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Help Wanted

Help Wanted:

Anti-war protesters. Experience required. We are now recruiting as many anti-war protesters to rally in major cities across the nation. Must have own signs -- either home-made or professionally printed by Union sign shops. Experience in constructing giant puppets and papier-mache heads a plus. Also, knot-tying for hanging figures in effigy.

Anarchists must provide their own black balaklavas.

Preference given to applicants with "NO BLOOD FOR OIL," "IMPEACH THE WARMONGER," and "I'M ALREADY AGAINST THE NEXT WAR" bumper stickers, and all but white males. Multiple minority status definitely a plus.

Send resumes to [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]



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Comments (6)

Uh, Jay, they are all on fu... (Below threshold)

Uh, Jay, they are all on funemployment and food stamps now, so they're getting better pay and benefits.

Mr. Tea,You forgot... (Below threshold)

Mr. Tea,

You forgot to mention [email protected]

as well as [email protected]

Sorry, you're probably goin... (Below threshold)

Sorry, you're probably going to have to wait for an actual war that will actively involve over a hundred thousand soldiers and kill at least three thousand of them.

jim x, I almost agreed with... (Below threshold)

jim x, I almost agreed with you. But then I realized that the hypocrisy of the "anti-war" left knows no bounds, and not even that would get them to obey their own principles. They aren't anti-war; they were anti-Bush and anti-Republican. They don't mind when Democrats like Obama do things far more "offensive" to their stated principles.

...unless you mistook my piece here slamming the "anti-war" movement as an actual attack on the war itself?

Nah, not even you are that stupid.


Well Jay Tea, if you want t... (Below threshold)

Well Jay Tea, if you want to actually look at facts the answer might surprise you.

A lot of people don't like this bombing, and have reason not to like it. At the same time, it's hard not to sympathize with the Libyan people, who have been saddled with this tinpot dictator for so long. A dictator who's been tolerated by Presidents of both parties - plenty of blame to go around.

If you really wanted to rile up the "anti-war" Left, all that would be needed to point out is that, once again, we just happen to be intervening in a nation that has a lot of oil. Not Darfur or any number of places with worse dictators, but no resources we care about. Gee, it's almost like that's the basis of our entire Middle East policy, no matter who's president.

I guess now I'll say "not even you are that stupid" just so we're properly even tit-for-tat.

No, if it helps the Libyan people it's a net good. I hope it does end up being so.

They're being damned quiet ... (Below threshold)

They're being damned quiet about it, jim x. In fact, I'd say that I've heard more about how upset they are from you, just now, than from them entirely.

Oh, look! Commie front group ANSWER is trying to pull off rallies this Wednesday, and Code Pink is getting in on the action.

The real test will be to see just how they manage to express their outrage without noting that this is all Obama's war, and they can't blame Bush for it. That should be most entertaining.







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