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Game over. Nerds win.

This is probably old but I stumbled across it today and thought it worth sharing.

JORDAN izsmile.jpg

H/T Baboon's Guide.


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Comments (15)

Okay. When we going to see... (Below threshold)

Okay. When we going to see a poster about 'the filthy rich' and how much they 'owe' society.

Also very interesting<a hre... (Below threshold)

Also very interestingUkash

"Okay. When we going to see... (Below threshold)

"Okay. When we going to see a poster about 'the filthy rich' and how much they 'owe' society?"

Hmm...two wealthy libs. What do you think? I say never.

I've only been to two NBA... (Below threshold)

I've only been to two NBA games in over 50 years (free tickets), hardly ever watch it on television, don't buy overpriced shoes and don't begrudge this man one dime of the money he collects.

I'd complain, but then agai... (Below threshold)

I'd complain, but then again, God bless America!

Cute, but all the Michael J... (Below threshold)

Cute, but all the Michael Jordans and Bill Gates's put together cannot compare to what Barry Soetoro has spent (of borrowed money) on excrement just in the first 3 months of this year.

There are producers and the... (Below threshold)

There are producers and then there are kenyan extortionists.

Perhaps a graph of how much Barry has spent per minute of work for You and I would be incendiary.

All I need is to outlive my... (Below threshold)

All I need is to outlive my ex and then I can retire.

'kenyan extortionists"... (Below threshold)

'kenyan extortionists"

Hey 914, you should draw yourself up a bar chart of the number of American billionaires who think Barack Obama is from Africa, vs. the number of American billionaires who aren't a bunch of inbred fucking retards.

Oooh, oooh, do one comparin... (Below threshold)

Oooh, oooh, do one comparing what Bill Gates earns to what the government spends!

Man, Hyper - why the hate?<... (Below threshold)

Man, Hyper - why the hate?

Feeling a trifle frustrated because the generous, god-like folks who you put so much stock in were supposed to bring paradise on earth are showing their clay-ish feet? The train that would be bringing all sorts of peace and prosperity goodness is running really late, due to loading problems? (As in the warehouse is going "WTF? Who's paying for all this shit - we're not letting it out the door until it's paid for, cash only!")

Could you be a bit testy because you're feeling the pain of betrayal?

You've shilled so HARD for your ideological brethren - the peace at any price crowd, the 'any problem can be solved as long as we can throw enough of other people's money at it' guys, the no war for oil people, the 'government programs can cure all ills' gurus, the Bush is a fascist dictator engaging in unnecessary warfare rabble... and now that poor sap Obama is finding out that it's really easy to criticize someone else's leadership, but when it's YOUR balls in the vice, all of a sudden things look a bit different - and he goes and does shit that BUSH would do?

Kind of hard to explain all that away, isn't it?

Man, this leadership crap is hard. Who knew?

And now that idiot Trump is bringing up the birth certificate crap? And not being immediately shut down through ridicule? That it's actually (oddly enough) even gaining a bit of traction?

While I'm at it, i'll point out that Obama isn't even on the "Hawaiian Birth Index" for 1961. (That's the list of Children born in Hawaii during that year.)

(various jpgs of recorded names inserted.)

He's not listed Under "Obama", or "Dunham" (his mother's maiden name) or "Payne". (his Grandmother's maiden name.)

Funny that the vital records of Hawaii would show no one with his name born that year.

Now how do you suppose he got left off the list of people born that year? Inquiring minds want to know!

A more or less original article here... Short form? Microfiche doesn't show a record for 44.

I'm not much of a birther, thought the whole idea was silly (with arguing about the whichness and whereas and howzits for 'citizen' vs 'natural born citizen' and all that crap) - but I AM a big believer in governmental records. (Did it for 13 years in the AF, after all.) And one thing that was drummed into us was that if the paperwork doesn't exist, it didn't happen. States tend to take birth records very seriously - understandably so, since later on it'll be quite important to the person.

Yet there's no indication in the records of an Obama being born in '61 in Hawaii. That's kind of like looking in a business's check register and finding about 436 sequential numbers missing. 100 or 500 you could excuse as a lost or ruined pad or box. But 436? That, to me, would be an unusual number indicating that there's something going on that needs further examination.

No Obama, Dunham, or Payne listed in the official records? Then there's something iffy. It can probably be simply explained - but it needs to be explained, not ignored as it has been.

And I'm not disposed to think - "Oh, it's just a typical paperwork SNAFU." I'm not quite ready to think that their records are so screwed up that people are routinely missed - or that there was a one-off mistake that just happened to become the 44th President. Something's not right there.

Reality's bumping the table - and the carefully constructed house of cards that looked so unbelievably strong, unshakably solid is starting to quiver.

Is that what's frustrating you?

Don't feel bad, man. Just relax, take a few deep breaths, and remind yourself that none of this is going to matter one damn bit in a couple of millennia. Take the long view, and don't let the day to day stuff get you down.

I have thought about this s... (Below threshold)

I have thought about this since I read it last night. I can't get the nerds win out of my mind, but in truth, see the jock that had no idea where Canada was located not doing so bad either. Seems like the moral of this post is oddballs on either end of the spectrum do ok...

I wasn't actually upset, JL... (Below threshold)

I wasn't actually upset, JL. I just like reminding 914 of how he and his ilk are perceived by the rest of the world.

Eh, hyper ...You'r... (Below threshold)

Eh, hyper ...

You're still a douchebag.

With several states setting... (Below threshold)

With several states setting up requirements to prove eligibility to run for office in those states, this matter could be resolved as Barry would have to prove this matter or not be on the ballot in those states. Last time I looked it was 10 or so states.






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