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More reasons to mistrust Facebook

They're apparently in need of an expert in shading the truth... and they want to hire this expert as their communications director:

Gibbs.jpgFacebook is in talks to hire Robert Gibbs, President Obama's former White House press secretary, for a senior role in helping to manage the company's communications, people briefed on the negotiations said.

Facebook is seeking out Mr. Gibbs ahead of an initial public offering planned for early 2012, these people said.

The talks are still at an early stage and no formal offer has been made, these people said, adding it remained possible that the discussions could collapse.

Mr. Gibbs, who left the White House in February after two years on the job, had been planning to help establish President Obama's re-election campaign before taking a private sector job, these people said.

Facebook, however, is pressing Mr. Gibbs to consider the job more quickly, according to these people, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because the conversations were supposed to remain confidential.

A job for Mr. Gibbs at Facebook could be worth millions of dollars. While details of his potential compensation package have yet to be discussed, people briefed on the talks said that he would receive a cash salary as well as shares ahead of the initial offering. Facebook is being valued by some investors at more than $60 billion and could be the largest offering in history.

Given what we know, Facebook apparently has a message they need delivered that will be a hard sell to the public and will need someone willing to tell lies to get that message communicated, accepted and adopted.

They've picked someone with lots of relevant experience.


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Comments (20)

You've got it sort of wrong... (Below threshold)

You've got it sort of wrong. Communications in this context isn't us, it's the government. Facebook isn't looking to hire Gibbs because they want him talking to us, they're hiring him because they think it will score them points with the Obama Administration, what with their millions providing Gibbs with a soft landing after he was pushed out of the plane...

For the right price, Baghda... (Below threshold)

For the right price, Baghdad Bobby will say anything you want.

When asked for comment, Joe... (Below threshold)

When asked for comment, Joe Isuzu smiled and said, "That sounds like a fantastic idea!"

Facebook just wants to be r... (Below threshold)

Facebook just wants to be relevent in the 2012 election since they helped elect the first affirmative action precedent who has ZERO experience at anything except rabble rousing and sticking his nose in the air.

Baghdad Bob is a joke, and thus Facebook will become more of a joke.

Amasing... (Below threshold)


The site will hence fourth... (Below threshold)

The site will hence fourth be known as Two-Facebook in honor of Barry and Bobby.

"...and thus Facebook wi... (Below threshold)

"...and thus Facebook will become more of a joke."

What's the basis of this statement? It's the most popular website in the world. Did your kids refuse your friend request or something?

How is Jamie Gorelick not o... (Below threshold)

How is Jamie Gorelick not on that list?

TwoFacebook... (Below threshold)


I meant Two faced book..</p... (Below threshold)

I meant Two faced book..

Where posters would cut and paste one thing and do another. Frauds just like the ones in the WH and MSM, hell, for that matter, trolls like chico and the hyper warbabyinfant.

I don't copy and paste my c... (Below threshold)

I don't copy and paste my comments, whereas, the same shitty "Two-Faced Book" joke was made three times in this single thread.

Have you ever considered getting a CAT scan, 913.5, just to be safe?

What's the basis of this... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

What's the basis of this statement? It's the most popular website in the world. Did your kids refuse your friend request or something?

So was MySpace moons ago...

What, were they running low... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

What, were they running low on organic fertilizer in Farmville?


hyperbolist ~ Are you really so clueless that you don't know of the major privacy problems with Facebook, or are you just not concerned when it's your commie pals doing it?

hyper ...Facebook ... (Below threshold)

hyper ...

Facebook will crash and burn within 5 years ... nobody needs it and everyone can live without it ...

Facebook isn't MySpace. 18-... (Below threshold)

Facebook isn't MySpace. 18-24 year olds find email redundant and rely on Facebook now. MySpace is for bands and vain people.

I've attended conferences on social media, have written articles, and am involved in all projects that my company does that leverages our clients' online presence (i.e. YouTube, Facebook, Google text ads). So comparing Facebook to MySpace would suggest that you have no idea what you're talking about.

I don't love it either, and I don't like the liberties they have taken with other people's private information, but it's here to stay until the next internet behemoth takes its place. And the next one won't care about your privacy either.

The privacy aspects of Face... (Below threshold)

The privacy aspects of Facebook are one thing - but I resent (oddly enough) the waste of time it is to both keep people updated on what you're thinking/feeling/doing, and having to read what's going on with your friends. Yay, you got a Streetlight in Zombie Farm. Woe, a plague of locusts has hit your wheat crop in Farmville. Whee, you've adopted a dog, built a log cabin, and got killed by the Mafia. Thanks for the updates!

All things considered, I'd rather waste my time here. (Grin)

Agreed, JL. I try not to ma... (Below threshold)

Agreed, JL. I try not to make friends with the sort of people who piss away hours on those ridiculous games; however, it's easy enough to block updates from those sources in one's news feed.

It's a useful application for getting one's social calendar in order, planning events, posting things for sale, asking for technical/real estate/etc. advice.

Its growth has tapered in the U.S. but is continuing to explode in the critical BRIC markets. If you run a business with any web presence, and you fail to understand the implications this will have on the digital marketplace, then you will fail.

hyperbolist: "the impli... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

hyperbolist: "the implications this will have on the digital marketplace"

And there it is, the crux of the question. No one really knows what is going to happen with the 'digital marketplace'. Every year we hear, read, or see how the 'virtual' this or that is going to "change everything" ... then it doesn't.

On the one hand, e-books turn out to represent no threat at all to the one made of real paper. On the other, downloading music is so easy and affordable that CDs seem to be going the way of the 8-track. You can learn the basics of just about anything online in a single afternoon, but you still have to practice and do your homework if you truly want to master any field.

Facebook is useful, but hardly essential. It was one of the first of its kind ... but so was the Stanley Steamer. Bringing someone like Mr. Gibbs on board would seem, to me at least, to be pandering to a fad rather than building for the future.

But DJ, Google and Facebook... (Below threshold)

But DJ, Google and Facebook have done as much to change the complexion of the global economy as Henry Ford ever did (actually much more, in my opinion).

Information is the new oil, and the people who have access to most information are the new Standard Oil. Facebook may not be 'essential' to you, but it's a huge part of the lives of a half-billion people, and will eventually overtake email as the dominant form of digital communication. Expect phone service to be nested within Facebook in the next year (if it isn't already--hard to keep track, and I'm not an advanced user).

hyperbolist: "Google an... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

hyperbolist: "Google and Facebook have done as much to change the complexion of the global economy as Henry Ford ever did "

Gotta say I disagree, hyper. Yes, digital media makes certain aspects of supply chain management, logistics, and marketing work more efficiently, but Google and Facebook can only claim a small share of that advance. Remember, those only came AFTER the development and evolution of JIT shipping, real-time interface communications, and cost accounting, for which they may claim no credit whatsoever. In comparison, Ford effectively created the assembly line, standardization of parts, the first modern collective labor contracts, group health benefits, wage scale by job class, cost-benefit analysis, and many other concepts which have become standard in industry and manufacturing throughout the world.

Also, I can't really get excited about any business which produces no tangible product, and for which the majority of its net value is based on goodwill, which is to say it is as fragile as its image.






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