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"I don't care, Obama is awesome" (UPDATED)

A simulated water cooler conversation with an Obama supporter.  Any similarities to leftists near you, especially religious progressives, are intentional and deliberate:

H/T American Digest.

UPDATE: Remember the Religious Leftist who wanted to see Sarah Palin jailed over the Tucson shootings?  She is once again waxing eloquent over at the Desperate Preacher's site... and given her words, we may very well have found who the blonde in the video was modeled after:

I don't think that Iraq was constitutional, nor is Libya, and that troubles me. . . greatly. The difference however is that Iraq was started by a lie. (Chemical weapons), and with the excuse of 9/11, when Iraq never had anything to do with 9/11.Osama Bin Ladin was never in Iraq. Saudi Arabia had everything to do with it and yet we do nothing, except allow them to fleece us by continually raising the oil prices. Why is that? At least Libya was proven that Gaddafi was killing his own people, and not responding to sanctions, promising to continue. And France went in First. (Now, there's a first!)

Never mind the many UN sanctions preceding the Iraqi invasion, never mind that the coalition put together by Bush was far greater in number than Obama's Libyan coalition, never mind that Congress voted to support action by Bush and that Obama ignored Congress seeking instead to notify and gain approval from the UN... never mind all that because... hey... Obama is awesome:

... Barack Obama would have been damned if he didn't go in, and he is damned because he did. There are many who do look at him that he cannot do anything right. He has been criticized for his trip to Latin America to try to get more business, and more JOBS. He can make decisions just as easy from there as he can The Oval Office. He is trying to move the country out of the huge Budget deficit, that he INHERITED. We are moving in the right direction, but we still need to move a lot more.

The only ideas the Republicans have come up with of late is to fleece the public schools of all funding, call teachers greedy, give tax breaks to the top 1% of wealthy in this country, and end collective bargaining. Everything AGAINST the Middle class and the poor. and everything for their cronies. Whatever happened to Boehner's statement that they would be "relentless about creating jobs?" What have they done?? NADA! ZIPPO! NOTHING!! I

I am sorry but I do believe a lot of the comments that have been made against Obama are racially motivated. There are so many things that are not only false, but irrational. And there is still a lot of racism in this country, unfortunately so. Obama is not a Marxist or a Nazi. (You cannot be both at the same time anyway,) He is a centrist. Much to the shagrin of many of his liberal supporters who voted him into office. When that argument doesn't work, then he wasn't born in the US. Or he's Muslim. . . all of it BS. What they aren't saying is 'There is a black man in the big house." The same arguments were used against Martin Luther King when he attempted to fight for Civil Rights, peacefully.

Most of all, I think there is a huge propaganda machine that fills people full of all kinds of misinformation about what is happening, and who Obama is, or isn't, with the expressed purpose of filling people with fear. And it is working. It is tragic. Unnecessarily tragic.

The blindness and shallowness exhibited mirrors the video perfectly does it not?  I'm not sure that one can be any more ignorant of reality or facts.

It's quite embarrassing really... there's no other way to describe it.

But hey, that Obama sure is awesome...


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Comments (32)

Nice to see Rick is honing ... (Below threshold)

Nice to see Rick is honing his right winger skillz.

To Rick and his ilk it is simple. When reality doesn't match the bullshit lies you're spreading - just make up a new reality.

The rubes don't know the difference. They'll hate Obammy animated just as much as they hate him in real life. Heck, he's still black ain't he? And still a muslim born in Kenya?!?!

You morons crack me up.

woop the dupe: "To Rick and... (Below threshold)

woop the dupe: "To Rick and his ilk it is simple. When reality doesn't match the bullshit lies you're spreading - just make up a new reality."

Identify the lie.

We'll wait.........

this conversation is waaaay... (Below threshold)

this conversation is waaaay too close to the truth.

Living in the SF Bay Area I have lots of friends and associates who are just like the gal in the cartoon. "Obama is awesome!" Nuff said!

Heh!Who knew that ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:


Who knew that "Woop" was an animated blonde air head?

and a question for the Left... (Below threshold)

and a question for the Leftist trolls here:
name ONE statement in the video about Obama or Bush that is not factual. Try to find ONE.

Justrand,Greetings... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:


Greetings from the belly of the beast...

Justrand,While I a... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:


While I am neither a troll nor a leftist, I can spot one factual inaccuracy in the video: the claim that Obama is awesome. Awful would be the correct adjective in that case. Then again, this may be the impetus that pushes "awsome" over into being a synonym for "awful."

Stick your head back up you... (Below threshold)

Stick your head back up your ass woop, its not spring yet.

Rodney Graves...drat! That... (Below threshold)

Rodney Graves...drat! That IS the only lie in the video!! :)

and greetings to you, my fellow prisoner! :)

Where's woop's response? Ty... (Below threshold)
Michael Lang:

Where's woop's response? Typical...ran home to mommy.

actually, Michael, Woop was... (Below threshold)

actually, Michael, Woop was already AT home...mommy wanted him to clean up his room.

"mommy wanted him to clean ... (Below threshold)

"mommy wanted him to clean up his room."

.....before he can watch Barney and baby Bop.

and a question for the L... (Below threshold)
jim m:

and a question for the Leftist trolls here:
name ONE statement in the video about Obama or Bush that is not factual.

I think they will all agree that "obama is AWESOME!"

Seriously, the funny thing about this is that the left really cannot see their own hypocrisy. You can spout historical facts to the left day and night and they still will not be able to see that obama is everything they accused Bush of but even more so, because to think badly of obama would be RACIST. They can't see beyond the color of his skin.

"They can't see beyond the ... (Below threshold)

"They can't see beyond the color of his skin."

And Barry uses it to full advantage.

They also don't want to admit that they got rolled. Kinda blows that 'intellectual superiority' thing they always push.

I hate these things. Doesn'... (Below threshold)

I hate these things. Doesn't matter which side makes them up,its all mental masturbation.

911? Look up the resolution... (Below threshold)
John A:

911? Look up the resolution passed by Congress - of the 22 statements/reasons, just where is 911 mentioned? Or find statments blaming Iraq for 911 - any from the Bush administration? No, but many saying Iraq was not involved.

No WMDs? Perhaps not as many as feared, but it is a matter of record that they had been used against internal rebels. They may have been destroyed, or never as plentiful as the Hussein government indicated.

"... not a Marxist or a Nazi. (You cannot be both at the same time anyway,)" Oh my.

Woop, your version of reali... (Below threshold)
Dodo David:

Woop, your version of reality doesn't match anything that I see on planet Earth. So, which planet does your version of reality come from? Uranus?

My wife and two chil... (Below threshold)

My wife and two children and I live in the state of Illinois. Our current health insurance plan is a Choice Plan that is provided by "Wise Medical Insurance" . The plan itself is a consumer driven health care plan.

Has anyone else noticed tha... (Below threshold)

Has anyone else noticed that the ONE continues to pick the losers - he put the whammy on all the final four favorites.

The big question is which Cinderella is gonna beat the winner of the Kentucky/UConn game?

O, but Obama IS AWESOME!

Yeah, he's "awesome", says ... (Below threshold)
Blacque Jacques Shellacque:

Yeah, he's "awesome", says Susan in CA.

That tells you all you need to know about the idiot's disconnect with reality.

More animated fun at the Ob... (Below threshold)

More animated fun at the Obama cult's expense here.

An InstaLaunch a week and a... (Below threshold)
Rick Author Profile Page:

An InstaLaunch a week and a half after posting...

We'll take it!

just like Andrew Sullivan a... (Below threshold)
Bill Johnson:

just like Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Greenwald - once you go black, you never go back.

Sully: "Obama meep-meep-ed me - and I love it."

Obama is awesome! See, he ... (Below threshold)
Not Your Father's Democrat Party:

Obama is awesome! See, he sits on the john and interesting stuff comes out of his butt! Man, this guy is the greatest!

While this woman is severel... (Below threshold)

While this woman is severely divorced from reality, at least one small part of her commentary is neither nuts nor inaccurate, and is, indeed, still worth asking:

Saudi Arabia had everything to do with it and yet we do nothing, except allow them to fleece us by continually raising the oil prices. Why is that?

I've been asking that one myself for years now. Maybe she just dropped it in there by accident.

Of course, I've been asking the same thing about Iran and Syria, too....

Ok, the whole excerpted par... (Below threshold)

Ok, the whole excerpted part from Desperate Preacher reminds me, somehow, of the "leave Britney alone" video from a few years ago LOL

As I see it, there are two ... (Below threshold)

As I see it, there are two primary motivators that drive the vast majority of Obamaphiles like this ... just as they drove the vast majority of those in the anti-war marches during the GWB years:

1> The desire to have some authority give them "what they deserve" by taking stuff away from those they consider "undeserving" ... as opposed to doing the long/hard work needed to attain that stuff by their own merits.

2> The fear that someone might harsh their mellow by criticizing their recreational/lifestyle choices ... and have that credibility considered credible by their fellow citizens.

Combine those motivators with the idea that ends-justify-the-means relativism is a feature, not a bug, in one's worldview ... and the idea that academic credentials and/or a "non-profit" status makes one inherently more noble than the rest of humanity ... and the simplistic assertions of Mr. Obama's awesomeness is what you get.

It is more about denigrating the conservative worldview BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, than it is about the merits of this President ... or the desire for peace ... because it is the conservative worldview that is their Main Enemy; their very concept of self-worth is threatened by its mere existence, because it recognizes objective reality over their wishful thinking and soft, cuddly greed.

People, it is not that comp... (Below threshold)

People, it is not that complicated.

Women vote how they feeeeel..... and they are hardwired to go with their social group. This is how they survived in prehistoric times, by conforming to the group.

A society that allows women to vote goes downhill after 100 years. If you disagree, check on the status of the USS in 2019....

Obama is not a Marxist or a... (Below threshold)
Sam Spade:

Obama is not a Marxist or a Nazi. (You cannot be both at the same time anyway,)

Nazi=National Socialist Workers Party. Why can't you be a Marxist and a Nazi?

I can spot one fac... (Below threshold)
Nate Whilk:
I can spot one factual inaccuracy in the video: the claim that Obama is awesome. Awful would be the correct adjective in that case. Then again, this may be the impetus that pushes "awsome" over into being a synonym for "awful."

7. Posted by Rodney Graves | March 26, 2011 1:43 PM

Interestingly, according to the OED, "awe" originally meant immediate fear, terror, dread! But the earliest cite of "awesome" had a more modern sense of inspiring adoration tinged with fear!

So they're right about Obama, but in a way different from they meant. Isn't that awesome?

Woop's troll post is really... (Below threshold)

Woop's troll post is really the best example of how bad it's getting for Obamaphiles. It's been so hard-wired into leftists for decades now to attribute hard truths to "right wing lies" that saying "right wing," "lies," and in bleak times, "bullshit," has become an instinctive defense, a reflex.

But the funny thing is, Rich does, not in fact, make any assertions at all, lies or otherwise. He simply lets the willful ignorance and mindless adulation speak for itself. Therefore, calling him a "right wing liar" is essentially saying "Obamaphiles aren't as stupid as the evidence I've just read suggests."

Don't forget Saddam Hussien... (Below threshold)

Don't forget Saddam Hussien killed plenty of his own people too, including gassing them.






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