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I've Been Thrown Out of Better Dumps than This!

The "this" being the uber Progressive sewer called "Crooks and Liars."

Apparently, I've been banned.

Woo Hoo! 

I must be doing something right.

The discovery of this honor came about with my attempt to respond to a blog post by some one called 'karoli.'

In this post, he/she/it uses video and quotes from none other than MSNBC's on-air hater, and all around useful idiot, Ed Schultz:

Takedown: Ed Schultz Destroys Fox News' "No Looting in Japan" Theme.

"Ed points out there is looting going on in Japan. But is it looting when there's deep, desperate need? As Ed points out, "What is looting, when you're trying to survive?"

Let's be kind and simply say that Ed's analysis is severely parsed. But that's only if we can agree upon what the definition of "is" is....

Racing towards the bottom.


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Comments (7)

Please don't fall into the ... (Below threshold)
Brett :

Please don't fall into the trap of calling them "progressives". That's their camouflage term for "liberal" and "socialist". Any philosophy that harkens back to failed ideologies and social theories from ~100 years ago, and is proving even now to be faulty is hardly worthy of the word "progressive".

Welcome to the club, locomo... (Below threshold)

Welcome to the club, locomotivebreath1901.

I got banned from C&L because of comments I made about C&L at another blog.

I took it as a badge of honor.

Shoulda been using Adblock ... (Below threshold)
Rick Adams:

Shoulda been using Adblock to deny them ad impressions. (I have it turned off for this and similar sites.)

Ah yes. The eponymous Croo... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

Ah yes. The eponymous Crooks and Liars. A better case of self-identification does not exist on the web.

Shultz couldn't find his ow... (Below threshold)

Shultz couldn't find his own ass, given a map, compass and GPS coordinates.

IMO that is one of the bad ... (Below threshold)

IMO that is one of the bad things about blogs. The author can ban or delete people or comments for any little thing at all. It has happen here. Paul deleted my comments simply because he didn’t like it. His excuse was he wasn’t going to allowed lies. Unfortunately my comment about a family kicking back on the roof and swimming in an above ground swimming pool after Katrina hit was true. The reporter in the canoe was misplaced though.

Now a troll who does nothing but throw insults at someone, most can understand taking actions. Comments you don’t like is another story. Paul is one that I know of on Whizbang to get that sensitive. Are there others? When the posters leave up that they are doing it you can tell. If not, there is a good chance people would not know.

Thanks all who responded. <... (Below threshold)

Thanks all who responded.

I've trudged the fetid sewers of Huffy Poo, Daily Kuss, and C&L, for some years, crossing swords with their perverse cognitive dissonance many times.

It's a hobby.

As for Brett admonishing me not to 'fall into the trap of calling them "progressives", I used to agree.

Obviously, they are Leftist, Liberals, Neo-marxists, etc.

Yet, their whole objective is not to be static with merely referencing Alinsky-ite tactics, but to 'progress' and push the collective, nanny state envelope further outward, until all are assimilated.

And even then the Progressives will not be happy; ala Mao's forever recurring cultural revolutions.






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