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Three Cheers For Beefy Boy

Much of the internet is talking about "Casey The Avenger," the hefty Australian schoolboy who was being smacked around by a much smaller kid in school. Casey, after being hit several times, finally grabbed his antagonist and body-slammed him on to the bricks, then walked off while the punk staggered and reeled.

I found myself watching the video over and over, because 25-odd years ago, I was Casey. I was the big kid in the red shirt.

Oh, there were a few differences. My scrawny antagonist wasn't normally a bully, but a bully-victim -- quite possibly more than I was. He was also sickly, and used that as his shield -- no one dared touch him, because of his condition. He didn't like being bullied, so he figured he'd try being the bullier for a change, and figured I'd be an easy target.

And when I body-slammed him and walked off, I dumped him into a snow bank, not a brick floor.

There's an old saying -- "pick on someone your own size." In most cases, it's intended as a form of challenge an an insult, meant to discourage people from using their greater size and strength to dominate smaller people.

But it has a secondary meaning, that rarely comes up. If you're small and abusing someone larger, trusting in their own inhibitions and social pressures and whatnot to restrain them, that will occasionally blow up in your face -- as the big guy simply decides he's had enough and hits back.

This, too, has larger sociological and political implications. Recently, in Wisconsin, the Democratic minority in the state Senate tried to "bully" the Republican majority and governor into going along with their demands -- and that didn't work out too well for them. The history of Hezbollah's attacks on Israel also follow the same model. And 9/11 is quite possibly the best example -- Al Qaeda kept poking and poking and poking at the US until we finally snapped and hit back so hard, we took out two sitting governments.

Punks, take it from this "big guy" who's been pushed around a lot in life: sooner or later, we will have had enough of your shit. And you will not enjoy the experience.


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I hate punks and bullies...... (Below threshold)

I hate punks and bullies...they are the ulimate cowards. They teach in school to use your "words" instead of your fists. But I think with bullies that seldom works.
This little shit of a punk got what he deserved. And shame on his parents for raising him like this. Good for the big guy who finally stood up for himself.

Poppycock. ... (Below threshold)


Bullies communicate and rel... (Below threshold)
andy jackson:

Bullies communicate and relate via violence. It is their language. Group therapy and counseling won't work.

Body-slamming, on the other hand, works pretty good at keeping bullies away. I did the same thing back in High School in the early 80's. It finally took a classic fist-fight after school to make it stop. I split that kid's lip (blood everywhere, never realized how much a lip can bleed!) and laid him out on the basketball court.

Never got bullied again.

.... Punks, take it from th... (Below threshold)

.... Punks, take it from this "big guy" who's been pushed around a lot in life: sooner or later, we will have had enough of your shit. And you will not enjoy the experience ....

The Governor and some senators in Wisconsin struck a body slam the other day for those of us (AKA We, The Sovereign American People) who've had enough of the totalitarians' crap!

Bit like the way Give'em Hell, Harry, the haberdasher, did at the end of WW-II.

Q. Why did we nuclear bomb only two of Japan's cities?

A. We had only two bombs!

The bullied kid is being su... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

The bullied kid is being suspended. Someone started a Facebook group to support Casey, but I could not find it. It has apparently been removed by the wusses at FB. SAD.

Bravo for the big kid. Of ... (Below threshold)

Bravo for the big kid. Of course, he should have CHARGED the punk for the life-lesson he taught him!!

There are many millions of Americans who feel JUST like the big kid. We've tried to play by the rules (just like Casey had done over the years...which is why they routinely picked on him). But enough is enough...and I, like Casey, have had enough.

You watch the video and it ... (Below threshold)
jim m:

You watch the video and it is obvious that the bully instigated the incident and struck Casey several times before getting body slammed. I don't understand why the school would overlook that evidence, but then again it does not surprise me that it does. Schools are incomprehensible in how they mete out discipline.

Frankly the bully got off easy.

I was a small kid but a fai... (Below threshold)

I was a small kid but a fair size adult at 6’ 1” 230lbs. Like most I don’t care for bullies wither their small, big, male or female. There are those that are small and\or female that think that shields them. My theory is if you don’t want to be hit don’t hit others. I admit I personally I allowed females a great great deal of lead way but when I see one constantly hitting someone and they get smack one, I don’t feel sorry for her.

As for the larger philosophy of watch who you pick on, I agree. Even passive groups can get tired of it. What is amazing is the bully groups usually are shock and make claims like “I can’t believe they did that”.

Never have underst... (Below threshold)

Never have understood why it's so hard to do the obvious regarding bullying. It only stops when YOU stop it.

Not rocket science, gang. I taught both my kids (girls) this early on, and it WORKS.

"The history of Hezbolla... (Below threshold)

"The history of Hezbollah's attacks on Israel also follow the same model."

Almost exactly. And the "world community", with much wailing and gnashing of teeth, cries "disproportionate reaction!" To mirror that on a smaller scale, the bully's mother has now asked that Casey apologize because her little shit-stain of a son did not deserve "to be bodyslammed".

With all due respect, madam, STFU and make your son apologize. If you want an apology for the incident being posted on the web, (making your life difficult, waaaah!)go to your son's little cohorts. Go to the school for not reporting your son's, obviously, long term behavior to you (just in case you really are too self absorbed to notice your son was growing up to become a class-A asshole). And when you're done with all that, give that kid a good old fashioned spanking.

It seems like kids who figh... (Below threshold)

It seems like kids who fight back are always the ones who get into trouble. That's really a bad lesson to be teaching. We need to support people who stand up for themselves. I think it's a grand conspiracy to make us all complacent and dependent on government.

It's also clear that the ki... (Below threshold)
jim m:

It's also clear that the kid making the video is a friend of the bully. They were recording the bullying so they could laugh about it later. So the school suspends Casey for defending himself against a premeditated attack by a group of punks (yes a group because another stepped up to defend the bully once Casey dispatched him), and ignores the fact that this was a planned attack by a bunch of punks.

I always loved the scene fr... (Below threshold)

I always loved the scene from "A Christmas Story" when Ralphie has had enough of Farkus and beats the living daylights out of him.

Many years ago, my sister went to school after having had a stomach virus that was going through the high school. An upper class girl had decided earlier in the year that my sister was who she would pick on that year. That day she began harassing my sister between classes. At that moment my sister proceded to throw up all over the bully's new shoes. For some reason she didn't have problems with the bully the rest of the year.

"the bully's mother has now... (Below threshold)
jim m:

"the bully's mother has now asked that Casey apologize"

How about, "I'm sorry I didn't pile drive your punk kid's head through the pavement and put him in the hospital." That's about all the apology that is necessary.

Schools claim to want to pu... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Schools claim to want to put a stop to bullying, but when someone stands up to a bully they get punished for it. A bully relies on intimidation and the threat of violence to do what he does. By suspending the victim who stands up against the bully the school gives the bully yet another weapon: If you stand up against me the school will punish you.

The proper response would be to do absolutely nothing to Casey. That would send the message to bullies that if they want to intimidate someone then their victims have total impunity to act against them. A bully will have to then calculate the risk. Do they intimidate someone and run the risk of retaliation? The riskier you make it for the bully the less likely he is to remain a bully.

I had a related incident in... (Below threshold)

I had a related incident in high school. As a senior, I was tall and skinny. Since I also worked 40 hours a week, I'd come to school half asleep by Friday. One morning a sophomore, who had a bully for an older brother, punched me on my way to my locker. I seemed like easy prey for him, since I was a nerd who never got in trouble or fights. I grapped him with one hand by the shirt, lifted him off the floor and slammed him into the lockers, then chewed him out. Later that day at the football pep rally, his big brother sat behind me and started picking on me. I told him after the rally if he wanted to talk about it to meet me after the rally in the parking lot. He never showed, and I was never bothered by anybody in school after that. Most bullies just want easy fights without an resistance. The minute you challanged them, most back off.

"The history of Hezbollah's... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

"The history of Hezbollah's attacks on Israel also follow the same model."

Almost. In Israel's case the big kid (any Arab nation) picks on the little kid (Israel), when the little kid gets tired of it and body-slams the big kid. It's way more spectacular when that happens.

Followup video of the bully... (Below threshold)

Followup video of the bully's mother has her saying that HER kid should apologize to Casey.

BTW, I think all the school administrators should be the ones suspended for 4 days, and w/o pay.

I find it amazing how many ... (Below threshold)

I find it amazing how many short people have an obvious Napoleon complex, feeling inferior or handicapped due to their stature and they have to overcompensate for everything else.

This little twerp got off easy. I hope he limps for months as a reminder of his cowardly BS picking on a chubby and docile kid.

Schools claim to want to... (Below threshold)

Schools claim to want to put a stop to bullying, but when someone stands up to a bully they get punished for it. A bully relies on intimidation and the threat of violence to do what he does. By suspending the victim who stands up against the bully the school gives the bully yet another weapon: If you stand up against me the school will punish you.

That's how Marxist schools & the NEA brainwash compliance among the little skulls full of mush.

My son has permission to finish any fight started by a bully. No one has to tolerate this BS, regardless of a stupid school policy.

After defending himself, I would then file assault charges against the bully and a lawsuit against the school for not providing a "safe" learning environment if they so much as gave my boy 1 day in detention.

I agree with Texbob; I have... (Below threshold)
daveinNC :

I agree with Texbob; I have told my boys that they are to do all they can to avoid a fight (walking away, reporting the incident to a teacher or principal, etc.) but that if it persists they are to defend themselves and that I would handle the consequences. I have always followed the apostle Paul's admonition "inasmuch as it is up to you, live in peace with others", but with bullies that is often a difficult creed to live up to.

I've been on both ends of t... (Below threshold)

I've been on both ends of the scale when I was in school. Small in primary school, hit puberty early and became a beast for a few years (size) until I was overtaken again. I had a few days of internal suspension for breaking a bullies jaw in senior year. He was picking on an underclassman, and when told to pick on someone his own six, he turned on me. He didn't realize that someone with a 50 inch chest, 30 " waist and 18 " neck is going to have mass and muscle, even at 5'7".
for some reason HS football stars always seem to learn the hard way that wrestlers and swimmers aren't lightweights...
well, those that need to learn the lesson in the first place
like Casey, my exp was that the worst" bullies" were the runts that relied on people pulling their punches, however.

My daughter got in trouble ... (Below threshold)

My daughter got in trouble for fighting in school in the second grade. We met with the teacher and discussed how to resolve differences without fighting. Then the teacher turned to my daughter and said: "Remember, you must never, ever fight or hit anyone."

I immediately spoke up: "Unless that person is hurting you. In that case, you hit and punch and kick and gouge until they run away or stop moving."

The teacher looked at me slack-jawed, and I smiled sweetly at her and said: "Don't you try to teach my daughter to be a victim."

The school's decision certa... (Below threshold)

The school's decision certainly is bizarre, but here's some consolation: Casey gets to spend a day or two at home playing video games, whereas that little dirtbag will have a limp for the next two months. (Was his ankle broken? Hope so.) Also, Casey is a globally adored internet phenom, whereas the runt is four years away from flunking out of high school and having no future whatsoever. It's a really shitty part of Australia. Casey is destined for bigger things, whereas the antagonistic little puke has nothing to look forward to.

So that's some consolation.

I hope Casey's parents make... (Below threshold)
Brian The Adequate:

I hope Casey's parents make the suspension a nice vacation for him.

I have told my daughters that if they ever get suspended it will be the most miserable time of their lives as I will take vacation and make them work their tails off around the house. Unless they are suspended for defending themselves or other innocent parties, then their life will be sweet and the administrations miserable.

Will this lesson be repeate... (Below threshold)

Will this lesson be repeated in the saga being played out by our scrawny, inept POTUS and the strong people of the United States? I think so, I hope so.

School officials are usuall... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

School officials are usually restrained by official "Zero Intelligence" policies. They aren't allowed discretion because some will cry "raaaaacism!!!!1!" if their child is suspended for bringing a switchblade to school and threatening other kids with it, while a child of some other race is allowed to bring a plastic butter knife to school and threaten to spread peanut butter on crackers with it.

[NOTE: Please do not write to Kevin; I am allowed to say, "crackers"].






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