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Too much, too little, too late.

Too much prevarication and posturing.

Too little firm policy statements and goals.

Too late to make a decisive difference.

Libya Threatens Retaliation as U.S. Seeks UN Resolution Authorizing Strikes

Published March 17, 2011| FoxNews.com

Libya's defense ministry warned Thursday that any military action against the African nation resulting from a possible U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing airstrikes and other measures will be met with retaliatory strikes on air and sea traffic in the Mediterranean region.

Reuters reported that a statement by the regime of Muammar al-Qaddafi broadcast on Libyan television warned that "the Mediterranean basin will face danger not just in the short-term, but also in the long term."

The Obama administration is pushing for a Thursday vote for a U.N. Security Council resolution authorizing airstrikes and other measures against Qaddafi's regime.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Thursday that a U.N. no-fly zone over Libya "requires certain actions taken to protect the planes and the pilots, including bombing targets like the Libyan defense systems."

Was this the change folks were looking for?

UPDATE: UN Approves "No Fly Zone" and strikes to ensure aerial dominance.


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Comments (9)

As the World Burns............ (Below threshold)

As the World Burns.........Barry goes to Rio!

Hey! It's a TOUGH job, the guy needs a break from making all those tough decisions! Why just wait until baseball season starts!

When the going gets tough, ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:

When the going gets tough, the not so tough head to Rio.

Maybe he'll stay there unti... (Below threshold)

Maybe he'll stay there until the radiation threat is gone in 30-60 years. I see no downside to that.

epador,Well, that ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:


Well, that would satisfy the Hippocratic requirement to "First, do no harm."

I still think we ought to g... (Below threshold)

I still think we ought to get Disney Co. to build a palace on Johnston Atoll in the South Pacific. Get fiber to the island, designate it as the Palace for the Emperor of the World, and offer it to Obama. With video conferencing, we could keep him 'busy' with makework bullshit for the next couple of decades. It'd be costly, probably a billion a year or so to keep the place 'palatial' and keep the grounds up and the utilities going - but it'd be a hell of a lot cheaper in the long run than letting him run free...

We could let Hillary run things until 2012 - and then have an open field for both Dems and Repubs. But anyone who DARES utter "Hope and Change!" as their mantra would have to explain in complete detail what that 'CHANGE' as they envision it would entail....

UPDATE: UN Approves "No ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

UPDATE: UN Approves "No Fly Zone" and strikes to ensure aerial dominance.

Of course, we are leaving it up to FRANCE (mon dieu!) to do this...but even France can handle this. Well, libbies...you got your wish...now FRANCE can be the world's policeman.

This is sort of a worst-cas... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

This is sort of a worst-case scenario for, if not the United States, at least for it's Dear Reader.

Basically, the operative term here now is "Put Up or Shut Up. And what is very intereresting (frightening) is that, it is truly the first major, big-time moment, when Obama alone MUST make a decision. On HealthCare, the Stimulus, the budget, Egypt, Iran, Japan.... etc, he could either pass the work on to others, make the obvious choice, or just sort of weasel his way through it.

But THIS is black/white, on/off, yes/no. And it's ALL him. Right now, in the next few hours, or it will all be too late, and something akin to genocide will ensue.

Honesty in criticism, *I* don't have a pat answer as to what we ought to do, but then I never asked for the job.

Obama did, and here the job is. Do we essentially go into a second war? (Iraq is not a war any more folks, even though our media has yet to figure that out. Thanks, W!) If we do, we better be all in, because Gadaffi plays for keeps, make no mistake. Plus, it will be a proxy war with Iran, which may very well respond on other fronts.

And if we don't go in, Gadaffi (and Iran) WILL win, and Gaddaffi will be far more hostile to everyone on planet earth because of this resolution, etc, and Iran will be yet more emboldened. And it all comes down to the next 48 hours.

There ain't no punt, there ain't no weasel, there ain't no subordinate to pawn this off on, there ain't no professor to pat you on the head and tell you how wonderful you are because you made a speech about it.... none of that.

It's all on you, Barry O, right now. The world waits, but not for long. Hours, not days.

And now we shall truly see........

Yes, we're not involved in ... (Below threshold)

Yes, we're not involved in enough wars. Plus, we have to spend the budget surplus on jet fuel and bombs.

James C @ 6,Yep. ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:

James C @ 6,

Yep. When the Fwench are a more effective international presence than the United States there is something wrong...

Andrew X @ 7,

Now we see what Obama is made of... And the answer seems to be "a whole lot of not much,"

Chico @ 8,

How many folks have told you that you're an ass, lately?






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