cheney with Saddam Hussein when he was our ally. But the leftist trolls get upset about something that is current in this century. ww

Thank you, Captain Obvious.... (Below threshold)
Evil Otto:

Thank you, Captain Obvious.

Barry left this church 3 years before the video was made after denouncing Wright and his teachings.

After (as others have pointed out) sitting in the church for TWENTY YEARS. He didn't "denounce" Wright until the crazy pastor became an hindrance to his presidential ambitions, and then only tepidly. And only after at first refusing to do so.

Are we supposed to be impressed by that?

Sorry, Cap, you can't spin away Obama's attendance, or his attitude towards Wright. This video isn't anything different than Obama sat listening to for those two decades. There have been numerous videos, audio records, and transcripts of Wright's America-hating sermons and speeches. Nothing in the old kook's demeanor or beliefs changed in those few years since Obama "denounced" him and this speech.

So save it. You're not fooling anyone.

"Trying to tie this to Barr... (Below threshold)

"Trying to tie this to Barry - a video made 3 years later - and after Barry denounced the man and his teachings - is childish."

No. Childish is playing golf while Rome burns.

CPT ObviousIf we t... (Below threshold)
retired military:

CPT Obvious

If we treated Obama the same as libs treated Sarah Palin than we would do things like the following:

Accuse Michelle of having a baby by her father

And saying

tthat because Obama asked a question about X (say arresting conservatives ) by simply asking "what is the policy on arresting people"

In short, the left demonizes, demeans, and outright lies about the right and wants a pass and gets incensed when the spotlight is turned on them.

Want an example. go back to when people pointed out to Lee Ward about his past statements about Obama were far worse than anything said by folks that he was accusing of racism and bigotry.

By Obama's own account, he ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

By Obama's own account, he attended Wright's "church" for 20 years, averaging every other week, which makes over 500 sermons he heard.

In Obama's defense, I doubt he listened to a word of it - he was only there to develop "street cred" for his political career. Besides, Obama has never listened to anyone else for more than about 30 seconds unless they were singing his praises and/or introducing him to speak.

He was probably daydreaming through every minute of those sermons, thinking about how dreamy he looked in the mirror that morning before church, of clever but dignified things to say those who greeted him after services, and in loving anticipation of getting back home to his mirror once again.

Trying to tie this to Ba... (Below threshold)

Trying to tie this to Barry - a video made 3 years later - and after Barry denounced the man and his teachings - is childish.

Barry is being tied to the Man, his actions, and his words, not the video doofus. The hate spewed by this racist has not changed in 23 years and Barry is a serial liar.

Keep trying to defend Barry and his friends & mentors, but you cannot. His inner circle is full communists, racists, America haters, and leftard "intelligentsia" who have no clue how America works or how its exceptionalism it came to be. These royal leftard sphincters only want to destroy it and YOU defend them.

Based on proximity, the stink is sticking to you pretty well Caption Obviously on the payroll of OFA or Moron.org.

I'm surprised no one else m... (Below threshold)

I'm surprised no one else mentioned this, but starting around 2:20 Wright gets pretty nasty with respect to Obama, accusing him of essentially being a sellout and a traitor to Wright's understanding of the cause of truth and justice. In other words, Wright effectively throws Barry under the bus. Watch that section of the video, if you haven't.

Otherwise it's probably a pretty good representation of what his church heard from the pulpit every Sunday before he resigned. Someone should ask him how he is enjoying his new $2 million mansion.

go back to when pe... (Below threshold)
go back to when people pointed out to Lee Ward
I sure hope we don't have to go there. It makes my head hurt thinking about it
Its obvious captain that Be... (Below threshold)

Its obvious captain that Berry gave the Rev wrong the judas kiss when he saw that ACORN had his back and he had a shot at jive talkin the masses.

Rick,A sermon like... (Below threshold)


A sermon like that? About 2 minutes... max (I didn't make it through the vid either). I'd of gathered up my wife and kids from the pew and left... never to return to what they worship as a community in that church.

Just because we have religious freedom in America, doesn't mean I have to be tolerant and listen to such bent ideology. 20+ years? No way... 2 minutes tops.

Semper Fidelis-






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