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Your headline of the day

Revealing a treasure trove of irony, hypocrisy, bias and stupidity... coming our way via Insty:

The President of the United States bombs a Muslim country, and some nobody in Florida burns a Koran. Guess which one's to blame for rioting in Afghanistan?

Meanwhile, he who's bombing hell out of Libya is urging calm and the rejection of violence.

Seems we need another acting stupidly summit.


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Comments (20)

Yes, but Barry makes peace ... (Below threshold)

Yes, but Barry makes peace with his jihads.

Does anyone else see a mili... (Below threshold)

Does anyone else see a military strategy in this?

Like flies to shit they group together in unison.

Well, according to... (Below threshold)

Well, according to Fox News, the blame should be placed on the burning of the Koran.

Afghan Protest Over Koran Burning Leaves 5 Dead

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/world/2011/04/02/afghan-protest-quran-burning-leaves-5-dead/#ixzz1IP1Cdj2m

You can trust Fox News, right. They're... uhm... "fair and balanced"

Hey woop, ya stupid ass.</p... (Below threshold)

Hey woop, ya stupid ass.

You even READ that link before you posted?

Doubt it. You're only a DNC echo chamber.

FYI, ya simple shit; they stated the facts, they mentioned NO BLAME.

Try again.

Apparently the moron in com... (Below threshold)

Apparently the moron in comment #4 didn't read the headline of the story.... here it is again for anyone else who comments with their head up their *ss....

Afghan Protest Over Koran Burning Leaves 5 Dead

Afghan protest over Koran burning...

Afghan protest over Korean burning

"Well, according to Fox New... (Below threshold)

"Well, according to Fox News, the blame should be placed on the burning of the Koran."

Okay, MORON, where is the word BLAME in that headline?

Shove your head back up your ass.

We need to have a massive b... (Below threshold)

We need to have a massive burn the koran day in protest of the protest. No attack on people, just peaceful protest of the evil book which so inspires evil in those who follow it.

If they escalate the protest, then we need to begin rounding up those in our country who support these violent protest. They are aiding and supporting the enemy. So tired of hearing that Islam is the religion of peace. Yes, there are some who are not out killing people or even protesting their support. But at best, they remain silent just like many of the german people who despite the massive rallies and massive support of the Nazi party, later claimed they knew nothing. Their silence gave power to the nazi's and also to their death camps of terror and torture. The same thing happened in Japan.

And how did we end those radical evil folks who gave us the death camps, death march, rape of shanghai, and so much more? Unlimited and total war to total and unconditional surrender using fire bombing of cities, rounding up those in our country who might give aid and comfort to the enemy, and use of the atomic bomb. How times have changed. Weren't some of those germans and japanese people of peace?

"....irony, hypocrisy, bias... (Below threshold)

"....irony, hypocrisy, bias and stupidity..."

You forgot arrogance.

Barbarians do barbaric thin... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Barbarians do barbaric things.

This atrocity occurred after the barbarians were whipped into a murderous frenzy by the message at their Friday prayer service at the local mosque.

Why do we accord status as a "religion" such violent malevolence? Were the Thugs and Assassins religions, or just murderous death cults?

Another insight into the re... (Below threshold)

Another insight into the religion of peace. A pastor (in Florida) burns a koran, and the 'religiion of peace' followers (in Afghanistan) kill several people who have zero association wih the pastor.

The Thuggees and Assassins ... (Below threshold)

The Thuggees and Assassins had to have been religious folk if the shirt-lifting, turd-burgling, mattress-munching, pillow-biting, sister, goat and little-boy-buggering, brutally colonizing, enslaving, raping, sexually-mutilating psychopathologically-hesperophobic blasphemous bloody barbarians that bark at Mister Muhummud's Mecca moon-rock belong to a "religion."

And I'm with Greta!<p... (Below threshold)

And I'm with Greta!

We will stop losing to "islam" (an Arabic word meaning "submission." Yours. Totally. To it) only after we recognize it for what it is and destroy it.

Think Dresden.

Think Tokyo.

Think Berlin.

Think Hiroshimo.

Think Nagasaki.

I'm thinking mecca... (Below threshold)

I'm thinking mecca

"Okay, MORON, where is the ... (Below threshold)

"Okay, MORON, where is the word BLAME in that headline?"

Aeu de Woop see's what doesn't exist. He see's jobs when his big eared messiah says he creates them too.

Hey Aue de Poop, why is Barry bombing the brotherhood? Please dig your head out an answer.

DOn't change the subject, 4... (Below threshold)

DOn't change the subject, 419.

The headline on Fox News clearly states the Afghans rioted "over Koran burning"...

Everyone knows Fox News doesn't lie.

"Afghan Protest Over Koran ... (Below threshold)

"Afghan Protest Over Koran Burning Leaves 5 Dead"

"Afghan authorities suspect insurgents melded into the mob outside the U.N. compound and they announced the arrest of more than 20 people, including a militant they suspect was the ringleader of the assault."

YOU said 'blame' woop. See #3

Don't change the subject.

"Afghan Protest Over ... (Below threshold)

"Afghan Protest Over Koran Burning Leaves 5 Dead"

It's pretty clear ot anyone older than 12.

The protest was "over Koran burning"

They protest just like the ... (Below threshold)

They protest just like the dummycrats in Wisconsin. Blindly with malice and no concern for others.

YOU said 'blame' woop. See ... (Below threshold)

YOU said 'blame' woop. See #3

Don't change the subject.

Garandfan and Charlie Sheen... (Below threshold)

Garandfan and Charlie Sheen: Winning since 2011.

Hey Rick, would you take General Petraeus' word on the subject?






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