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You'll never guess ...

... what rose out of the ashes of the still-ongoing Wisconsin pro-union protests.  Or maybe you will.  Those perpetual parties by college drop-outs and stoners er, pro-union protests must be getting pretty boring, because this weekend they suddenly veered even further left:

"We're public employees too," says Aaron Hughes, an organizer with Iraq Veterans Against the War, a national group based in New York that has 63 chapters throughout the country. After serving in the military, Hughes adds: "Many veterans go into the public sector because there's a veterans' preference, so we depend on these public sector unions to protect our rights as veterans."

In addition, Hughes and Dennis note, the United States continues to fight two very costly wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while politicians, like Walker, propose spending cuts for schools and public infrastructure.

"The money we're throwing away occupying Iraq and Afghanistan could easily be redirected to save teachers' jobs," says Dennis.

Dennis says he reached out to the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) about co-sponsoring a march and rally and got the word last week that the union would join the efforts.

Yup, a full-fledged anti-war protest, complete with idiotic signage.  This of course has the potential to produce some entertaining theatrics, since the anti-war crowd lifted Barack Obama high upon their shoulders during the 2008 election and proclaimed him Messiah and Savior, restorer of honor to America, and bringer of world peace.  And now we're launching cruise missiles and dropping bombs on Tripoli.

But it shouldn't be unexpected, particularly in light of the character of the protesters.  You may recall that last week, blogger Ann Althouse was the subject of a crude and profane threat letter from a protester who was angered by her coverage of the Wisconsin protests.  Blogger Dan Riehl tracked down the individual responsible for the letter, an unemployed dishwasher (no, I'm not making that up) named Jim Shankman:

Apart from his nasty rant, if Shankman, a self-defined "radical progressive" reminded me of anyone, it was Peggy Joseph, who, after hearing Obama speak in October of 2008 said, "I won't have to work, I'll put gas in my car. I won't have to worry about paying my mortgage." Now, those perceived promises unfulfilled over two years into the Obama presidency, Shankman emphatically and repeatedly claims "Obama is the worst president in history."

Asked about his politics, Shankman expressed no great regard for Democrats or union bosses and sees them as forces, combined with moderate Republicans, who pose a serious threat to America's future. While denying he is a socialist, or Marxist, Shankman labeled his economic ideology "distributionist." He believes we should divide the wealth of America across the population "so that everyone can buy a house," feed and support themselves, starting over from there based upon some concept modeled somewhat after Catholic charity. He also believes in single payer health care and believes Obama has abandoned progressives on that issue.

... Shankman also claims to be one of approximately ten individuals who have recently started a new movement they hope to grow, "Labor Party USA." He also claims to have once been a member of the International Workers of the World, saying his membership is not current but he may join again.

In other words, Shankman is a stereotypical left wing "protesterus professionalis" -- an unemployed twenty-something idealist who believes that the key to world peace is shutting down "the system" created by "the rich" to steal the world's wealth, then finding their treasure hoard and redistributing that wealth -- fairly! -- back to "the people." They can be found protesting anything that threatens the "workers of the world" or the implementation of their "new world order" built upon the redistribution of political power and money from the Northern to the Southern Hemispheres, and from the First World to the Third World.

So no one should be surprised that anti-war protesters eventually turned up at a protest ostensibly to support public workers in the state of Wisconsin, because professional leftist protesters all seem to be part of one big happy family.  The Republican victories in the recent elections seem to have stirred them from their self-imposed exile that began on Jan. 20, 2009.  Now I am curious to see how vigorously they will protest the current use of military force (without Congressional authorization, or the presence of an imminent threat to the security of the US, or a clearly stated goal, I might add) by our Nobel Peace Laureate In Chief.


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This is sort of a sacreligi... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

This is sort of a sacreligious thought for this blog, and even for my own brain, but this issue is possibly the first moment I am glad Obama is President (for this issue alone!).

Namely, we have seen what is going on in Wisconsin..... can you imagine if Mr. Bush were President for that? He would have exactly as much to do with the issue as Obama (that is to say, close to nothing) but can you imagine what protesterus professionalis would do with a combination of this obviously inflammatory issue and Bush in the White House? That could be a whole other level of ugly. (Now throw Libya into that mix.)

If the left is going to joyously discredit itself, a left-wing Presidnent certainly makes that a much easier and more amusing spectacle.

So there's that, I suppose.

There are puroposes to all things, I have always said.

It's true that a lot of vet... (Below threshold)

It's true that a lot of vets go into the public sector because of veterans' preference. If you're still in the Guard or Reserves, it's even more likely. The private sector doesn't accommodate reservists as well as the government does.

True, Chico - but there's l... (Below threshold)

True, Chico - but there's laws in place to protect the Reservist in the private sector. And I've had no problems at all with my employers when it came to fulfilling my Reserve commitments.

From the post, however...

In other words, Shankman is a stereotypical left wing "protesterus professionalis" -- an unemployed twenty-something idealist who believes that the key to world peace is shutting down "the system" created by "the rich" to steal the world's wealth, then finding their treasure hoard and redistributing that wealth -- fairly! -- back to "the people."
Oh, for the days when I was sure I knew everything! LOL...

Fortunately, most people grow out of that stage. This turkey, however, needs to pause and realize the world doesn't revolve around his ideas of 'rightness' - and the only thing that'd happen with his perfect scenario is that the money would end up again concentrated in the hands of the few, only THIS time it'd look a lot more like the Soviet Union, or possibly North Korea.

I think, by the way, that folks like him are so incredibly impressed with the redistributionist ideology they espouse because they know they've got little to no chance of ever making anything of themselves on their own merits - and pretty much no chance of EVER having what they want to take from the evil rich.

Seriously, how bad do you have to be to be fired as a DISHWASHER? And if you can't even handle that, just why should you be considered credible on any other subject?

It must be disheartening to... (Below threshold)

It must be disheartening to be knocked off the front pages and news alerts by such things as earthquakes, sunamis, nuclear disasters and Libya. I feel sorry for Charlie Sheen who is not getting his due in the news at the moment. These folks, not so much.

Let me guess. Shankman sti... (Below threshold)

Let me guess. Shankman still lives at home with Mommy and Daddy.

"You'll never guess ...w... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

"You'll never guess ...what rose out of the ashes of the still-ongoing Wisconsin pro-union protests. Or maybe you will."

Of course I guessed. Expected it, even. It's standard communist operating procedure. Generate a grievance, pick at it until it's a weeping wound, then try to broaden the base of disaffected people by including other manufactured grievances. "Building a mass movement," they call it.

Look at the signage at any leftist demonstration: it'll be all over the shop. Anti-war, anti-corporation, pro-environment, pro-homosexual, pro-abortion, pro-illegal immigration, pro-union, pro-some cop killer or other, plus a few throwaway topical issues from current events.

It's the communist version of dim sum. Don't like issue A? OK, we've also got issue B. No dice there, either? OK, how about issue C?

How much is enough? The top... (Below threshold)

How much is enough? The top 10% fill their coffers with monetary gains from the sweat off the brows of the less fortunate, using their ill gotten gains [be honest] to twist politics until they no longer reflect the majority and inflict laws on the general populous to prevent them from bettering themselves. How much is enough to get you to stop the greed?

How many beans do you need to count to feel sated? The rich people who buy their second houses in the mountains among the poor chop down all the trees, pave their driveways with cement, make odd arrangements with big rocks and ride their lawnmowers all day while they get their kicks counting their acres. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Sorry but that's not the meaning of life, socialist, communist or otherwise. You all better grow a conscience that extends beyond your own needs soon or even Mother Earth will evict you from the planet.

Susan, I don't know what ex... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

Susan, I don't know what exactly you may think about the "socialist or communist meaning of life", but here's a little munchie for thought:
Has there ever, ever, EVER... been a five minute long period when socialists, communists, and .... people who basically talk as you have written... has there EVER been a MOMENT of time when they didn't have some bitter enemy out there, made up of their fellow humans, a bitter, vile, filthy, scummy enemy who MUST be opposed and crushed and destroyed and basically ended that your glorious vision may come to fruition? Ever? Even for a moment? Ever? Five minutes, maybe? Two?

Allow me to answer for you: No, there has not. Since the Prophet Marx wrote his bible, no there has NEVER been a moment without that enemy to righteously seethe and rage and basically hate-masturbate over. Never. Not for ten seconds even.

So, when you figure out that, no matter WHAT "enemy" you may overcome in your struggle, there will always be another one over the hill.... splitters, traitors, counter-revolutionaries... always always, always, until the end of time, because that is fundamental DNA to the ideology (arguably, that is ALL the ideology is), then you will have made a big step toward clarity, and may be able to add something to the conversation other than century-old polemics and political witch-calling.

How much is enough to ge... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

How much is enough to get you to stop the greed?

We're trying to stop the greed. Almost everyone here supports Scott Walker and Chris Christie in their efforts to stop the greed.

There many companies that a... (Below threshold)

There many companies that are very friendly to vets! Intel is one and a wide variety of fortune 500 companies and many of them reservist .


US military does not have collective bargaining. So I think we should make every public work force fit into the militarybpay scale. With yearly bi yearly reviews promotion boards and test to be promoted. If you do not make he grade in a number years you get kicked out.

That will stop the Greed






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