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Wouldn't you like to see Bill Maher meet Todd Palin?

Especially in light of this classy comedic act by Maher?

I'm not sure what was worse here... Maher or the idiots in the audience applauding him.


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Comments (16)

"The principal feature of A... (Below threshold)

"The principal feature of American libtardism is sanctimoniousness. By loudly denouncing all bad things–war and hunger and date rape–liberals testify to their own terrific goodness. More important, they promote themselves to membership in a self-selecting elite of those who care deeply about such things... It's a kind of natural aristocracy, and the wonderful thing about this aristocracy is that you don't have to be brave, smart, strong, or even lucky to join it, you just have to be libtard."

- P. J. O'Rourke:

It's simple. Bill Maher wan... (Below threshold)

It's simple. Bill Maher wants to make jokes about the Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami disaster. But that's politically incorrect. So he makes his joke about Sarah Palin, which his liberal audience laps up. In fact, they start laughing way before the punch line.....merely at the mention of her name. This is high brow humor, the folks in flyover country just wouldn't get it.

The definition of 'pipsquea... (Below threshold)

The definition of 'pipsqueak' is bill maher.

It's a wonderment ... (Below threshold)

It's a wonderment to me, and a measure of the respect I hold for Todd Palin, that he hasn't deconstructed some asswipe along the way.

Not often you see such self-restraint.

If that's the clip I think ... (Below threshold)
Rich Fader:

If that's the clip I think it is...well, it takes one to know one.

It's the smugness that come... (Below threshold)

It's the smugness that comes with knowing he has absolutely zero to fear in the way of retaliation.

Or so he thinks.

Its amazing the things you ... (Below threshold)

Its amazing the things you can get away with saying in public as long as you are willing to never set foot in Alaska.

the bumbling fool fr... (Below threshold)

the bumbling fool from This Week Bill Maher


comedy gold

Obviously the syphillis has... (Below threshold)

Obviously the syphillis has contributed to his dementia that he is still funny or relevant.

A legend in his own mind.</... (Below threshold)

A legend in his own mind.

I am sooo sorry I clicked o... (Below threshold)

I am sooo sorry I clicked on this link. Why d
ido I polute my mind with this? I need a cute baby or puppy or kitten clip to cleanse my thoughts now.

Loved the clip! THANKS FOR ... (Below threshold)

Loved the clip! THANKS FOR POSTING.

Mr. certifiable is one of t... (Below threshold)

Mr. certifiable is one of the reasons I summarily dumped HBO.

i would like to see bill ma... (Below threshold)

i would like to see bill maher get all the free speech he wants right after todd palin breaks his jaw and maher's mouth is wired shut.

If Todd is busy, see if you... (Below threshold)
Bill (not mahre):

If Todd is busy, see if you can get Track. I would pay money to see that.

He was the reason there wer... (Below threshold)

He was the reason there were bully's in schools. You know the one that whined all the time thinking he was cute and that even the girls in class use to beat up.

That also produced the whiner Obama as he said about being the focus of attack in school. He said it was his ears and name, but wasn't he going by Barry back in the school days. His ears are clearly worth poking fun, but it is his whining personality and blaming others for anything that goes wrong and taking credit for everything else that got him whacked.

So that is why bullying is bad. It creates those like Barry and Bill. Losers






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