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Faux Marines stopped at border checkpoint

LA Times:

Thirteen illegal immigrants disguised themselves as U.S. Marines -- donning battle dress uniforms and caps -- in a failed attempt to get through a  U.S. Border Patrol checkpoint last week east of San Diego, authorities said.

The driver of the white van carrying the immigrants and another man, both U.S. citizens, were arrested  March 14 at the I-8 checkpoint near Campo and charged with alien smuggling, according to U.S. Border Patrol officials.

Three of the illegal immigrants were detained as witnesses, while the rest were returned to Mexico, officials said.

The van drew suspicion in part because it had an altered U.S. Government license plate, authorities said. The investigation is being conducted by the Naval Criminal Investigative Service.

The immigrants all had Marine-style haircuts and the name tag "Perez" on the their camouflage uniforms, U.S. Marine Corps officials said.

Most interesting... was this merely a smuggling attempt or a test of sorts?

Hopefully our NCIS friends will find out.


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Comments (7)

They should have come acros... (Below threshold)

They should have come across as lawyers from Perez Perez Perez Perez Perez Perez Perez Perez Perez Perez Perez Perez and Perez.

Released! Shoot them as S... (Below threshold)

Released! Shoot them as Spies!
Or are we saying there here to run away like babies on the battlefield and protest against war at code pink rally in Uniform. You know doing things a Marine wont do.

Put them in a room with som... (Below threshold)

Put them in a room with some real marines for about 30 seconds, or better yet, since they want to play marines, ship them to Iraqistan.

Are these people just STUPI... (Below threshold)

Are these people just STUPID? Hell, all you have to do is walk across the friggin' border and hitch a ride to San Francisco or Vegas. In 24 hours you'll be on welfare, food stamps and have government housing. Why in the world did they try to sneak across???

The area where the stop was... (Below threshold)

The area where the stop was made is called Pine Valley. It's a natural bottleneck. The E & W lanes are divided. The W/B lanes sit on a ridge above the E/B lanes. The bastards have also caused several fatal head-on collisions in this area. They pack a van full of illegals then go W/B in the E/B lanes in the middle of the night with their vehicle lights off.

You gotta give them credit ... (Below threshold)

You gotta give them credit for creativity. I guess they thought that no one would look too closely. If it's only the license plate that gave them away initially, then I'm sure they'll be fixing that and trying again.

Why do I expect to see the ... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Why do I expect to see the camera crew from Punk'd in this somehow?






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