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This is why traditional conservatives do not understand contemporary/liberal foreign policy

Neatly summarized in one paragraph, by the incomparable Mark Steyn:

There are arguments to be made for being on the other side of the world for decades on end if you're claiming it as sovereign territory and rebuilding it in your image, as the British did in India, Belize, Mauritius, the Solomon Islands, you name it. Likewise, there are arguments to be made for saying, sorry, we're a constitutional republic, we don't do empire. But there's not a lot to be said for forswearing imperialism and even modest cultural assertiveness, and still spending 10 years getting shot up in Afghanistan helping to create, bankroll and protect a so-called justice system that puts a man on death row for converting to Christianity.
Actually I think the title of his piece, which deals with the philosophical difficulties surrounding our decision to jump in the middle of the Libyan civil war, summarizes the idea even more succinctly: "Do-gooders in a land with no good guys."

Make sure you read it all.

ADDED: Color me unsurprised - SecDef Gates: No vital interests at stake in Libya

Of course to liberals, this means we are now fighting a "just war."

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"Of course to liberals, thi... (Below threshold)

"Of course to liberals, this means we are now fighting a "just war.""

Sure it is. The Euro's started it. It must be. They're so more intellectually sophisticated. Just ask Barry, who blindly follows their lead.

Awww, poor widdle confused ... (Below threshold)

Awww, poor widdle confused conservoromons.

First they whine like a Alaskan half-governor because they perceive Obama is moving too slow and "diddling" -- then they whine because he moves to quickly without allowing Michelle Bachman to see if she can see Libya from her front porch first -- then the confuse the poor widdle teabaggers with the fact that it isn't our war.

And don't these foreign nations realize that they have to change religions if they want US aid?


I think I get it. For a lib... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

I think I get it. For a liberal to make war there must me (1) little or no risk and (2) zero responsibility. They love and embrace the anonymity of the crowd. There is no personal responsibility, because no individual made the decision. The president is subservient to the U.N. (read "broad international coalition.") It is they who made the decision. Obama is just a bystander.

Individuals who make actual decisions, although brave, are hated targets. How dare an individual distinguish oneself from the collective? Meanwhile, the cowardly cower in the crowd's comfortable concealment.

make that "there must [be].... (Below threshold)
Jeff Blogworthy:

make that "there must [be]."

What is it about this polic... (Below threshold)

What is it about this policy that makes it "Contemporary", let alone liberal?

This has been the United States' foreign policy for decades, regardless of party or President.

Unless Reagan, GWB, GHWB and others are both contemporary and liberal...

The policy is to integrate ... (Below threshold)

The policy is to integrate the countries into the global world economy to serve as markets and for resources. Nations provide the muscle and get the crumbs, the multinationals that get the contracts get the pie. This is the New World Order.






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