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Is Obama Sr. Really Junior's Daddy?

Shame and embarrassment might be the sole reason for Obama's million dollar secret.

I like Donald Trump. He's good entertainment. I wouldn't vote for him as President, but he is a man who likes to poke alligators with sticks. This particular alligator is named 'birther.' It's getting long in the tooth, and ain't very productive, but it's still worth a bag of popcorn.

Yesterday on MSNBC, Mr. Trump announced that he's 'embracing' the birther issue.

"Trump, who is mulling a 2012 presidential bid, has been arguing it's possible President Obama wasn't born in the United States and therefore isn't eligible to be president (a claim by the so-called "birthers").

After getting little traction the last couple of years, except from tin-foil-hat fringe of the political spectrum, the 'show us the birth certificate' issue apparently is the thing that just won't die. The issue even knocked on the door of SCOTUS earlier this year with Hollister v. Soetoro, only to have the Court refuse to hear the matter.

It's estimated Obama has spent nearly a million dollars to keep the birth certificate sealed away from prying eyes. As a small concession to the 'birther' demands, Obama did release a 'Certificate of Live Birth' issued by the Honolulu hospital where he was born. That, however, is distinct and separate from an official Hawaiian birth certificate. His defenders insist that ends the matter.

 Trump stirred the 'birther' pot anew by appearing last week on ABC's wretched cluck fest, The View.

"I really believe there's a birth certificate," said Trump. "Why doesn't he show his birth certificate? And you know what? I wish he would. Because I think it's a terrible pail [sic] that's hanging over him. He should show his birth certificate."(VIDEO)

Predictably, Woopy Goldberg's knee jerked violently as she threw a race card Donald's way. He ducked. Trump also went on Good Morning America, the Laura Ingraham Showand Fox News' O'Reilly Factor to trumpet Obama as an 'impostor', and the lack of a public birth certificate as the 'greatest scam.'

All this has anti-birther, Obama supporters messing their diapers over Trump's aggressive media campaign about the thing that just won't die, with their own campaign to question Trump's character and intelligence.

Yet, in brilliant turn about, Trump lured these Lefty hyenas into a pile of their own squeeze when he released his 'certificate of live birth' issued by Jamaica hospital in Queens, NY, only to have the Lefties savage Trump for 'only' releasing the hospital certificate and not the actual official birth certificate! The very next day, Trump released his official N.Y. birth certificate. 'You've just proved my point' quickly silenced the hyenas.

I think Obama's sooper seekrit birth certificate has a very simple explanation which has nothing to do with whether or not he is a natural born American citizen (he is), or a closet Muslim allied with the forces of jihad (he's not), or a ringer with a bogus social security number and sealed collegiate records engaged in a tryst with zombie Karl Marx... (ok. maybe that's plausible).

I think the mystery surrounding his birth certificate has everything to do with Obama Jr.'s questionable parentage, and the fact that Barack Obama Sr. might not be his real father.

Author Jack Cashill lays out eveidence to unpack the mystery with four speculations concerning junior's mother, Stanley Ann Dunham, with her 'shadow' marriage, and the quicky birth of her only son:

1)Ann Dunham and unknown Seattle male.

"Although this theory would make sense of the family's abrupt move to Hawaii and Ann's seemingly sudden departure to Seattle after Obama's birth, it introduces too many variables I was unable to substantiate."

2)Barack Sr. and Ann Dunham

"A couple marries in a different county like Maui to keep the notification out of the local news. No one attended the wedding, not Abercrombie, not Ann's parents. In fact, no one in Barack Sr.'s clique seemed to know there was a relationship, let alone a wedding. 

Neil Abercrombie's brother, Hal, never saw Ann and Barack Sr. together. Another clique member, Pake Zane, who had distinct memories of the outsized Barack Sr., could not recall Ann at all. If the young couple were making its home on Kalanianole Hwy. as the newspaper announcements claim, some friend should have at least remembered"

3)Stanley Dunham (ann's father) and unknown black woman

"This theory makes sense of the secret marriage in Maui, Stanley's enduring fondness for Barack Sr., the powerful resemblance between Stanley Dunham and Obama, and the Dunhams' apparent willingness to subsidize mother and baby in Seattle." 

4)Ann Dunham and Frank Marshall Davis

"Were the married Davis the father, and had Dunham introduced his daughter to him, it may explain what Obama has described as "the complicated, unspoken transaction between the two men."  In this scenario, both would have had a vested interest in finding someone else to take the paternity rap. By keeping the marriage secret, they would have allowed Barack Sr. to continue living the life of a single man."

So why does Pres. Obama spend a million dollars to keep his birth records sealed to this day? Could it be that our President simply wants to shield the memory of his beloved mother from the shame and embarrassment of her flagrante delicto promiscuity? But in today's uber-liberal cultural wasteland of America, does anyone really care about a promiscuous mother and her bastard child? What other reason could there be to have a million dollar secret?

Jack Cashill explores the mystery that is Barack Hussein Obama at length in his new book "Deconstructing Obama."

Roger Aronoff at Accuracy in Media interviews Mr. Cashill about his new book here.


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You would think as a winne... (Below threshold)
Sarah the Impaler:

You would think as a winner of a transparent clarity award 2 years running Barry would have no issue with this?

But then we look at ObamaCare's transparency and it becomes clear that Obama is the bastard child of a bastard child.

Got to hand it to Trump. W... (Below threshold)

Got to hand it to Trump. While not exactly presidential material, he's not stupid. Hosted the Libs on their own petard with that hospital certificate gambit.

As for Barry's parentage. Who knows? Who really cares? Suffice to say that our first Affirmative Action President has taken full advantage of his race. It's gotten him where he is today.

"Shame and embarrassment mi... (Below threshold)
Sarah the Impaler:

"Shame and embarrassment might be the sole reason for Obama's million dollar secret."

His presidency is a shamful embarrassment. No secret there.

He is either legitimately the worst president ever, or he is illegitimately the worst president evah.

Pick your poison.

I hope Trump keeps it up.</... (Below threshold)

I hope Trump keeps it up.

He's shown a lot of gumption going on the various MSM shows including woops favorite, The View.

Trump is not silenced easily or embarrassed.

And I agree with GarandFan but still, it would be quite a treat to have Trump be the one to tell Obama he's fired.

Being born in the US does n... (Below threshold)

Being born in the US does not make one an American. Multiculturalism has done away with any patriotic notion that most of the youth should have but don't. Check out your local parade and see who stands when the Color Guard cross their paths.

I don't particularly care i... (Below threshold)

I don't particularly care if Hussein is a bastard. Being somewhat black, it's almost a sure thing anyhow. It's being an America-hating, Marxist bastard I don't like.

Meh - while fun theater, it... (Below threshold)
Big Mo:

Meh - while fun theater, it's a distraction. And keep in mind that NOW (as opposed to 2008), this issue is alive likely because Obama wants it alive. What better way is there to box in whoever he faces next year as a silly kook obsessed with his birth certificate?

I think Obama's sooper s... (Below threshold)

I think Obama's sooper seekrit birth certificate has a very simple explanation which has nothing to do with whether or not he is a natural born American citizen

Perhaps shockingly, I agree with you. Though the next question is, if you're right, then how is it your business what the real reason is?

I think the mystery surrounding his birth certificate has everything to do with Obama Jr.'s questionable parentage, and the fact that Barack Obama Sr. might not be his real father.

Again, what business is that of yours? If you accept that Obama is a US-born citizen, then the only reason to demand the birth certificate is a fishing expedition to find some embarrassing personal detail. If that's the case, at least own up to it.

He does not want it release... (Below threshold)
Mark L:

He does not want it released because it shows his birth religion to be Muslim and he now professes to be Christian.

To a true-believing Muslim, Christian who was born Christian is an infidel. You are not supposed to kill infidels, just make them miserable. To a true-beliving Muslim a Christian who was born Muslim is an apostate -- and death is the prescribed penalty for aposty.

B.O. knows this. And he wants to reduce the risk he would face if that were known.

He does not want it rele... (Below threshold)

He does not want it released because it shows his birth religion to be Muslim

I don't know the practice in Hawaii, but Trump's birth certificate doesn't indicate religion. Mine doesn't either. Does yours? In any case, there's no religious test to be president, so there's still no legitimate interest.

"then the only reason......... (Below threshold)

"then the only reason..........is a fishing expedition to find some embarrassing personal detail. If that's the case, at least own up to it."

You sir, are the master of irony. I can't tell if you wrote this in order to lighten the moment. The libs have literally written the book on this strategy.

john-"Again, what ... (Below threshold)


"Again, what business is that of yours? If you accept that Obama is a US-born citizen, then the only reason to demand the birth certificate is a fishing expedition to find some embarrassing personal detail. If that's the case, at least own up to it."

What business is it of your's if someone wants to go 'fishing" for information?

All he has to do is release the actual document to make all this go away. I mean, it had to be shown to someone in a position to authenticate to run for office, right?

If not, some people have committed crimes.

I mean, it had to be sho... (Below threshold)

I mean, it had to be shown to someone in a position to authenticate to run for office, right?

Apparently not. Courts have ruled that voters do not have standing to ask whether a candidate meets the minimum criteria to hold the office and also that fellow presidential candidates do not have standing to ask whether a candidate meets the minimum criteria to hold the office.

Not sure who is left that does have standing to ask for such proof. Frankly, there is no reason Hosni Mubarak cannot run for president in 2012, courts have ruled that there is not a person in the United States that has standing to ask for proof of his citizenship. All he has to do is ignore the question if asked or lie about it if it's on a check box somewhere, because no one is allowed to check.

Trump, for whatever reason ... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

Trump, for whatever reason politically, has succeeded in "mainstreamig" this issue to an extent that is going to hurt Obama.

I call myself a "Trump Birther". I genuinely thought or cared very little about this issue, and as I hear that there were birth announcements in Honolulu, that pretty much settles that for me.

SO, that being the case....... Win The Future???? WHAT is OBVIOUSLY involved here that the President et al do not want us to see? What is it? He was born here, fine. SO WHAT IS IT??? It's self evident that there must be something, or this issue would have been buried a year and a half ago.

The only possible benign explanation is, "he wants to make the birthers look stupid." But, if that be so, I submit the window has now closed on that. Trump makes the excellent point that we little peon bitter clingers are forced to provide such documents all the time. Is our beloved President allowed to simply sniff and state that such things are beneath him??

And if he produces it next month and says "Ha ha, I told you so", will the general reaction be "boy, don't those birthers look stupid"? I don't think so. Maybe a year ago, but not now. I think the general reaction, even in the middle, will be along the lines of "Dude, WTF? That was so hard? So what was all this, some cute little jerk-around game for your amusement?? Got it, so noted. Have your fun while it lasts, I suppose".

Then there are the states passing laws that might force him to cough up to be on the ballot. That is interesting.

Yeah, I think Trump, simply because of his profile and that he is un-shut-upable, has put this out there where it's gonna stink up the room until the President resolves it one way or the other. And no matter how he does, he is going to look either duplicitous or appallingly immature for keeping alive an issue that he could have buried long ago.

"The only possible benig... (Below threshold)

"The only possible benign explanation is, "he wants to make the birthers look stupid." "

I think you nailed it.

It's working.

Oh good Lord, really? I'm a... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

Oh good Lord, really? I'm a GOPer and this whole "Is Obama really an American citizen" issue is tiresome, embarrassing and childish. There's no scam. No rouse. No deception. No cover up. He's a citizen, simple as that. And, more importantly, a terrible leader. Attack him on those grounds. But this? For the love of God, move on. Please? Pretty please? I'm beggin' ya....

#13If true then wh... (Below threshold)


If true then why are there any requirements at all?

Maybe Trump should put up a bounty of 100 million for anyone that can verify Barry's claims. Cash has a way of turning up evidence.

Woop -Yes, while m... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

Woop -

Yes, while making himself look like a child (who at least was born here, I guess).

Many of the birthers are yahoos. That's why they look stupid. What the hell is Obama's excuse?

Falze has it pretty much na... (Below threshold)
Pile of Pooh:

Falze has it pretty much nailed down. The Founders didn't define the issue clearly enough, and many people didn't have birth certificates at the time the Constitution was written. It's one of those historical loopholes that can only be closed by direct legal action. Since the Supreme Court has refused to hear the case, it's become a moot point.

My father, a history and economics teacher for 35 years, is of the opinion that the Court chose wisely in not hearing it. It would create a political shit-storm at a time when the country is already in dire economic straights, and any value it might have in illegitimizing Obama's election would be outweighed by the harm caused from the ensuing chaos. Sometimes you have to choose not to fight, distasteful though it may be from an purely ethical perspective. The Big Picture, as they say, is not always what you might like it to be.

All of which is fine with the Left. They've been diligently working to destroy the inherent value of American citizenship for years. The Romans did the same thing, by the way; look how well that turned out for them.

Y'know, I thought just</... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

Y'know, I thought just occurred to me that never did before, nor have I seen it referenced.

Namely that, when Justice Roberts minorly flubbed Obama's oath of office, Obama took five minutes out of his day to have Roberts come to the Oval to re-adminster the oath, just to preclude the nut-cases. (A wise decision, I might add.)

"Five minutes out of his day" is what would be required to put this issue to rest. That's probably about two putts on the green. Yet Obama's response to this case is diametrically opposed to the oath issue.

Make of it what you will.

#20Exactly. 5 minu... (Below threshold)


Exactly. 5 minutes away from golfing. 20 minutes for NCAA picks or 2 weeks vacationing in Peru. Trump has got a hold and Barry will have to respond.

The idea that you can get into office and not have to answer too anyone because you are beyond reproach is not going to fly and is rather scary.

There are rules to the game. You can try to game the system, but if you get caught, you pay.

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when we practice to deceive applies here.

Trump is going to fulfill t... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Trump is going to fulfill the role of bomb thrower over the next 2 years. Let him do it.

My father, a hi... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

My father, a history and economics teacher for 35 years, is of the opinion that the Court chose wisely in not hearing it. It would create a political shit-storm at a time when the country is already in dire economic straights, and any value it might have in illegitimizing Obama's election would be outweighed by the harm caused from the ensuing chaos.

I subscribe to this view. I don't want Obama yanked out of office by the judiciary for any reason, because it looks too arbitrary and capricious. The brothers would go nuts, as would the Reds, who'd be screaming about a pro-American conspiracy. I could live with both of these, but it would damage the country badly (even worse than that a-hole Gore did by challenging the 2000 election result, instead of following Nixon's example).

Having said that, the issue of Obama's birth certificate has legs because so much about this guy is secret and/or weird. His whole life story is somewhere between peculiar and bizarre, and all of it is murky. While I don't doubt that he's a

de jure

American, he's clearly not one de facto, i.e., culturally and viscerally. Who knew him high school? In college? In law school? People in Witness Protection have more of a back story than this joker. He has the oddest life story I've ever heard.

That, and the those people around him, both in the past and today, whom we do know of are constitute an unsavory crew: terrorists, communists, pedophiles, raving lunatics – specifically, Ayers, Van Jones, Frank Marshall Davis, Andy Stern, Rev. Wright. Who among us has personally known even one no shit terrorist? A communist? A pedophile? A raving lunatic? Yet Obama checks all these boxes. Does he even have any normal friends? Bueller?

In all, he has an odd life story. Very odd indeed.

Oops. "De jure" above shoul... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Oops. "De jure" above should italicized, not blockquoted. My bad.

If we apply Occam's razor, ... (Below threshold)

If we apply Occam's razor, the simplest explanation for why President Obama won't show his long form birth certificate is Barack Obama Jr. doesn't have on on file in Hawaii. That could mean he was born in Kenya or Canada or somewhere else, but I think that is unlikely based on the newspaper announcements. A more plausible explanation wold be his stepfather, Indonesian Lolo Soetoro, adopted him. His original long for birth certificate would be sealed under court order and replaced by one that says he is the son of Lolo Soetoro. Obama may not want to remind voters he was once a little Indonesian boy named Barry Soetoro. This explanation also explains why he won't release his college records and why his social security number is fishy. As an adopted Indonesian citizen, Obama may have entered Occidental College as a foreign student. Foreign students get special social security numbers that start with 999. When Barry decided to re-assume his birth name of Barack Obama Jr, he needed a new social security number, but once you get a number you are stuck with it for life. Oabma may have assumed a social security number from a deceased person or one that has never been issued. Illegal immigrants do it all the time. I don't buy the "thumbing his nose" at voters theory. As closely divides as the electorate has been in recent years, nobody running for office would want this cloud hanging over their head and putting doubt in the minds of voters. This is like a 'bugger' hanging from Obama's nose that he won't flick. The simplest explanation is he can't without catastrophic damage to his credibility and image.

I hope Trump doesn't get to... (Below threshold)

I hope Trump doesn't get too close to the truth and suffer a Ron Brown moment.

I'm looking forward to Him debating the baby new year Obama and saying what a return to sanity longs to hear.

"Barak....YOUR FIRED!!"

Not to sound to religious h... (Below threshold)
Big Al:

Not to sound to religious here, but sometimes God lets things go on so a lesson can be taught. (sorry atheists, just move to another post then...). Consider how much damage Mr. Obama has done to the progressive cause. Instead of mainstream America slumbering away in a false sense of security, there are patriots assembling themselves in preparation for 2012. Not just doddering retirees, the group includes independants and anyone else who wants to live in a secure and prosperous USA. We just have some further struggles ahead of us before we can wrest our nation from the jaws of misfortune. Go Tea Party!

"So why does Pres. Obama sp... (Below threshold)

"So why does Pres. Obama spend a million dollars to keep his birth records sealed to this day?"

Cause "dirty little secrets" come with a price.

To question why someone wou... (Below threshold)

To question why someone would, within hours of taking office and for what ever reason, lock-down his school transcripts and birth certificate, is considered stupid, tiresome,crazy,wacko, etc, yet, to spend a million dollars (and counting) to do just that, isn't.
Go figure.

This gerfuffle makes me won... (Below threshold)

This gerfuffle makes me wonder how long it's going to be before the media guys figure out that somebody who spent pretty much his whole life getting rich in the private sector is waaayyy smarter than Obama and his whole cabinet. And the media guys. All put together.

"..then the only reason ... (Below threshold)
Mike Giles:

"..then the only reason to demand the birth certificate is a fishing expedition to find some embarrassing personal detail. If that's the case, at least own up to it."

And how did Obama get elected to the Senate again? What was the reason that Ryan fellow dropped out?

My theory is BHO mother wa... (Below threshold)

My theory is BHO mother was a radical communist. Who might have might hav e renouced her citizenship around the time of his birth. That what he is hiding from.

/consiprcey theory

The central argument of the... (Below threshold)

The central argument of the post is plausible, but it's marred by comments such as this,

"...Obama did release a 'Certificate of Live Birth' issued by the Honolulu hospital where he was born."


The document The Zero "released" (or whatever he and his handlers did) can be seen here:


It wasn't "issued by the Honolulu hospital where he was born" at all, but is the standard form now issued (not the form that was issued in 1961 for others) reflecting that _someone_ reported a live birth. There is no information as to who that someone was, and indeed, no verifiable information whatsoever on the "document" that would allow confirmation that The Zero was even in or about Hawai'i at any time during 1961.

Now, that does not mean that he wasn't born there; it only means that the document The Zero and his minions have provided confirms nothing.

Trump's _hospital_ certificate, on the other hand, provided the name of the delivering physician, as well as time and place, attested to by at least two signatures, IIRC: much, much more verifiable information than the computer-generated "someone phoned in the part" document provided by The Zero and his minions.

That Trump suckered the Mass MEdia Podpeople Hivemind so slickly into whining that his MORE complete, informative and verifiable (than The Zero's) document was insufficient "proof" of his native birth was only slam dunked when he produced an official document the next day.

If The Zero is legit, all he needs do is stop spending bucket loads of money to hide his past. It's really simple. And the only problem with the "embarrassment" theory is that his shameless behavior in all other matters gives lie to the idea that he would embarrass so easily.

Why don't we ask Steve McGa... (Below threshold)

Why don't we ask Steve McGarrett 5-0 if he has any recollection of a bi-racial big eared baby new year in 61'?

Got to be a more reliable source as David states,then Obumble's hellspawn hypnotard minions.

Funny thing is, if Obama wa... (Below threshold)

Funny thing is, if Obama was a Republican we would have learned the answers to these questions a long time ago, thanks to an army of callous, snooping reporters and Democratic party operatives (pardon the redundancy) who would have spent literally months tracking down every available lead in Hawaii and Indonesia. He should be thankful that he is a Democrat.

I agree that there is something embarrassing in Obama's long-form birth certificate. I also think that it is most likely a paternity issue, or complications arising from his adoption by an Indonesian citizen. I agree with Bluegrass Pundit; I don't think that possibly having legal status (as a child) as an Indonesian citizen makes him ineligible to be President, but it would certainly weaken the carefully-crafted "Myth of Obama" that he has built his entire career upon.

Likewise, I believe there is something very embarrassing in John F. Kerry's military records. Nothing illegal, nothing that would have prevented him from becoming President. Just something that would be considered unacceptable, such as nominating himself for his combat medals.

John, John, John in #8...</... (Below threshold)

John, John, John in #8...

Again, what business is that of yours? If you accept that Obama is a US-born citizen, then the only reason to demand the birth certificate is a fishing expedition to find some embarrassing personal detail. If that's the case, at least own up to it.

Kind of like how the liberals and the MSM did, and still do, with Sarah Palin?

How about Joe "The Plumber"?

Pot meet kettle... Kettle, meet Pot... I love when what's good for the goose isn't good for the gander huh?

Perhaps you can explain that little bit of hypocrisy to me? Please... With "jimmies and a cherry" on top...

Thank you.

Obviously there is somethin... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Obviously there is something hinky going on with it, or it would have been released long ago.

I've heard a theory similar to one of Bluegrass Pundit's points @ #25, but that Barry may have used his dual citizenship (Indonesia, through his step-father) to get scholarship money as a foreign student. But once you use either citizenship for benefit, or make a declaration (it only confers to minor children with parents with different citizenship; it only lasts until they choose as an adult), you lose the other half of the duality permanently under US law.

Under this theory - which explains both why he doesn't want the birth certificate OR college records made public - he is not a citizen, even if native born.

Even this doesn't explain why old classmates were contacted before he announced for President and asked not to discuss his time at Columbia or Harvard - or why out of all the professors, assistants, and fellow students at Columbia while he was there, only one professor will go on record as remembering him being there.

What could possibly embarra... (Below threshold)

What could possibly embarrass this guy? I mean if he can still look at the teleprompter and then camera with a straight face after 2 years of this farce and believe he has something to offer then?

He is beyond embarrassment. I think the word were searching for is AUDACITY. In this case the audacity of dope.

Barry Soetoro is a patholog... (Below threshold)

Barry Soetoro is a pathological liar. I call him Barry, cause I believe that is his name on his birth certificate and that's the name he used to travel to Pakistan on a British passport as well as to get student aid for college.

"Barry Soetoro" is not a black enough name though for politics, especially when running as an affirmative action poster child.

Geraldine nailed it when she said he would not be where he is if he were white or female. His background and those two other factors make him unqualified to run a Taco Bell.

Karl Rove said he thinks Ob... (Below threshold)

Karl Rove said he thinks Obama keeps this alive to make his opposition look retarded.

If so, the plan is working.

Darby, the other parallel i... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

Darby, the other parallel issue you neglected to mention was Mr. Bush the Younger's National Guard records. Funny how that issue wound up on the cover of TIME and Newsweek, not to mention an entire network crashing and burning after they couldn't find what they wanted, so the just made it up.

Kinda like that, I guess.

There are more important qu... (Below threshold)

There are more important questions to be answered these days. Creating new jobs, education, nuclear energy or immigration are much more serious issues. Anyways, Trump once again showed he knows how to draw attention to himself.

So what happens in 2012 whe... (Below threshold)

So what happens in 2012 when the states that have enacted legislation requiring definitive proof that a candidate meets the requirements/qualifications for public office still don't get it from obama, and refuse to put his name on the ballot for the election?

#42Inspiring great... (Below threshold)


Inspiring great idea!

In 1961, an American woman ... (Below threshold)

In 1961, an American woman choosing the give birth in a third world nation away from her family would be highly unusual but not outside the realm of possibility. What makes his Kenyan birth improbable is that his mother would have to travel from Kenya to Seattle via Cairo, London, and New York mostly by piston engined aircraft (DC-6, Constellation, et al) with an infant unable to adjust to the primitive pressurization of those aircraft. Such a journey would have been arduous for a college student mother. So difficult that it would have been the basis of family lore and legend. Eventually, every friend of the family would have heard about brave little Stanley traveling the world with a two week old baby in tow.

Assuming that the BHO birth certificate would confirm that he was born in Hawaii, why would he hide it?

As a community organizer, he learned that you gather as much information about the target of your campaign. Everyone has something in their background that can be used as leverage against him. When he was running in the primary for the United States Senate, the front runner was knocked out of the race by a previously sealed divorce decree that a court had ordered opened becasue the public had a right to know what was in said decree. After the primary, he was running against Jack Ryan who withdrew from the race when his divorce decree was ordered opened by a court because the public had a right to know what was in said decree.

He probably wished for all of his records to be sealed or destroyed, not because he knew of specific facts that he wanted suppressed, but because he guessed that somehwere in his records was something that could be used against him. Perhaps it was not anything in his records about him, but names of sponsors, supporters or friends whose written support is noted or contained in his records. He did try to distance himself from Ayers.

I assume that he devised a defense of the records of his past that would allow nothing to be disclosed - in part to be consistant about his past. Everything you need to know about him in his books and anything not in his books is irrelevant. So irrelevant, in fact, that only a ultra-partisan political hack would even mention ths subject.

In effect, he is performing a political version of a magic trick - keeping the attention on one curtain while hiding the secrets behind a different curtain. "Look for the birth certificate. Ignore the man behind the curtain."

Control the medium. Control the message.

If an American citizen (nat... (Below threshold)
Zach Jones:

If an American citizen (naturalized or native) is Obama's dad and he was born in Hawaii, he would certainly be a natural born citizen. If not, he's not.

The American Thinker has nice a coherent explanation of what has, to date, resulted in smothering the eligibility issue, creating fear in the minds of conservative politicians and judges. Thank you Donald Trump for tilling the soil. Planting the seeds of the pertinent questions is what I expect to come next.

I think Trump is doing a fine job displaying the Art of the Deal.

First, approach the subject with a common sense question. “What’s Obama hiding?”

Second, release a questionable birth certificate and wait for Obama’s supporters to react and raise issue of his mother’s citizenship.

Third, release his official birth certificate. ‘I have nothing to hide!’

Next, bring in a couple of other issues such as Bill Ayers claiming he wrote Dreams of My Father. Goes back to reinforce the question of “What’s he hiding?” It raises more questions about Obama’s honesty.

In the next few weeks or months, I expect Trump reveal what his lawyers have found about who can be a Natural Born Citizen.

Obama’s media supporters raised the issue of Trump’s mother’s Scottish citizenship.

The final straw will be for Trump to ask some court for clarification about if he is eligible to run. Trumps mother was naturalized before his birth. Because Trump was born in the US and both his parents were citizens before his birth, Trump is a Natural Born Citizen and is therefore eligible to serve as President.

If Trump does this, the media will be brought screaming and kicking to the issue of who can and can’t be a Natural Born Citizen.

A great example of the Art of the Deal!

From American Thinker –

April 01, 2011
Obama, Donald Trump, and the Collective Unconscious


As has been pointed out: Ob... (Below threshold)
David Farrar:

As has been pointed out: Obama's small concession to the 'birther' demands, did not result in the release of a 'Certificate of Live Birth' issued by the Honolulu hospital, but a "Certification of Live Birth", issued by Hawaiian Health Department officials. The origian hospital "Certificate of Live Birth" has yet been acknowledged either by Obama or by his delivery hospital.

If Obama doesn't have a long-form, hospital issued, Certificate of Live Birth, so Trump and many, many other birthers suspect, it means he wasn't born in a hospital in Hawaii. It means his vital records were generated by other means. If Obama can't produce a hospital generated birth certificate, duly signed and notarized, the veracity of the information contained in his application for a "Certification of Live Birth" may be called into question.

If the information contained in Obama's original application for a "Certification of Live Birth" can be challenged, it may become prima facie evidence that would directly confront his prima facie evidence contained in his Hawaiian "Certification of Live Birth".

The Wong Kim Ark case does not directly apply to Barack Obama's presidential eligibility due to the fact that in Wong's case, at the time of his birth, his parents had "permanent domicile and residence" in the United States and was "carrying on business" in the United States. President Obama's father did not meet these conditions. He was not a permanent resident and he was not doing business in the U.S. He was visiting the U.S. temporarily, to obtain an American education.

As far as the 14th Amendment is concerned, there can be no higher authoritarian voice to directly addressed this issue head on than John A. Bingham, chief architect of the 14th Amendment's first section, himself, when he considered the proposed national law on citizenship as simply declaratory of what is written in the Constitution, that every human being born within the jurisdiction of the United States of PARENTS not owing allegiance to any foreign sovereignty is, in the language of the Constitution itself, a NATURAL BORN CITIZEN.

A secondary proof of John A. Bingham's views on this subject can be found in none other than the record itself. No U.S. President or Vice-President has failed to observed the two U.S. citizen parent definition of an Art II "natural born" citizen other than Chester A. Aurthur and Barack Obama to date. The record, as they say, speaks for itself in the regard.

ex animo

The DonaldThere on... (Below threshold)

The Donald

There once was a man, name of Trump,
Whose comb-over often did slump.
He ached to be POTUS;
When no one took notice,
He in with the Birthers did jump.

The hopes of The Donald ascended.
As POTUS he thought he’d be splendid.
But voters can’t handle
The hint of a scandal,
Or those who to bankruptcy tended.

He’s got a new job on TV.
He’s fair and he’s balanced, you’ll see.
He knows he’s the shrewdest,
The loudest and rudest
And everyone else must agree.

The famous should all be aware,
Aside from the Franken affair,
The voters won’t favor
A lunatic-raver,
In spite of his perfect blond hair.






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