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A Quick Guide on Who to Support in the Middle East

Courtesy of Glenn "The Blogfather" Reynolds and one of his readers:

SYRIA: The Revolt Continues. "This is probably the most important ongoing revolt in the Middle East right now. If Assad were to fall, it would reverberate all over the region, and greatly weaken the Iranian regime. Typically, it is getting far less coverage than the other 'crises,' but we'll follow it here."

UPDATE: Reader Jody Green writes: "It seems very easy for me being an average citizen to figure out which of these revolts to support and which to not. If the regime is supported by Iran, use everything you have to help whomever the protesters happen to be. If the protesters are supported by Iran, support the Regime. Is that being too simple? If not, then we are all backwards in our policy."

Posted at 11:22 pm by Glenn Reynolds  

It's almost as if this administration is totally bereft of meaningful foreign policy goals...
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They're bombing Libya, aren... (Below threshold)

They're bombing Libya, aren't you happy now?

Your transmission breaks af... (Below threshold)

Your transmission breaks after giving warning noises for a couple of months. You take it to the shop.

Are you happy now? Or resigned to the fact you've got to pay a shitload of money for:

1. A job you know needs to be done
2. By people you've got no way of knowing how competent they are (talking politically here, since we know the AF can do it competently)
3. And you don't have any idea what the final cost is going to be
4. Or whether the thing will STILL be making the same or similar noises when you pick up the car.

Aren't you happy now, Chico?

It's almost as if this a... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

It's almost as if this administration is totally bereft of meaningful foreign policy goals

As for astute American geo-political strategy, Iran without having to lift a finger, received it's biggest gift, when Bush/Cheney toppled Saddam, Iran's most formidable enemy,

Antithetical defines the fo... (Below threshold)

Antithetical defines the foreign policy goals of this administration.

Every move they've made is diametrically opposed to previously held policies.

[email protected],Someti... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:

[email protected],

Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is merely the enemy of my enemy and a mad dog to boot. The world is a better place without Saddam Hussein in it.

Support who Barry did not b... (Below threshold)

Support who Barry did not bow to. Do not support who Barry did. It seems this is how the protesters are behaving.

Obama has goals. It would ... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Obama has goals. It would be a mistake to believe they are congruent with American national interests, however.

"It's as if this administra... (Below threshold)

"It's as if this administration is totally bereft of meaningful foreign policy goals."

That's what happens when the amateurs are running things. Oh wait! Wasn't Biden put on the ticket because of all his 'foreign policy gravis'?






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