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Senator Graham: "Free speech is a great idea, but we're in a war"

That's Lindsey Graham, Republican, on the recent Koran burning in Florida.  He had more to say:

Sen. Lindsey Graham said Congress might need to explore the need to limit some forms of freedom of speech, in light of Tennessee pastor Terry Jones' Quran burning, and how such actions result in enabling U.S. enemies.

"I wish we could find a way to hold people accountable. Free speech is a great idea, but we're in a war," Graham told CBS' Bob Schieffer on "Face the Nation" Sunday.

"During World War II, we had limits on what you could do if it inspired the enemy," Graham said, adding certain speech can "put our troops at risk."

Senator Graham should do some research on what WWII limits were placed on that which could inspire the enemy.  I did and quickly found a number of posters that I'm guessing many like Graham would find offensive today... each of what follows was subsidized by the United States government:


I'm imagining if we looked hard enough, we'd find some anti-Germany posters that are as... brutally honest.

What I think we take away from this is that Lindsey Graham... is an idiot.

But I'm open to correction.


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Comments (28)

Every time gramnesty opens ... (Below threshold)

Every time gramnesty opens his pie hole he proves he's an idiot.

Won't get any argument from... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Won't get any argument from me on that point.

Any way we can trade him to... (Below threshold)

Any way we can trade him to the Dems for a Senator to be named later?

I'm imagining if we look... (Below threshold)

I'm imagining if we looked hard enough, we'd find some anti-Germany posters that are as... brutally honest.

A rich hunting-ground for such items is Warner Bros wartime cartoons, such as "Herr Meets Hare," "Tokyo Jokio," and "Russian Rhapsody." Several of them are so grossly offensive (to modern sensibilities) that they were hidden away for decades, and have only recently been released on video. I think one or two have never been released at all. See also a book published a few years ago called Doctor Seuss Goes to War, a collection of editorial cartoons drawn by Ted Geisel and published in the left-wing newspaper PM in 1939-42.

But we are not in a war, we... (Below threshold)
jim m:

But we are not in a war, we are in a "kinetic military action".

Graham should give it up and join the dems. He's more at home with Harry Reid than he is with the GOP.

He wants to hold people acc... (Below threshold)

He wants to hold people accountable? Good. SC, hold this guy accountable and vote him out!

Sounds like he is saying “I... (Below threshold)

Sounds like he is saying “If you don’t want to be offended then act violently whenever you are offended” and "Freedom of speech is only is when that speech is against peaceful groups".

Why is it that liberals nev... (Below threshold)

Why is it that liberals never want to hold those accountable who actually commit the unacceptable behavior, in this case beheading innocent people? It's always someone else's fault, in this case a pastor thousands of miles away. More importantly, why am I surprised?

Limit freedom of speech dur... (Below threshold)
James H:

Limit freedom of speech during war time. When we're in a ... ahem ... war of undefined duration, with undefined enemies, and undefined metrics of success.

Some problems with Graham's stance, I think.

Looks to me Jones is reacti... (Below threshold)

Looks to me Jones is reacting to Muslims, not the other way around. Give him some more Korans. What's Graham afraid of, perhaps al-Qaeda will use this as a pretext to do something to us? Maybe fly planes into our buildings or something equally as preposterous?

Mr. Graham needs to learn the difference between being open-minded and being empty-headed.

It's long past time for Gra... (Below threshold)

It's long past time for Grahamnesty to go!

Actually, Graham has a LIFE... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

Actually, Graham has a LIFETIME rating of 89 from the ACU. He tends to go off the reservation on some high-profile issues, like judicial filibusters, amnesty, and cap-'n'-tax.

As to beating Graham in a primary, good luck. The last elected Senator from SC to lose his renomination primary was "Cotton Ed" Smith in 1944. Former Governor Donald Russell was appointed to finish the term of Olin Johnston when he died in office, but lost the primary for a full term to Fritz Hollings.

And what SC Republican has the statewide stature to do it? Probably only Gov. Haley, but she will be up for reelection in 2014 when Graham is. If she's still popular, that would be a cakewalk, compared to a scorched-earth Senate race. And if she isn't in position to be easily reelected, she probably couldn't beat him anyway.

Nobody else is close, and no one in the second tier would take the risk - challenge a sitting Senator and lose, and your future in the party is done.

Not to mention that with Graham's well-developed national fundraising operation, a challenge would need $1-2 million to have a chance at success.

Sorry folks, Graham will tell you I've been a scathing critic (he does read and respond to serious policy letters personally), but I don't see him getting the boot.

I love that NRO Corner non-... (Below threshold)
Andrew X:

I love that NRO Corner non-sequitur (can't say who said it) when someone just popped in to randomly say - "Every now and then I jolt upright in a cold sweat in the middle of the night wondering 'What is Lindsey Graham up to right now??' " LOL.

As for the evil Japs. It lo... (Below threshold)
John S:

As for the evil Japs. It looks like Government Electronics (GE) took good care of them.

You can't fix stupid. ... (Below threshold)

You can't fix stupid.

Affirmative action tried and failed with Barry. The Sunday shows continually have Gramnesty international on and he continually embarrasses himself as a spokesman for the rest of the rino herd.

I knew I had seen something... (Below threshold)

I knew I had seen something about the Taliban Burning Quarns last year

So maybe they can kill 12 Taliban members for each of the 850 books they burned.

you know these guys are tough guys I say 2000 Taliban beheadings for each book.

A good idea??? What about ... (Below threshold)

A good idea??? What about a constitutionally protected right? A "good idea" would be to get rid of this buffoon.

Sen. Graham is not an idiot... (Below threshold)

Sen. Graham is not an idiot - but like many politicians (e.g., POTUS), he sometimes says stupid things when he is speaking without a script. This is one of those times. Unfortunately for the Senator, this is not the only time his remarks have been out in left field, so to speak. I believe Sen. Reid (IDIOT, NV) also made a similar remark about "looking into" Koran buring recently.

The kind of babble that enc... (Below threshold)

The kind of babble that encourages the enemy comes from the klutz of the likes of Harry Reid and Mr. Obama.

Using WW II posters detracts from your LG criticism. well you could also use political cartoons from the 1860's. Remember we still had whites only water fountains, lunch counters and fighter squadrons at that time of the 1940's. yes racism was quite acceptable then. When my grandfather spoke out against the Japanese interments his law practice suffered.

I find the whole "Don't do ... (Below threshold)

I find the whole "Don't do this or that because it would create a crisis". That is stupid. The Jihadist's hate americans and want them dead. How can you make then more hateful then that? I think we should start poking them in the eye more and more. ww

Shotgun... Koran... Pull!</... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

Shotgun... Koran... Pull!

Senator Graham needs to be ... (Below threshold)
Constitution First:

Senator Graham needs to be fitted for a Burka.

I see Graham's point, but h... (Below threshold)

I see Graham's point, but having the government limit freedom is where I disagree. Personally, I believe that the flag, Bible, Koran, etc. should not be burned, as I won't be burning any of them. But, it does not offend me if someone else does. What does offend me, is some radical using that as justification to kill people. As a country, we need to stop trying to appease everyone else and let them deal with it. If they don't, we'll we have more guns and they are bigger.

1. This is an excuse for Be... (Below threshold)

1. This is an excuse for Behavior that these freaks do all the time.
2. Political speech is the protected. When I was in the Navy in the 90 I heard is was perfectly fine to Burn the American flag. No matter that I felt like putting a few rounds on target when I saw.
However i was able to control those feelings because I belong to civilized religion and society where that behavior is punished.
In war speech is limited to that which gives AID and COMFORT to the ENEMY.

Keeping with WWII posters Loose LIPS SINK SHIPS!!!!

Speech that should be limit... (Below threshold)

Speech that should be limited during WAR.

1. Telling the Enemy when you are going to Leave the field of combat.
This allows them to let the people in the area know that allegiance your troops is not only stupid but unworthy since they are not going to be around to protect you.
2. Letting everyone know that killing of troops is sure way to cause people to waiver in support .
This results encourages the enemy to just kill troops not to take land objectives or other meaningful tactical or strategic goals.
3. Broadcasting what what your not going to do so the enemy know how they can best subvert your actions.
4. Providing Propaganda on your own troops to the enemy
5. Providing Propaganda on your own country to the enemy
In fact if you have D after your name in congress STFU

I wish we could find a w... (Below threshold)
Tina S:

I wish we could find a way to hold people accountable. Free speech is a great idea, but we're in a war.

There is a way, the injured parties can sue Terry Jones in civil court. I don't think in any way the government should pass a law against Koran burning.

What I think we take awa... (Below threshold)
John P. Squibob:

What I think we take away from this is that Lindsey Graham... is an idiot.

But I'm open to correction.

You forgot to add various modifiers to the object of the sentence.

I will freely admit that some of the modifiers I would choose may not be suitable for women, children, small dogs and men with weak constitutions.

If Graham wants to hold peo... (Below threshold)

If Graham wants to hold people accountable in their constitutional right of free speech, fine. But start with treason first - and shut down the New York Times outing of Bush's protection techniques. It changed the way we pursue wars. Until the Times is charged, shut-up about moron Terry Jones. He can act stupid - it's not treasonous.






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