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Why Media Matters shouldn't matter at all

Because they're nothing more than intentionally deceptive:

H/T to John at VerumSerum.


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Comments (12)

But a Planned Pare... (Below threshold)
But a Planned Parenthood spokesman denied that the organization claimed to offer mammograms, saying the transcript of the show clearly shows Richards was referring to the overall effect of on women’s health services if the health overhaul legislation was repealed and not specifically the effect of defunding her group.

“Planned Parenthood provides a wide range of preventive health care services to millions of women through its 800 health centers including contraception, Pap tests, annual exams, HIV and other STI tests, and lifesaving breast exams,” said Stuart Schear, the group’s vice president for communication, in an e-mail.
A mammogram involves an X-ray of the breast. A breast exam is a physical examination.

“Planned Parenthood doctors and nurses provide more than 800,000 breast cancer screenings annually. We offer breast exams at every one of our family planning health centers. Like the vast majority of primary care physicians and ob-gyns, we refer our patients to other facilities for mammograms when indicated based on a breast exam, age or family history,” he said.

Hey look, the little pimping lying slob was caught in another lie!

Planned Parenthood is not t... (Below threshold)

Planned Parenthood is not the only source of cancer screenings for those without insurance. Those other sources are not defunded. So, woop, the correct statement is that millions of women would have to access their preventive health services from organizations that do not promote the murder of fetuses rather than Planned Parenthood.

Please prevaricate elsewhere.

Everyone, listen to Woop. H... (Below threshold)

Everyone, listen to Woop. He's got the talking points down to a tee. Don't pay any attention to the actual words that came out of PP's head, listen to the spin and rewriting from the professional apologists.

And under no circumstances note that Planned Parenthood performed over 300,000 abortions last year alone -- up about 40,000 from three years ago.

Because to note those things is just hateful and misogynist and, possibly, racist.


Media Matters does nothing ... (Below threshold)

Media Matters does nothing but lie and distort. It's like they are all Micheal Moore clones. I don't think they are capable of making an honest agrument, even if there was one to be made.

Expecting Media matters to be honest would be as ignorant as expecting Woop to make a thoughful, well reasoned, logical argument.

"Don't pay any attention... (Below threshold)

"Don't pay any attention to the actual words that came out of PP's head" says Jay.

LOL. I provided a link to the transcript showing exactly what was said. Rick and Jay did not. They just trying to blow smoke up your ass - like a good pimp. They just attack anyone who tries to interject some facts into the discussion, as they try to get the rubes emotionally pumped up.

Lying pimps to the left of me, joking assholes to the right. I'm stuck in the middle holding onto facts and the truth again!


You're linking to Joy Behar... (Below threshold)

You're linking to Joy Behar???

Really? Joy Behar????


You're linking to ... (Below threshold)
You're linking to Joy Behar???

Really? Joy Behar????


Another well-though out, reasoned response from the right wing. LOL

The Planned Parenthood quote that Rick wrote about in his post was from and interview on the Joy Behar show.

So yes, I linked to Joy Behar, because -- (are you related to Sarah Palin by any chance?) that was the interview and the transcript that Rick was referring to.

Sheeesh. You can lead a teabagger to facts but you can't make them think!

But in rick's circle jerk world of amazing bullshit, things like transcripts and facts have no room. If you don't get some asshat reply like Jay's which tries to change the subject you get dribbling droolers like Hank who can't figure out which way is up.

Ohhh, this will piss them off. I'll link to the transcript again which shows exactly what was said. That'll drive them into a rage....


I think Aeu De Woop has out... (Below threshold)

I think Aeu De Woop has outlived its welcome.

"I think Aeu De Woop has ou... (Below threshold)

"I think Aeu De Woop has outlived its welcome."

Perhaps, 914. But now that we know woop get's his/her info from "The View", it all makes sense.

Hey Woop, I hear Rosie's coming back. Good times.

woop will be right back. S... (Below threshold)

woop will be right back. Soon as he scores some more talking points.

Media Matters = Communist f... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Media Matters = Communist front organization.

'Nuff said.

A mammogram... (Below threshold)
A mammogram involves an X-ray of the breast. A breast exam is a physical examination.

Whoop notice the difference
more than 800,000 breast cancer

Breast cancer screen carried out by breast examine not mammogram. This is something the vast majority of women known and often do on their own and then confirm with a doctor if they feel something. Planned Parenthood know the difference but want to exploit public sympathy by mentioning what some would consider an expensive and complex medical procedure, that many would suspect under privileged women could not get.






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