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U.S. fighter jet down in Libya

Thankfully, both pilots have been rescued:

A U.S. Air Force F-15E fighter jet crashed in Libya overnight after apparent mechanical failure but its crew were safe, a spokesman for the U.S. military Africa Command said on Tuesday.

Libyan rebels rescued the pilot after he ejected from the warplane which came down near the eastern city of Benghazi, Britain's Daily Telegraph newspaper reported on its website.

U.S. spokesman Vince Crawley declined to give the location of the crash and also would not say how the rescued crewman was picked up or where he was taken.

Another spokesman for the Stuttgart-based Africa Command said later that the second crewman had also been safely rescued, and that both crewmembers had suffered only minor injuries after ejecting from the aircraft.

The crash was likely caused by mechanical failure and not hostile fire, Crawley added.

Bad news ending on a high note.  This could've been nightmarish.


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Comments (15)

that others may live... (Below threshold)

that others may live

That could have ... (Below threshold)

That could have been tragic.

Not all that surprising, given the age of the aircraft plus the in-flight hours I'll bet were logged.

But let's not build any new planes, in sufficient quantity.

Might impinge on gay rights.

Yeah - le'ts just dring up ... (Below threshold)

Yeah - le'ts just dring up some gay soldiers and sell their body parts so we can build new aircraft.

Cause this is the land of the free, damn it, and if you can't grind up a few Americans you hate what's the point - you know...

-Iron-headed Bigoted Moron

Impeach jug ears now!!... (Below threshold)
Dennis Kookcinich:

Impeach jug ears now!!

As I said every military ac... (Below threshold)

As I said every military action involves risk and loss of life.
Glad that they crew made it out.

F15 entered service in 1970;s with model coming in 1989.
F-35 being delayed.
I do think there a major issue when we are discussing women in combat and Gay soldiers and and wither transexual personal wear pants or skirts and paying for studies all of which does not help military readiness.
We need to make sure that we have new weapons and retire older.
Gay straight poka dota I want our warriors to the best equipment and weapons in in the world. That what the military need to spending time energy and money on. If congress wants to change the military law then just do no need play pussy foot.

Why the F are we doing missions in Libya?
Why is it in the best interest of the USA.
Bush took a year and half we iraq and all we heard was Rush to war.
Even when Reagan, Bush, Clinton all talk to congressional leaders before committing troops.
I support the military but I ask again why?

Our force of F15's and F16'... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

Our force of F15's and F16's are flying antiques. They are becoming increasingly harder to maintain. Replacement parts are scarce the airframes are reaching the end of their service life. Their wings a literally falling off.

We must fund new F22's and F34's if we are to retain the position of power we now enjoy.

National defense is one of the few actual Constitutional mandates this government can rightly claim.

Thank God the pilots are sa... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Thank God the pilots are safe and well.

I'm a bit concerned by the use of F-15s in this action; the F-15 is an air superiority fighter, principally created for combat against enemy aircraft. Though much less elegant, the A-10 is much better suited to bombing operations and ground support.

Of course, we stopped building the A-10 or anything that could do the same job a long time back.

That by itself says a lot that we should worry about.

Obama's in it for the "warr... (Below threshold)

Obama's in it for the "warrior" credentials before the next election, natch.

Congratulations, Woop: you... (Below threshold)
Pile of Pooh:

Congratulations, Woop: you managed to completely misinterpret what he wrote and twist it in such a way that your statement became meaningless. I've noticed lefties have a real talent for that... Glad y'all are good at something, because it sure isn't logical thinking.

And yes, this was an ad hominem attack directed at you as a person. Get used to it, because you and your type can expect a lot more of where that came from in the near future. For 40 years I've watched idiot leftists gradually erode this society and culture, turning it into a parody of its former glory through their ignorance and childish bleating. I'm done.

Leftist social engineering and whiny self-victimization have brought us all to the brink of disaster. That time is now over; the adults are taking charge again. Sit down, shut your fucking mouth, and LEARN SOMETHING FOR A CHANGE -- instead of just spewing out an endless stream of ill-informed opinions and puling about your "rights." Because the grown-ups are sick of listening to you, and we're now going to give you a reason to cry.

DJ you're right about the A... (Below threshold)

DJ you're right about the A-10,it is perfect for close air support. it could use a replacement though. They are still being used in Afghanistan to great effect as they were in Iraq on the highway of death when they decimated fleeing Iraqi convoys.

Obama is the luckiest Presi... (Below threshold)

Obama is the luckiest President ever:

- The underwear bomber lights himself up for Christmas, instead of the plane (and part of Detroit)
- The Times Square bomber was an idiot bombmaker despite his skill in gathering explosives
- This crash could have happened over Colonel Q's territory, and we might have had a Blackhawk Down scenario.

I don't want to be around when his luck runs out...

#3Do you ever have... (Below threshold)


Do you ever have anything positive to add to a thread?

Dumb, angry and bitter is a sad way to go through life.

WTF was this US F15E, looki... (Below threshold)

WTF was this US F15E, looking like a MIG, doing over the French area?
#5, you are in Libya because Obamo didn't want to look stupid with French/UK fighting while US was scared fighting something with more weapons than farmers with rifles(you can't even handle this, so let's think about SA 5 and T72...).

Vince,It would be ... (Below threshold)


It would be nice if the US President would talk to the US about putting Americans in Harms way. Anyone remember what happens when you let UN run things you get Rangers and Delta force soldiers dragged through the streets.

unfortunately it sounds lik... (Below threshold)

unfortunately it sounds like the pj's shot up the villagers coming out to see the ejected crew
can't wait to see the aar for that mission and glad I won't be on the mishap board






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