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Has the 5th Fleet bugged out of Bahrain?

Reports are coming out to suggest the answer is yes:

Almost without notice, ships of the U.S. 5th Fleet in Bahrain slipped from their berths and headed into the Persian Gulf early Saturday. An "extended" exercise with Oman was the official reason given, but few believe it. As the security situation in the Manama continues to deteriorate, the Navy cannot afford to have even a single vessel--and its crew--in a port that may be hostile in a few days (or less).

Radio talk show host John Batchelor was among the first to report the news. Experts he spoke with said our relations with key Middle East allies have reached the breaking point...

With American vacillation and weakness on display throughout the Middle East, long-time allies are maneuvering for their own survival, and looking for anyone (read: not Iran) who can guarantee their security.

Also of interest is the claim that Tehran is fomenting the unrest, through its IRGC. Before readers dismiss that as a conspiracy theory or crazy talk, remember: Hillary Clinton said essentially the same thing during Congressional testimony last week. Oddly enough, the MSM has yet to follow up on Mrs. Clinton's claim.

Given our retreat across the region, moving ships U.S. Navy vessels (and their crews) of Manama was the prudent thing to do. Now, the speculation is over when they might return. At the moment, the optimistic answer is "no time soon." The worst-case scenario is "never."

We're waiting to hear if the 5th Fleet Commander has shifted his flag to sea. That move, along with the sudden departure of our ships, suggests we have no confidence in the ability of security forces to contain the unrest, and we're preparing for a likely collapse of the Bahrain government.

Meanwhile, our commander-in-chief is reportedly having a swell time in Rio.

This, if it proves to be accurate and true, is big news. Moving the fleet is an enormous endeavor. I've yet to find any confirming reports from our regular media outlets which seems odd to me.  In fact, this report from a couple of days ago cites operations as normal despite the unrest.  

We'll know soon enough.

H/T Dennis Sevakis via email


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Comments (18)

Moving the fleet is not "an... (Below threshold)

Moving the fleet is not "an enormous endeavor." Ships are made to, uh, sail and on deployment spend almost all of their time at sea. You would know that all too well if you had served in the Navy.

Chico's an asshole, but in ... (Below threshold)

Chico's an asshole, but in this case he has a (very rare) point. This sort of thing is what the Navy trains and plans for; if nothing else, it was a good exercise in rapid deployment.

But it's definitely an indicator that things are getting unpleasant over there... and a good reminder for both sides just how useful (both for security and the economy) having the US 5th Fleet around is.


So under Bush we maintained... (Below threshold)

So under Bush we maintained ties with allies, eliminated an enemy and developed a shaky ally in Iraq, contained Russia, and intimidated Libya out of the WMD business.

In 2 short years Iraq seems more disorganized, we're losing/lost Egypt, sold out eastern Europe for a handful of magic beans, Libya and Russia are feeling their oats again, we're seemingly losing an incredibly valuable port/ally in Bahrain, our enemies have gone from muttering behind our back to insulting us openly and imprisoning our citizens, and when it comes to kicking the Israelis in the crotch, well Obama's leg never seems to get tired.

Thank goodness we've got grown ups in charge of nuanced foreign policy again.

My words were perhaps poorl... (Below threshold)
Rick Author Profile Page:

My words were perhaps poorly written... it's an enormous endeavor in relation to its importance and meaning regionally... less so from a logistical perspective...

As someone who has worked as a Navy Contractor for 15+ years, I'm aware of the Navy's mobility and rapid deployment capabilities...

Worst thing a foreign leade... (Below threshold)

Worst thing a foreign leader can hear from Barry is "Don't worry, I've got your back!".

And, what happened to "loos... (Below threshold)

And, what happened to "loose lips sink ships?" You teatards are so obsessed with making shit up about Obama you're publicizing fleet movements.

A mulligan a day keeps ole'... (Below threshold)

A mulligan a day keeps ole' jug ears away.

I hope that fleet doesn't g... (Below threshold)

I hope that fleet doesn't go to far, it will be damned hard for our Army in Iraq to fight their way home if hey have to swim.

Hey chico' I thought you le... (Below threshold)

Hey chico' I thought you leftturds were all against nation building and invading a sovereign country? Changed your tune with the golfer in chief haven't you.

Bahrain has been one of our... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Bahrain has been one of our most steadfast allies in the region - perhaps the most, since the fall of the Shah. Bugging out would be about what I'd expect from a weak and feckless regime more interested in the next party and golf round than America's national interests.

Having 5th fleet out to sea... (Below threshold)

Having 5th fleet out to sea might be the best way for the U.S. to handle the situation. It gives the Bahrain Government room to do what they want without the U.S. being complicit. The absence of the fleet provides an alibi if something goes very wrong and a massacre happens or if the Govt falls.

The fleet may have moved, b... (Below threshold)

The fleet may have moved, but I am sure the base is still there. If any of you have every been there, it has massive facilities and the US is just not going to abandon it.

And the current Libyan situ... (Below threshold)

And the current Libyan situation shows you morons have to be the stupidest loud-mouthed idiots on the planet.

The "conservative" label used to mean something respectable. Now it's code for low-IQ racist idiot.

Could be related to launchi... (Below threshold)

Could be related to launching some 100 cruse missiles into Libya.

"The only difference is tha... (Below threshold)

"The only difference is that you've got me."

Woop the warmonger has outl... (Below threshold)

Woop the warmonger has outlived its useful idiot blog jester use.

Time to ban Hypers alter ego.

5th Fleet is still headquar... (Below threshold)

5th Fleet is still headquartered in Bahrain and shows no sign of moving. I can't believe you morons could even believe such a stupid article. I work on the base in Bahrain and all this talk is crazy. As Howie said it is a big base that is growing. And as others stated Bahrain has been a steedfast partner in the Middle East. Just for all your knowledge, 5th Fleet doesn't reside on a ship his headquarters is in Bahrain.

Chico: There is no need to... (Below threshold)
Ryan M.:

Chico: There is no need to 'make shit up' about Obama, given he supplies so much ineptitude on a daily basis.






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