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And we're to continue to believe that Sarah Palin is the unqualified one

Obamas-March-Madness.jpgVia NetRightDaily.


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When the going gets tough, ... (Below threshold)

When the going gets tough, Barry goes to Rio.

Guess he promised Michelle another 'date night'.

Every time I think Obama co... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Every time I think Obama could not be more useless and out of touch with the responsibilities of his office, he proves me wrong yet again. I'm beginning to think he may not even run for reelection - or at least doesn't care if he wins another term or not. He could take the pension, make millions in speaking fees and book sales to moonbat morons, live the lavish lifestyle and play all the golf he wishes, without ever having to be bothered with making a decision tougher than maple or boysenberry syrup for his waffle.

But GarandFan, I doubt this is the "date night" he promised Michelle - he's tagging along this time.

Just when you think it can'... (Below threshold)
Taylor Lane:

Just when you think it can't get any worse, Obama goes on vacation!

I seriously doubt Obama eve... (Below threshold)

I seriously doubt Obama even made the decision to go to Rio. Someone made THAT decision for him too.

We are soooooooo screwed!

How to Prioritize 101: Star... (Below threshold)
Nathan Debes:

How to Prioritize 101: Starring Barrack Obama

Remember, Sociopaths have n... (Below threshold)

Remember, Sociopaths have no shame, no sense of decency...

Are we legally obligated to... (Below threshold)

Are we legally obligated to let him back into the country?

Remember how Obama handled ... (Below threshold)

Remember how Obama handled the 2010 mid-term election results? That's right, he went over-seas. This get-out-of-town road trip theme is just a continuing trend. Makes one ponder where he will be taking Air Force One... on or about 5 Nov 2012.

Well, he might be doing us ... (Below threshold)

Well, he might be doing us all a favor.

By leaving the country and going on vacation for a while.

Leaving Biden in charge.

Oh, wait... :(

Now he's cancelling an appe... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Now he's cancelling an appearance in Rio because his aides fear that there will be protesters there. Nice way to show your spine. You run away from the problems at home and then spend your time hiding from detractors abroad.

What a loser.

Our President could alway r... (Below threshold)

Our President could alway reroute to the Territory of Guam (which stands for - Give Us American Money)... The local elected Governor and Senators would love to see him. Guam does have the highest density of office holding politicians to population ratio of anywhere else in America. Talk about a nanny-state. Hell, the whole island could shut down for a week of adulation partying. It sure would be one big boost to his ego. Just saying -

"Now he's canceling an appe... (Below threshold)

"Now he's canceling an appearance in Rio because his aides fear that there will be protesters there."

Looks like the rest of the world is being to catch on that Barry is an empty suit.

Ahh! Another of Rick's circ... (Below threshold)

Ahh! Another of Rick's circle jerk of hate posts. Well done, Rick, well done. And since you weren't asked to describe your private parts there's no reason for you to run out of the room crying!

I'd call that a 'win-win'...

Come on, quit picking on Ba... (Below threshold)
Anon Y. Mous:

Come on, quit picking on Barry. Presidentin' is hard. Just cause he ain't in college no more don't mean he don't need his Spring Break action.

Obama resembles ... (Below threshold)

Obama resembles Alvin Greene, without the intellectual depth.

The only common thread between him and Sarah is they're both carbon-based life forms.

Our President could alwa... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Our President could alway reroute to the Territory of Guam

Nah. Might tip over.

So where are all the idiots... (Below threshold)
Michael Lang:

So where are all the idiots like Bruce Henry, etc....? Don't they want to defend the useless one?

Barry is more useful for us... (Below threshold)

Barry is more useful for us out of the country.

If we need a whining wimp with a duck hook we know where to find one.

Poor woop. That the BEST y... (Below threshold)

Poor woop. That the BEST you can do? Let's hear you sing the praises of your Obamassiah, The Miracle Worker!

No praises - or blame - for... (Below threshold)

No praises - or blame - for Obama. Sorry to disappoint you GarandFan, but there's no substanc ein any of Rick's posts these days. It's just one childish smear after another.

You'll have to find another jerk off buddy to play with.

Good work if you can get it... (Below threshold)

Good work if you can get it. The more he screws up, the more he vacations. At this rate, hopefully, we wont see him and that dumber then dumb joker grin all summer.

Even Lenin needed a ... (Below threshold)

Even Lenin needed a little time away.

Business trip. Soros is hea... (Below threshold)

Business trip. Soros is heavily invested in oil in Brazil.

The cartoon is hilarious. A... (Below threshold)

The cartoon is hilarious. Almost as funny as Woop’s moronic posts.

So dumb. Given A) Bush has ... (Below threshold)

So dumb. Given A) Bush has the vacation record by far. B) Reagan is in second place by far. C) Obama is nowhere on their pace. Sigh.

Apparently the president is supposed to work 24 hours a day instead of getting 35 minutes to fill out his NCAA bracket. You'd never catch Bush going to sleep while Katrina flooded or choking on a hotdog watching college football. The man new downtime was not an option!

You know, if we could just ... (Below threshold)

You know, if we could just get to visit Guam... perhaps he might remember it, 20 months from now, when he's looking for a different line of work.

I'm sure the Pacific Daily News could use another assistant to the under-assistant at the Sudoku desk. I'm sure the PDN would be able to fit him in, no problem- starting say -oh, January 2013.

Apparently the president... (Below threshold)

Apparently the president is supposed to work 24 hours a day instead of getting 35 minutes to fill out his NCAA bracket

I'm perfectly ok if he'd work on those brackets for 24 hours a day 365 days a year. I'm even ok if he wants to do it in Rio.

Our DOJ says Dayton Police ... (Below threshold)

Our DOJ says Dayton Police only need to correctly answer 58% and 63% of test questions - but,but,
Sarah Palin needs to answer 100%, otherwise, she's unqualified?

“And when it comes to establishing your worldview, I was curious, what newspapers and magazines do you regularly read to stay informed and to understand the world?”
uhhhhhh, well Katie, my uhhhh favorite magazines are Travel and Leisure and Lifestyles Of The Rich and Famous, Travelers Edition.

Yes get the President to Gu... (Below threshold)

Yes get the President to Guam... where flowers bloom year round; where you can lay face down in the water for hours on end, watching the look-at-me fish swim over the reef; where 75% of the population is on the public dole; where political peonage and cronyism abounds; where someone else pays for it all; and where time is slow (like no body cares if politicians show up or not to vote - present) and life is soooo easy.

There are signs here and th... (Below threshold)

There are signs here and there that things are a changin' on Guam...the latest is the District Court Judge held court atop the "landfill" and required the Governor and all the Senators to testify and sit through his proceeding on the decades old dump resolution problem there. So if Barry moves to Guam, and can stay away from the long arm of the Judiciary - he'll be OK.

If emBarryus wants to be a ... (Below threshold)

If emBarryus wants to be a professional golfer I for one encourage him to go for it. At this point I would even recommend affirmative action step in and bolster his handicap with the hockey stick method.

Anything is better then waiting til' 2012 for this ass-hatted clown show to cease.

As long as hes out of the w... (Below threshold)

As long as hes out of the white house.

"As long as hes out of the ... (Below threshold)

"As long as hes out of the white house."


Little known fact: Brazil ... (Below threshold)

Little known fact: Brazil has a higher population and GDP than Russia.

Most of you are just reveal... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Most of you are just revealing your knee jerk predjudice and hypocrisy. There are always crisises in the world, happening every single week.

Bush prided himself on his vacation time and nonchalance, going to bed early every night, regardless of the demands of the job. which most of you defended, as a good governing philosphy. Wizbang´s overwhelming first choice for Republican Presidential candidate in 2008 was Fred Thompson, his signature personality characteristic being his laziness and lack of urgency.

Obama is hardly having a vacation, if any of you have ever been to Brasiia. No one vacation's there. He is having a full schedule in Brasilia today, meeting many Brasilian government officials.

Rumor control has it that O... (Below threshold)

Rumor control has it that Obammba is going to grant OJ Simpson a full and unconditional pardon as one of his last acts as POTUS. Once Obammba leaves office, he will have at least one person he can play golf with.

Well at least idiot Crickmo... (Below threshold)
Michael Lang:

Well at least idiot Crickmore showed up with with his predictable pointless comment.

chirp,chirp imo, ... (Below threshold)

imo, Iwon, continuously inserts his favorite letter, "I" , into the way he is running ruining the country.

If you truly believe President Bush was worse, why do you use him (Bush) as the standard that President Obama needs to meet or better?

Are you saying that your expectations for, Obama, are extremely low?
Kind of like Holder has for Dayton Police recruits?

and Steve comes through wit... (Below threshold)

and Steve comes through with the but GWB took vacations and went to bed early defense. I just love when the best the liberals can do is compare the "one" to GWB. So given he's only as good a GWB you must be really dissapointed. The rest of just sort of assumed he was just another worthless POS politican.

Paul_In_Houston - Herr Bide... (Below threshold)

Paul_In_Houston - Herr Biden, at least, likely doesn't pathologically loathe -- and work to destroy -- My America.

Not any more, that is, than does every other common-garden variety "Democrat."

Brian_R_Allen - I will conc... (Below threshold)

Brian_R_Allen - I will concede your point, even (or especially) without your following qualification.

I do NOT believe Biden loathes this country, or would want to to bring it down.

I DO believe that he is one of the most vacuous "empty suits" I have ever seen, and fully suspect his selection was to insure that "The One" would never be upstaged by him (except when Biden opens his mouth, he still manages to upstage Obama with the sheer jaw-dropping stupidity of what emerges).

<a href="http://gregcontrer... (Below threshold)
Suburban Scarecrow:






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