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Obama defends actions in Labia (UPDATED)

American Digest brings us the following video of Obama defending his recent kinetic gynecological action:

Imagine how much more widely this would've been covered if Bush were still President.

UPDATE: At the risk of ruining the entire post... yes... the video is doctored


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Comments (25)

And this kinetically prompt... (Below threshold)

And this kinetically prompted address was embarrassingly covered in all 57 States.

Maybe he's thinking of screwing Labia just like he has America.

Anyone checked the Muslim p... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Anyone checked the Muslim pronuciation of Libya yet?

Affirmative action has cons... (Below threshold)

Affirmative action has consequences.

Too funny. The laughingstoc... (Below threshold)

Too funny. The laughingstock continues....

quick, get him a corpse man... (Below threshold)

quick, get him a corpse man

Ho-hum. In other news, Oba... (Below threshold)

Ho-hum. In other news, Obama picked a booger out of his nose this morning!!!!!

Give credit where credit is... (Below threshold)
Upset Old Guy:

Give credit where credit is due, the statement about, "failure to act in Labia" having even worse consequences - right-on, right-on, right-on!

Chico, as a wise man once said, "Lighten up, Francis."

Jeff you beat me to it, but... (Below threshold)

Jeff you beat me to it, but yes, we can only pray that the word "corpse" doesn't become a huge part of this ill-conceived war.

Or to look at it another way, we've been "volunteered" to perform surgical air strikes on Labia to preserve it for barbarians who perform real-life involuntary surgical procedures on the labia of their young girls.

Good one, Jeff. Yo... (Below threshold)

Good one, Jeff.

You know, if the MSM didn't keep telling me how brilliant Obomba is, I'd never be able to tell.

I'm thinking Michele was si... (Below threshold)

I'm thinking Michele was sitting directly behind his left teleprompter wearing a skirt and very relaxed.

Good lord! he's bombing the... (Below threshold)

Good lord! he's bombing the wrong country

What's next? Will we destr... (Below threshold)

What's next? Will we destroy high men in Troy thus or an all violation rampage? What vile Obamanations will implant in the Eucharist? Please keep us abreast in your typically cocky reports, Dick.

Great speach from the Comma... (Below threshold)

Great speach from the Commander in Chief of all branches of the Armed Cervix.

Labia must be pretty swolle... (Below threshold)
Steve H.:

Labia must be pretty swollen after all the recent attacks.

Um... It's fake, guys. Li... (Below threshold)

Um... It's fake, guys. Listen carefully and you can hear how it doesn't sound natural when he says "labia."

If that isn't enough for yo... (Below threshold)

If that isn't enough for you:


Jason, in response... (Below threshold)


in response to your source.


I'm getting old and it is e... (Below threshold)

I'm getting old and it is ever more difficult for me to follow the plot. Wandering all over the reservation and frequently OFF the reservation, does not help. Years ago we had a priest who delivered a sermon at the end of which, most of the parish said "huh?". Very shortly thereafter he was retired. Perhaps mr. obama should retire?

Sign me up!... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Sign me up!

You see... This is what hap... (Below threshold)
jim m:

You see... This is what happens when you have Bill Clinton giving you advice on foreign policy.

Or perhaps this was just a Freudian slip because Barry was thinking about how he is screwing the American public.

quick, get him ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

quick, get him a corpse man

We're trying to find one who speaks Austrian, but so far no luck. But we will, because we must protect the Lesbian rebels!

"Ho-hum. In other news, Oba... (Below threshold)

"Ho-hum. In other news, Obama picked a booger out of his nose this morning!!!!!"

And named it chico!!

Dumb ass

914 @ #22 ~ Wrong, sir - h... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

914 @ #22 ~ Wrong, sir - he picked chico out of the other end.

Fits the fake but accurate ... (Below threshold)

Fits the fake but accurate standard very nicely.

So how would Barry pronounc... (Below threshold)

So how would Barry pronounce Liberia then?

Labiaeeria I suppose.






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