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What kind of people would be taken for a ride by Obama again?

Reference the Obama campain kickoff video posted by my colleague Michael Laprarie.

I have serious questions about it all.

So many serious questions.

How can people fall for this a second time? Seriously? How shallow must the thinking be to be duped by the man's lies again?  How can you say with any genuineness that you trust the man? 

I ask these questions with sincerity.

What does it take today to learn a lesson?   What is ingrained so deeply in the psyche that you would be willing not only to vote for the man again but to suggest that others do the same?

Someone help me here.  Help us all.  What level of foolishness and guile will one stoop to?  Is there any pride out there?  Is there half an intellect out there that will take the man's words from the 2008 campaign and juxtapose them with where we are today?

What in hell is wrong with these people?


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Comments (51)

The left will vote... (Below threshold)

The left will vote for him again. It's easy to do so, IF you live in a fictional reality.

So screw trying to convince them of anything, we simply have got to be sure we outnumber them on election day.

"How can people fall for th... (Below threshold)

"How can people fall for this a second time?"

How could they vote for an 'empty suit' the first time?

We'll just have to wait and see what percentage of the population is that damn dumb. Right now, I'm guessing about 34%.

I wasn't particularly fond ... (Below threshold)

I wasn't particularly fond of the prospect of a President McCain, but I held my nose and voted for him anyway because I foresaw just how bad the alternative would be. There are people on the left - earnest, well-meaning people - who will sincerely believe that whatever candidate the GOP fields is close to pure, unadulterated evil. Regardless of how they feel about Obama next November, they'll vote for him because they fear the alternative even more.

Add them to the complete moonbats who actually still believe in Obama, and it will probably be a close race. God help us all.

An overwhelming percentage ... (Below threshold)
Tsar Nicholas II:

An overwhelming percentage of the dolts who voted for Obama in 2008 will vote for him again in 2012. That's because ignorance, stupidity and derangement are tall hurdles to overcome.

It's not that hard, Rick. E... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

It's not that hard, Rick. Every presidential election boils down to two candidates, and next year, Obama will be one of them.

If the GOP nominates someone like the John McCain of 2000 (not the pathetic, doddering whore who ran in 2008) I'll consider voting for him or her. But I don't see that person yet. Do you? Romney? Huckabee? Bachmann, for chrissake? Give me a break.

I don't regret my vote in the general election, given the choice I had. What I regret is not supporting Hillary or someone else, maybe Richardson, in the primaries. And I'm afraid that the GOP is going to present me with the same choice again - either Obama, who I know will continue to disappoint me, or a buffoon like Gingrich, Romney, or, God forbid, Palin.

And if the Tea Party keeps forcing these potential candidates further and further to the lunatic right, it won't even be a choice - I'll be forced to vote for Obama simply to keep a nutbag out of the White House.

I have to agree somewhat wi... (Below threshold)
retired military:

I have to agree somewhat with Bruce Henry here.

If the GOP nominates Romney, Huckabee or one or two others of their ilk than Obama stands a chance of winning.

If the GOP pulls a good candidate out of their rear then it will be a landslide IF Obama doesnt have Hillary as the VP choice. If the GOP elects a decent candidate and Obama does have Hillary as the VP than it will be close.

A Huckabee or Romney candidate after the McCain fiasco and you are asking for trouble.

Obama is extremely beatable especially sans Hillary. The question is will the GOP actually field someone whom people can get behind and I dont mean someone like "Maverick McCain"

Bruce henry"I'll b... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Bruce henry

"I'll be forced to vote for Obama simply to keep a nutbag out of the White House.


Unfortunately there is already one there.

"I'll be forced to vote for... (Below threshold)

"I'll be forced to vote for Obama simply to keep a nutbag out of the White House."


You really can fool some of... (Below threshold)
Jim m:

You really can fool some of the people all of the time. Besides, where else is the left going to go? Do you really expect them to suddenly acknowledge that their while world view is hopelessly uninformed and naive?

Soros was really smart to d... (Below threshold)

Soros was really smart to dump Hillary and install Barry. Americans have been so scared of being called racists that they wont argue with a half black guy.His real dad,Frank Davis and his fake dad, Barack were both committed communists.

If BO runs with HRC I would... (Below threshold)

If BO runs with HRC I wouldn't expect him to live past or maybe up to the election.

"If BO runs with HRC I woul... (Below threshold)

"If BO runs with HRC I wouldn't expect him to live past or maybe up to the election."

NEVER get between a Clinton and power/money.

Biden was the perfect choice. Even crazy people knew what the alternative was going to be if they did Barry any harm.

Wonder what would Vince Foster would have to say.

How can people fall for ... (Below threshold)
Peter F.:

How can people fall for this a second time?

Heck, I'm still amazed and asking myself how good, mostly smart people fell for it the first time.

I live on the west coast and have many, many intelligent, considerate, interesting and thoughtful friends who happen to be liberals. I, too, was positively confounded by their lack of inquisitiveness re: his politics, their dismissal of his lack of experience and of his record, and their complete allegiance to a man largely based on their reading his two books.

I openly questioned their votes and the answers I received were so childish, so steeped in demagoguery and so...petulant and shallow that, in all sincerity, I could hardly believe these were supposedly my "educated" friends. Really, these are not dumb people by any stretch.

Fortunately, thanks to Obama's horrible tacts on issues and policies, good old reality stepped in and gave most of them a sound bitch slap.

Is it enough? Will they be smarter this time? On this coast and the east coast, probably not. Most of these areas are so indoctrinated into liberal myths and rhetoric and into hatred (and I mean that word) of and for any and all things Republican that there's simply no chance they'll change their votes in '12. That's a sad thing to me, as it's evidence of a truly closed and unchanging mind*. And it's hypocritical to the nth degree when I consider their personal belief systems.

In the end, I guess I'll just have to remain dumbfounded and confused in '12 and beyond.

*There are people on the right who are like this, too, I have no illusions about that.)

Anyone seen Joey Biden late... (Below threshold)

Anyone seen Joey Biden lately? Last I heard he was supposed to be either pushing a budget compromise or was in Russia.

The very latest has him locked in a basement with his mouth taped shut. Should be quite a campaign where 1/2 of 'the dream team' is never allowed to open his mouth.

BTW, I don't think Joey is ... (Below threshold)

BTW, I don't think Joey is in Scranton drumming up votes. The unemployment rate there is 10%.

America cannot afford...or ... (Below threshold)

America cannot afford...or maybe even survive... another 4 years of Obama.

He has surrounded himself with WAY far Left idealogues, and absolutely run this country into a ditch in every sense of the word.

All I ask of Americans (including Bruce Henry) is hold Obama accountable for his record!

I thought McCain was about ... (Below threshold)

I thought McCain was about the worst that could have happened. Compare him to Obamain any way and is it any wonder that Obama won. I can see that hope/change stuff b/c libs need that stuff.I think most of us here would rather see actions instead of words. I also,think the Dems. were not affraid of McCain... they knew they could handle the Maverick (sic )esp. controlling both houses. McCane like so many of the Republican leadership have a willingness to "go along to get along". Remember the party leadership that caused the spending problems back in 2004/2005,etc are still there. I would like to see these people grow a pair. They should be more worried about our next generation instead of their next election. For what it is worth I would really like to see more of Hermin Cain.

Not so much "how can they" ... (Below threshold)
Michael Gersh:

Not so much "how can they" but more "who would" vote for him again. Look at the actors in that Obama campaign commercial released today. Each one shows a childlike faith in Obama, and a complete disregard of issues permeates the thing. The people who will vote for Obama are afraid of the bogeyman, and they believe that he wears an elephant on his lapel. The rational reasons for voting Obama again are missing for any ideologue, except for those whose faith and fear outweigh their faith in their own understanding of such big issues as war and making the weather worse. Consistent failure by the guy in charge are as nothing compared to faith and fear.

Then there is the issue of the opposing candidate. If he has executive experience and never quit her governor's job, there is a chance to allay those fears and inspire faith, but what with the wacky TPers ruling out our best candidates, this thing will turn on the primary. If an accomplished businessman and governor like Romney is out, the republicans will have only themselves to blame for another four years of disaster.

Bruce,Friendly quest... (Below threshold)

Friendly question; not a trap. If you could pick any prominent Republican who would be acceptable to you as a candidate for president? Please pick anyone even if he/she has no desire to run, sort of an 'I wish this person would run' thing. Bachmann, Ryan, Pence, Rubio, Christie, etc.? Perhaps I misjudge you but I look at you as kind of a center, left voice here if that is fair so I am interested in your thoughts about who would be an attractive choice to you if I am not putting you on the spot.

Reading through the comment... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

Reading through the comments and watching Bill O. He and Bernie are talking Trump. Wouldn't it be great to hear Trump say at his inaugural address say "Mr.Obama... You're Fired!!!" I can dream can't I???

Bruce, You mention... (Below threshold)


You mentioned some Republicans in your post. All of them have political experience. I think it is safe to say they will have an energy policy without so many radical czars and I don't think they will allow a DOJ that sues school districts over muslim vacations. I also would not question their patriotism but I find myself doing that with Obama not b/c he is liberal but simply b/c of what he has said and done. I don't see Obama as a black man who happens to be president I see a weak and I believe dishonest individual who dosen't deserve what he has gotten from this country. Anybody but Obama.

Please note on the Obama Hi... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Please note on the Obama Hillary ticket I didnt say it was the best thing for Obama in general. I simply stated that as long as the GOP doesnt nominate a Huckabee or Romney than Hillary would be his best chance to get reelected.

DaveD:What I meant... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:


What I meant in my comment is that I would CONSIDER a Republican candidate similar to the McCain of 2000 - not an ideologue, one with pragmatic ideas that address basic issues. I don't know of one on the GOP side this year.

How about that Huntsman guy? Don't know much about him.

I used to like Lamar Alexander back in the 90s, but he has embraced the crazy along with the rest of the Republicans.

Earlier I thought maybe Pawlenty would be at least reasonable, but the pressure to move to the right has got to him, too. Now he's indistinguishable from Huckabee, Palin, Bachmann, etc. Seems like he even wants to out-crazy a couple of them.

So I don't know, Dave. Certainly none of the guys you listed seem like good choices to me. So if the country is going to be stuck with a Republican president next time (not likely), I guess my least horrifying candidate would be Jeb Bush. He didn't fuck up Florida too badly as governor.

What I don't want is Romney... (Below threshold)

What I don't want is Romney getting the nomination because it's 'his turn'. That's a big reason how we ended up with McCain. The GOP has to run against Obama and not each other. Yes they can point out differences in how they would handle a policy issue, but they have to concentrate on Obama's failures and incompetence.

Let the voters and not the MSM decide who the GOP nominee will be. Palin, Romney, Huckabee and even (choke) Paul need to get out there and hammer Obama and his lack of leadership and lack of accomplishment.

As for Obama's support, unfortunately there are those on the Left who will blindly vote for him. Heck, he could launch nuclear missiles at San Francisco and Californians would still vote for him, and blame Bush for the mushroom cloud over the Golden Gate.

HermieThat is also... (Below threshold)
retired military:


That is also how we wound up with Bob Dole. Remember how good that turned out? Although I would take him over Obama any day of the week.


I think whoever the GOP nominates will be too far right for you. Maybe if we nominated Hillary it would be to your liking but I think that is about it. Obama is a true blue disaster. We need someone other than him even if it is (bleck, ralph, hurl) someone like Romney or Huckabee.

You have the blacks, the fa... (Below threshold)
Jim Addison:

You have the blacks, the far left, the yellow dog Democrats, the rent seekers, the stupid, and those who simply hate America and enjoy seeing it being taken down a peg or two. That's the Obama coalition for reelection.

Among his former legions of young voters, reported unemployment is over 14% and enthusiasm for their own futures or Obama very low; among independents he is far behind his 2008 record, and his completely incompetent performance as President leaves him underwater with that key voting group.

Those who entertain the thought of reelecting him under any circumstances should articulate why. If they can only offer negatives ("mean ol' Republicans aren't very nice") they should explain in detail just how a Republican could possibly do worse than the Bozo in office now.

Imagine the MSM shit storm ... (Below threshold)
John S:

Imagine the MSM shit storm if a Republican said he would raise $1 billion for a re-election campaign! Obama will be hard to beat because Goldman Sachs definitely will launder $1 billion to keep its puppet in power.

The Republicans would be best served to run Sarah Palin as a Hail Mary candidate and concentrate its resources on winning veto-proof majorities in the House and Senate. But Palin could win: given Fed policy, a collapse of the dollar and 500 percent inflation in the summer of 2012 certainly is possible.

I'm thinking of having a bu... (Below threshold)

I'm thinking of having a bumper sticker made:

In 2008 you voted for Obama and proved you weren't a racist.
In 2012 please vote for someone else and prove you're not an idiot.

My NOBAMA sticker is gettin... (Below threshold)

My NOBAMA sticker is getting more notice lately, for what that's worth.

He didn't fuck up Florid... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

He didn't fuck up Florida too badly as governor.

You can talk "fuck-up" and even consider voting for Obama? Wow.

Bruce Wayne-"I'll ... (Below threshold)

Bruce Wayne-

"I'll be forced to vote for Obama simply to keep a nutbag out of the White House"

Thanks for your irrational scary thought of the day... Feel free now to re-insert your head up to the shoulders back in your ass!

"What kind of ... (Below threshold)
'914 :

"What kind of people would be taken for a ride by Obama again?"


"How can people fall for th... (Below threshold)

"How can people fall for this a second time?"
You mean the middle of the road UNDECIDED..

About 30% of population stands for everything he is. They will vote for him even if he is caught in bed with a dead hooker.

Just as in 2008, about a 35% segment of population that includes myself will vote for a box of dirty sox before EVER voting for the current Idiot punk -in- Chief.

As for those swing voters falling a second time?, how did they fall for this LYING, anti-American, incompetent, radical POS the FIRST time!!!
Answer: Unknown person of color with LOTS of BS and MSM spin...

Now.. REALITY has been seen and felt..
QUE: The WHO "We Won't Get Fooled Again"...with a nice loud scream...
They won't get fooled again!

**Only fly in the ointment is if GOP nominates a full blown screw up.**
We only need a respectable nominee, doesn't have to be great to win. BUT GOP must avoid a disaster end of the bench type nominee.
There's NOT many, and they will be obvious to us ALL...
So vote in primary's please.

C'mon, guys - where's your ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

C'mon, guys - where's your enthusiasm?

The only candidate who's been mentioned on this thread with any positivity is Palin - who is unelectable.

If you guys think that "anybody but Obama" is going to be a winning slogan for you, I think you're in for a rude awakening. Obama's approval/disapproval numbers are not that bad, and if the employment picture is markedly better next fall, he's a shoo-in. At least, if he's up against anybody the GOP is fielding right now. And if the Republican Congress keeps focusing on abortion, NPR, and cutting food stamps instead of jobs. And guess what? Calling for tax cuts over and over again, after the revelations about huge corporations paying NO taxes for years, is not going to be a winning issue either.

BruceIf you are ta... (Below threshold)
retired military:


If you are talking about GE it turns out they did pay taxes and are expected to pay more for this year. It seems that the MSM fact checkers were umm without facts again.
Not that I am a fan of GE.

As for the enthusiasm mine left when McCain got nominated. Having Romney and Huckabee mentioned as front runners does nothing to get it back either.

Bruce,Sorry I did no... (Below threshold)

Sorry I did not come back earlier, but thanks for your reply to my question.

If the repubs run the right... (Below threshold)

If the repubs run the right campaign, Obama is very vulnerable.

Highlight his countless flip-flops.
Highlight his out of control spending.
Hell, he's even now calling for doubling conservation spending. This, in the face of massive deficits. All he does is spend.
Highlight the Justice Dept that only cares about Holders "my people".
Repeatedly show Obama bowing to damn near everyone and apologizing for the US being the US.
Repeat Obama's claim that it would be so much easier to be the president of China.

There's so much material available for devastating ads that it might be hard to choose.

As for Repub candidates, why not Bachmann?
Why not Ryan, who just laid out an economic plan to trim the deficits and debt?

They key to this next election is going to be the deficits, the debt, unemployment and the cost of energy. Based on what we've seen so far, none will improve enough to save Barry.

Show the tape of his buggin... (Below threshold)

Show the tape of his bugging out of a press conference on the economy because he had to go to a party.

In fact, show his constant partying, vacations and golf games, then cut to factories closed, oil wells shut down, and his SEIU thugs demanding their cushy benefits while workers in the private sector are facing foreclosures and loss of their kids' futures.

SO Bruce. . you mean someon... (Below threshold)
Ryan M.:

SO Bruce. . you mean someone who isn't an Idealouge. . like Barack Obama is?

Hey Bruce? Look up, someti... (Below threshold)
Ryan M.:

Hey Bruce? Look up, sometime, what people actually favor in regards to tax cuts. You will not find many people think giving the government MORE money to play with when they are so BAD with what they already have is preferable to them just NOT GETTING the money AND not spending it. If you let them raise taxes one penny, somehow all of the spending cuts will just evaporate.

who here doesn't think Henr... (Below threshold)

who here doesn't think Henry voted for The Won last time ?

"who here doesn't think Hen... (Below threshold)

"who here doesn't think Henry voted for The Won last time ?"

And he's just stupid enough to do it again.

For all the criticism of Ob... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

For all the criticism of Obama, what is the alternative? Most of you and your favorite candidates cricitize Obama for an open ended costy war in Libya.. of two weeks with no ground troops,
Mitch Daniels is really the only impressive Republican candidate for independents, (and for me), but as several have suggested he has to run the guantlet of the GOP crazies and still avoid becoming one himself.

Steve"what is the ... (Below threshold)
retired military:


"what is the alternative"

Just about anyone can do better than the manchild has done. I cant think of many on the left that would be worse alternatives to Obama.

Whereas GOP candidates ahve to run the gauntlet of
"GOP Crazies" the candidate on the left gets to embrace theirs fully.

As I said earlier, forget O... (Below threshold)
John S:

As I said earlier, forget Obama. Gain control of the Senate and impeach the asshole in 2013, if you want. Or better yet, it will be easy to "blame the black man" when the dollar collapses and Goldman Sachs finds it necessary to impose martial law in 2013.

Bruce, Palin has shown up i... (Below threshold)

Bruce, Palin has shown up in 5 comments. 3 of them were yours.

Goldaman Sachs declare mart... (Below threshold)
Steve Crickmore:

Goldaman Sachs declare martial law,.. that answers the previous commentor whether Obama is a true candiate of the left. He has outsourced much of his presidency to Goldman Sachs and Wall Street, already .As long as many of you continue to claim him to be a socialist, he has the perfect cover.

Re # 46:So? Not a ... (Below threshold)
Bruce Henry:

Re # 46:

So? Not a Palin mention-count, just noting that no one had said anything positive about any GOP candidate except Palin.

But, re-reading, I was wrong - kind of. One guy said he'd "like to see more of Herman Cain." There's a winner for you - think he could best Obama in a one-on-one debate?

Another dude called Romney an "accomplished businessman and governor." And that is indeed an apt description; unfortunately, one of his accomplishments as governor was Romneycare. How do you reckon that'll play with Republican primary voters? The fiscal conservatives will hate him for that, and the Jesus nuts, err, umm, I mean social conservatives will hate him for being Mormon, so, in my opinion, he's toast.

.... What kind of people wo... (Below threshold)

.... What kind of people would be taken for a ride by Obama again ...?

We aught not forget that for the already overwhelmingly dumbed-down (by forty-six years of wave upon wave of the traitorous "Democrats" willfully cynically-engineered Third-World-Lumpen legal immigration and illegal migration) mean American IQ stay somewhat stable at around 96, something like 55% of the American electorate is of below Western-World-average intelligence.

Too damned stupid, that is, to know its being lied to and/or, 85% of that 55% paying no taxes and/or being fed from the public trough, too damned mean-spirited and/or greedy to care.

Add in the "Democrats'" carefully cultivated criminal-alien community, its felons, its dead, its telephone books of Acorn-registered and voted "voters" and that the "Democrats" Absolutely own, operate and control America's elections' machinery and you have the most massively corrupt elections process in the world.

The elections machinery, that is, that listened when its "Uncle Joe," the communist tyrant/mass-murderer, Stalin, said:

"Those that cast the votes decide nothing.

"Those that count the votes decide everything."

Now ask us a hard one.

The Buraq-Hussayn-Milhous-l... (Below threshold)

The Buraq-Hussayn-Milhous-lickspittle-like "Steve Crickmore" says Wall Street and the likes of Goldman Sachs provide the cover O'Zero's management's gang's coke-addled marijuana-mumbling mother's milquetoast might need in order to evade the consequences of being called "a socialist."

Cool your jets, "Steve."

0'Zero's not a "socialist."

Like you and your Goebbelesque propagandist pals and all of the rest of his gang and of its cohorts and cronies - Wall Street and Goldman Sachs included - 0'Zero is a mobbed-up Mussolini-modeled modified Marxist.

Definitively, that is, a fascist.

"Bruce Henry:"....... (Below threshold)

"Bruce Henry:"

.... Herman Cain: There's a winner for you - think he could best Obama in a one-on-one debate ...?

You mean "feel."

(il)Liberals do not think.

And only if someone tied 90% of Mr Cain's brain behind his back and TelePrompTer-fed Sayiid Buraq Hussayn bin Buraq Hussayn bin Hussayn Milhous his answers would America's and the world's most dangerous dullard last even one round in Mr Cain's arena!






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