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Veena Malik deserves our prayers

She stands up to a Muslim cleric with emotion and passion and logic and reason... which puts her in grave danger.  Might more Muslims like her raise their voices in unison against the radicals who kill in the name of their religion.  God bless her fury.  God curse those who have likely since declared fatwahs against her.  Do watch until the end when I think she makes her best points:


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Comments (8)

Now if more people would st... (Below threshold)

Now if more people would stand up to these guys. It is understandable why many do not, The Clerics are like the Mob anyone who steps out of line get a hit opps I mean Fatwa .
Yeah I know Chico Christians excommunicate .

That is VERY impressive. I... (Below threshold)

That is VERY impressive. I'm blown away by her fortitude and courage.

I don't think she needs prayers. I really don't. They fuck with her, it's on. I'm telling you, if they fuck with her, it's on like donky kong. The 8th century, sharia-loving, barbaric, camel- fucking thugs that mess with her will regret it.

Agree, God Bless her fury. I hardly ever post, but was obligated to do so after watching that.

FINALLY! I think I have a little hope for the muslim world.

If she doesn't leave Pakist... (Below threshold)

If she doesn't leave Pakistan now she is a dead woman walking/talking.

This type of Woman scare th... (Below threshold)

This type of Woman scare the militant mooslem's. Just like SarahCuda and Michelle Bachman scare the bejeebers out of liberals like chico, gaboob and so fourth. jp

Good thing for h... (Below threshold)

Good thing for her, that she didn't run afoul if any Christians. No telling WHAT may have befallen her.

Kudos to the Mufti for enlightening her.

And if you REALLY need the sarc tag.......

I really liked the "English... (Below threshold)

I really liked the "English" one liners that were interspersed throughout. Not only is she feisty, but smart and pretty, too.

Ha, no doubt. Noticed that... (Below threshold)

Ha, no doubt. Noticed that too RFA.

I also noticed that when she straightens her hair or moves her hands to her hair in some fashion....she's about to unload on whoever's on the other end.

Hands to hair = a verbal thrashing...and you better duck or you'll look the fool.

Yes, she's very hot.

I think the English one lin... (Below threshold)

I think the English one liners are a cultural thing, owing to the fact that India and Pakistan were heavily westernized by Great Britain.






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