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Who's the bigger buttmunch?

The Indiana State Senator believing that his abandonment of his duties in the State Senate is comparable to the duties engaged in by our troops in Afghanistan or the idiots applauding that belief?

With props to GM who adds:

I was at Dallas International Airport a couple of years ago and a troop of returning vets, still in their dusty uniforms from Afghanistan offloaded and the crowd went wild with applause. The smiles on the vets, and not a few tears let us know how much they appreciated our response. Yet, one could discern the "thousand click stare" (ask a Vietnam vet what that means) on some of the faces.

For Senator A**hole to compare himself to those outstanding men and women is not only a travesty, but totally dishonest. Senator A**hole may be a combat vet, I don't know, but I do know that hightailing it to a motel in another state, eating steak and having access to adult beverages is just not the same as being in combat.


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Comments (13)

Always telling us how great... (Below threshold)

Always telling us how great they are...I am like a soldier returning home. Sorry your actions tell another story-one of a coward.

I have had the pleasure of being the daughter, wife, sister and now mother of a US soldier and when my son returned from Afghanistan a few weeks ago, I NEVER THOUGHT wow, these young men and women are so much like the politicians-so heroic, running from their constituents.

This person makes me sick. I cannot even call him a man...because he has no character trait to which I see a man carry.

To the real heroes- thank you so much we love you and support you. To the frauds...I sure can't wait until next election term.

Another sadly delusional du... (Below threshold)

Another sadly delusional dummycrat.

C O W A R D !... (Below threshold)

C O W A R D !

Another clueless Democrat w... (Below threshold)

Another clueless Democrat with his head firmly planted between his left and right buttcheeks.

The very definition of a De... (Below threshold)

The very definition of a Democrap ASSHAT.

Must be a buddy of Crickmor... (Below threshold)

Must be a buddy of Crickmore's.

This insufferabl... (Below threshold)

This insufferable shit should make a point of thanking each and every service member he sees, for insuring his privilege of being as much of an asshole as no one can stand.

Someone should ask the brav... (Below threshold)

Someone should ask the brave warrior of a senator if he knows what AWOL means.

Must be a buddy of Crick... (Below threshold)

Must be a buddy of Crickmore's.

No, it must be Crickmore's Dad...or Galoob, Chico, Whoops, etc.

He is a democrat. Enough s... (Below threshold)

He is a democrat. Enough said.

We should make sure this a-... (Below threshold)

We should make sure this a-hole is awarded the Brave Sir Robin medal for bravery.

Who is the bigger asshat: T... (Below threshold)

Who is the bigger asshat: The idiot at the front of the room opening his pie-hole to spout idiotic nonsense or the sheeple in the audience applauding him? Illinois (where the Indiana state senators hid out) may be no bed of roses, especially when it comes to the amount of state debt, but it's hardly Afghanistan. And I doubt there are any IEDs along the route from Indianapolis to the Illinois border.

"When danger reared it's ug... (Below threshold)

"When danger reared it's ugly head he bravely turned his tail and fled..."






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