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Has Obama ceded national sovereignty to the United Nations?

Trevor Loudon is making an extraordinary case that would suggest strongly the answer is not just yes but hell yes and that the UN's Responsibility to Protect doctrine has everything to do with it:

R2P.gifAccording to Radio Free Europe

Those who justify the Libyan intervention on humanitarian grounds draw much of their logic from a concept which has dramatically gained ground over recent decades. The concept is known as "R2P," shorthand for the world's "Responsibility to Protect" civilians.

But what does this catchy little phrase mean? Where did it come from? What are its implications?

The United Nations reported in July 2009;

The Obama administration is supporting moves to implement a U.N. doctrine calling for collective military action to halt genocide. In a week-long debate on implementing the Responsibility to Protect Doctrine, the U.S. joined a majority of U.N. countries, including Russia and China, in supporting implementation of the policy. The doctrine itself was approved in 2005 by more than 150 states including the U.S.

The doctrine specifies that diplomatic options such as internal conflict resolution, sanctions and prosecution by the International Criminal Court, should be used first. If they don't work, then a multi-national force approved by the Security Council would be deployed.

In other words, if the United Nations does not approve of a certain government's behavior, and that government's leaders  will not respond to sanctions and the threat of prosecution, they will be attacked militarily.

Trevor has much more, including names and profiles of those directly and indirectly involved.

It's eye-opening stuff made all the more interesting when we juxtapose it with Obama's decision to ignore Congressional approval before engaging the United States military in the Libyan affair and to instead seek the approval of the UN before committing our forces.

One can't help but wonder where the imaginary line is that must be crossed before a President is seen to be a threat to a nation's preeminence and autonomy.


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Comments (14)

Impeachment of the treasono... (Below threshold)

Impeachment of the treasonous World citizen jackal has never been more imperative. It is not American and is setting up a one world government.

Recognize not its proclamations.

Of COURSE he has. After all... (Below threshold)

Of COURSE he has. After all, that lets him off the hook in case something goes wrong!!!! Weasels like Hussein always need cover and someone to blame.

Ummm ... well, I guess we f... (Below threshold)

Ummm ... well, I guess we finally know what "the global test" is.

"One can't help but wond... (Below threshold)

"One can't help but wonder where the imaginary line is that must be crossed before a President is seen to be a threat to a nation's preeminence and autonomy."

Another circle jerk of stupidity hosted by Rick -- complete with "Imaginary lines".

I don't know. Ceded sounds... (Below threshold)
jim m:

I don't know. Ceded sounds so much like he just let it go through neglect. It's much more like he has hastened to give it up at the earliest opportunity.

Another circle jerk of s... (Below threshold)
jim m:

Another circle jerk of stupidity hosted by Rick -- complete with "Imaginary lines"

So when you say that someone has "crossed the line" you mean they physically crossed the line. I'm guessing that you actually go around and draw lines on the ground everywhere you go.

Geez. Ever hear of a metaphor or have you not reached high school yet?

Rick, you're as bad as Ging... (Below threshold)

Rick, you're as bad as Gingrich's flip-flops on Libya.

A month ago you were saying the UN was a joke because it wasn't doing anything to stop the killing of protesters in Libya.


Now the UN is doing something with US help, and it's a scary sinister force going to take over the USA.

I'm against the whole thing, but watching you teatards flap and flip is amusing in a sickening way. You were for bombing Libya before you were against it before you were for it again.

Chico,I guess you ... (Below threshold)


I guess you just don't understand TIMING. Of course some of us were for bombing when this conflict was nascent, but wait and wait and wait and pretty soon, the bombing is not going to be as effective because so many of the protesters and people who could have been helped have already been killed.

The UN is a joke, and in this instance it is just a cover so that the President doesn't have to take responsibility for what is in actual effect an almost wholly owned U.S. operation.

I didn't realize Wizbang wa... (Below threshold)

I didn't realize Wizbang was the kind of site where assuming the monikers of others was ok.

S'pose I shoulda known better.

Oh yeah, Grace, military fo... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah, Grace, military forces and task organization and logistics can be ordered up at a second's notice. You can get lots of European and Arab nations to agree to join up to bomb other countries, they're raring to go.

Why Grace, you're right, organizing a military coalition campaign is as easy as organizing a St. Patrick's Day party, it only take a few hours.

Meh. I hate to dally with t... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

Meh. I hate to dally with the dark side here, but I do have to think that "ceded authority to the UN" is a bit hyperbolic.

If a US Pesident gets it into his head to do every single thing the UN SecGen asks, as soon as he asks it, he still has not "ceded authority". He has simply shown the entire country and planet just where his head is at. If POTUS has the legal authority to do X, the he does X because (s)he wants to.
If (s)he has not the legal authority, but does it anyway, then that is an issue for the other branches and the people as a whole.

A far greater danger of "ceding our sovereignty to the UN" comes from courts that may rule using UN/International precedent rather than US precedent, or even from a sappy-headed Congress doing similar. But the prez is still the prez. If he is jumping through UN hoops, or Chinese ones, or Indonesian ones, or Vatican ones, whatever, that is his or her choice, and it is to us to judge and vote accordingly.

Which, by the way, we will. Make no mistake.

Obama ceded leadership to t... (Below threshold)

Obama ceded leadership to the UN and France. As we knew the chickenhawk would.

To think our military, after seeing Egypt go down, did not have strategies for other nations in the Middle East goes beyond logic. Most of our flight logistics and support were already in the area. Developing a no fly zone could have been done immediately. So it is idiotic and of course disrespectful to think so low of the military but chico is a liberals.

I am not for the action because the commander and chief's heart is not in it. You should not and cannot lead the military tepidly. Obama was playing soccer and posing for pictures while the military was doing the heavy lifting. ww

Me thinks, the endgame in t... (Below threshold)

Me thinks, the endgame in this strategy is Israel. Obama couldn't achieve what he wanted; at some point he will force a 'Palestinian State' by force, attacking Israel.

This is an easy one to figg... (Below threshold)

This is an easy one to figger:

Sayyid Buraq Hussayn bin Buraq Hussayn bin Hussayn Osama is squandering our Billions of Dollars on the projection of our Military Force to the beck and call of the Euroweenies' Neo-Soviet's on and offshore member states need to protect their oil trade (some of it bought by the Limeys with the lives of the American victims of Khadaffi's Lockerby mass murders) with Buraq Hussayn's blood brother, Calypso Louis' blood brother, Khadaffi's, Libya.

See? Piece of cake. Very straight up and down.






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