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'He understands the award to be "aspirational," in recognition of Obama's potential to do more on the transparency front'

"And in that sense, one could say it resembles the award at the Nobel Peace Prize," Aftergood said. "It's not because Obama brought peace to anyone but because people hoped he would be a force for good in the world, and maybe that's the way to understand this award."

That's Steve Aftergood from the Project on Government Secrecy at the Federation of American Scientists reacting to Obama being awarded a transparency award... secretly.

Politico has more:

obama_secrecy.jpgJust hours before the White House put off the original event, White House press secretary Jay Carney was defiant in his defense of Obama's transparency record against criticism that it might have been premature.

"This president has demonstrated a commitment to transparency and openness that is greater than any administration has shown in the past, and he's been committed to that since he ran for President and he's taken a significant number of measures to demonstrate that," Carney said in a testy exchange with Fox News reporter Wendell Goler on March 16.

The transparency advocates who presented the award to Obama say that the recognition is important, because despite the work left to be done, Obama has done a lot to change the government's posture toward openness issues.

Just as he's done a lot to promote peace in the Middle East.

Just as he's done a lot to stimulate the economy.

Just as he's done a lot for job growth.

Just as he's done a lot for race relations in America.

Just as he's done a lot to boost America's standing with her allies.

Just as he's done a lot to garner more respect for the United States from other nation states.

Just as he's done a lot to reign in the deficit.

Just as he's done a lot to define NASA's mission.

Just as he's done a lot to reduce our dependence on Arab oil.

Just as he's done a lot to promote bipartisanship.

Just as he's done a lot to unite the American people.

He's should go down in history as the most effective, productive President in history.  Because he has so much potential.


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The bs and "newspeak" just ... (Below threshold)
jim crane:

The bs and "newspeak" just gets better and better...just when you think it can't be topped, it gets a level higher. I really don't see how an honest man can shill for this guy, but there's no honest men there, are there?

And the 'political correctn... (Below threshold)

And the 'political correctness' beat goes on and on.

Just another "award" for The First Affirmative Action President. He doesn't really have to do anything. Just be Black. Somewhere MLK is spinning in his grave.

Let's hear from the usual trolls, justifying this "award".

Can't wait to see Barry get an "award" for "getting up every morning and brushing his teeth".

When one starts from 0 the ... (Below threshold)
Rodney Graves:

When one starts from 0 the potential for improvement is vast.

There should be a list of a... (Below threshold)

There should be a list of awards he doesn't deserve. One that seems to be getting shorter and shorter.

This has reached a level of... (Below threshold)

This has reached a level of absurdity I never could have imagined. These people are so far gone it's insane. They're showering him with affection and accolades and the world is falling apart all around him and what has he done?

The Nobel peace prize was for what he *talked* about doing.

This award is for what he's *talked* about doing.

It's just mind boggling.

The only thing jug ear's ha... (Below threshold)

The only thing jug ear's has been transparent in is an urge to golf during every self imposed crisis.

Cut him out of that picture with Old Glory... He doesn't belong there.

On second thought. Let's ha... (Below threshold)

On second thought. Let's have an address the nation award receiving hour long presentation during primetime TV so Americans can see what a marvelous job Barry is doing?

That will make 4 dollar a gallon gas and skyrocketing food prices seem trivial compared to his great deeds.

Most of you pine for the da... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Most of you pine for the days only a few years under American exceptionalism and unilateralism, America, uniquely blessed by our God, was entitled to impose its ways on the rest of the world-how did that go, at what cost? Remember, Americans don´t torture, there was no need for transparency.

The world has changed, power corrupts, and there is a new reality-I know most of you wish G-Daffy were firmly in control, as he was two weeks ago, and and would now be half-way through massacring his democrtaic defectors in eastern Libya-You are bitter Obama has achieved leading a true multilateral force including the Arab League in an effort that looks likely to be successful to dislodge GDaffy, without costing an American casualty, and the side benefits are that America receives God Bless America-Jazeera from the whole world, not just the chosen tribe of Israel and a few jumped up CIA Shiite assets.

Again on yet another thread... (Below threshold)

Again on yet another thread, comments from Steve Crickmore that have no real relevance to the topic at hand.

SC gives an example ... (Below threshold)

SC gives an example of what limited improvement the right drugs could have offered LW. Not so much.

I say, break open the vault... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

I say, break open the vault and give Obama one of each award in there - an Oscar, a Cy Young Award, a Platinum Record, a Pulitzer, an Olympic Gold Medal, and a Mother of the Year. Then thank him and send him into early retirement; there's no need to wait for every organization of leftist America-hating idiots to think up one to present him.

Crickmore is nearly as stupid and incompetent as Obama - but as in everything else, he doesn't quite measure up.

Steve Crackmore has reached... (Below threshold)

Steve Crackmore has reached a new low, even for him. Open another bottle Steve.

After he finishes bombing a... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

After he finishes bombing and slaughtering Libyans, Obama should open up ANWR for oil drilling. Then the Sierra Club could give him a lifetime achievement award.

After I read this article t... (Below threshold)

After I read this article the 1st thing I thought was "you can't make this stuff up" but then I read Steve Creekmore's post. Steve you seem to be a guy that hasn't accomplished much. You remind me of a child that is always PO'd at God knows what. No matter what the storyline you never fail to amaze me with ur BS. Why do you even post here ? You add nothing but ignorance. A multilateral force usually has problems with communication b/c of languages differences. Couple that with the FACT that Obama is no leader. Obama is a poster child for the Peter Principle and you think he is a leader. Listen up dick...we haven't had caualities yet... God I hope we don't b/c none of this was necessary. Obama's multilateral force is BS. Bush had more countries with America by a ratio of almost 3:1 and they contributed money and troops. BTW dick, dosen't the Arab League have their own Rusian, French and American airplanes ? The American Military is not the rent a cops of the world led by an incompetent jackel whom you believe to be a leader. Another thing dick, let Obama lead you in battle.. You better have your will made out.

Rick, you must learn to be ... (Below threshold)
Don L:

Rick, you must learn to be patient with this man and give him credit where it is due. He has done more than any president in history to restore prayer to our country.

"This has reached a level o... (Below threshold)

"This has reached a level of absurdity I never could have imagined."

I'll second that.

Obama does not deserve an a... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Obama does not deserve an award for transparency, His record has been poor on that score; this is why they were sheepish about receiving it.

But I was responding to Rick´s wholessale indictments of Obama´s record..

Just as he's done a lot to boost America's standing with her allies.

Just as he's done a lot to garner more respect for the United States from other nation states.

There there ahs been a an improvement.

Steve, you gave your usual ... (Below threshold)

Steve, you gave your usual simplistic statement from a simple man. Besides, it is: Israel, the tribe of Judah.

Obama is opaque. Actually, I knew as most conservatives did that you cannot be transparent and manage wars. It was candidate Obama that told his mind numbed groupies he would "open the books". Obama is again, just paying the penalty for his careless talk. ww

"Just as he's done a lot to... (Below threshold)

"Just as he's done a lot to boost America's standing with her allies.

Just as he's done a lot to garner more respect for the United States from other nation states."

Well that explains Barry being burned in effigy the other day in Egypt.

Perhaps Stevie can tell us when Barry will capture Bin Laden.

Hey Steve? Except for the ... (Below threshold)

Hey Steve? Except for the part where he constantly slaps and 'disses' our long term allies.






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