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Lindsey Graham... meet Ann Barnhardt


She's got a few things to say about your ideas on restricting free speech in wartime and yes, it's R-rated... so hide your wife, hide your kids... but listen to every damned word you flippin' RINO loon:

That's a righteous rant.

Pass it on.

And if you're wondering who the lady is, here's an excerpt or two from an interview with her from iOwnTheWorld:

iOTW - Not much time passed between Graham's statement on the Sunday morning show and the upload of your video. Did you just spring up off the couch and pretty much create this video unscripted?

Ann - I got home from Mass at about 1:30 Sunday afternoon.  Sunday was Laetare Sunday, which marks the midway point of Lent.  The priest at the parish I attend said repeatedly in his homily that it was a day to relax and enjoy oneself.  So I decided to have a fancy sit-down meal.  I went to a good Italian place and between my caprese salad and cheese ravioli with a side of meatballs (natch) I pulled out my iPhone for a little light reading.  I saw Graham on HotAir.com and knew instantly what I had to do.  After lunch, I grabbed the bacon, the glass fire bowl, a fire extinguisher (safety first), and two paperback copies of the Koran for easy burning.  I wrote the "Part 1" script in about 45 minutes, took another 30 minutes to choose my passages to "bacon bookmark", and recorded the clip in one take - but did have to pause when the fire alarm went off.  Hate when that happens.

iOTW - Your communication skills are pretty impressive, do you have a background that would have prepared you for this, or are you just a natural?

Ann - I have always been a good public speaker and writer.   I do apply my talent by teaching seminars for cattlemen as part of one of my businesses, and have a DVD version of my seminar as well.  I deliver one of the best five-hour economics lectures on the planet.  Not that that is saying much, I know.

iOTW - Have you been a political activist in the past and were there particular issues, apart from Islam, that you focused on?

Ann - I am not a political activist.  I am the owner of three small businesses who looked around two and a half years ago and said, "Oh, HELL no."  Politicians make me ill.  I can never and will never be a politician.  For the last two to three years I have been focusing heavily on explaining and exposing Marxism, Islam and the fraud that is Obama.  But that is triple-redundant, isn't it?

iOTW - What is your take on what is known as the Ground Zero Mosque?

Ann - They can build a mosque at Ground Zero when we can build a Catholic Cathedral Basilica over the top of the Kaaba in Mecca.  You know what?  Check that.  They still couldn't build a mosque at Ground Zero, because Ground Zero is the sacred burial space of 3000 people that THEY MURDERED.  No mosque at Ground Zero E.V.E.R.

iOTW - Islam uses the constitution to their advantage. How do we do battle with Islam without trampling the constitution?

Ann - Declare war against the Caliphate, just like we did against the Third Reich.  Same bloody thing.  And I'm not kidding.

iOTW- What do you think of General Petreus and his assertion that inciting Islam puts our soldiers in harm's way?

Ann - I have an offer for General Petreus.  I'll GIVE him one of my balls.  Then I'd still have two, and he would have one.  He is a politicking coward who cares only about his pension and cashing in on his rank after he retires.  The suicidal, defeatist Rules of Engagement he oversees are the unequivocal proof of that.  He should resign in disgrace - yesterday, and then present himself to each and every family of our war dead and BEG their forgiveness for failing in his duty as their son or daughter's commanding officer.

There's more at the link from our shy little waif but I especially chuckled at her conversion to Catholicism comment:

iOTW - How devout are you in your faith?

Ann - Hmmm.  How does one answer that without falling into massive false pride?  I am a convert to Catholicism after years of study and logical, reasoned thought - which is NOT a sin, by the way, no matter what that nun with the six dollar crewcut told you.  Beyond that, it only took me a year to find the pre-Vatican II Tridentine Latin Mass.  If I had to guess where this bizarre strength and total lack of fear is coming from, I would have to guess that it is from my assisting (such as it is) at the sublime, holy Tridentine Mass.  Internally and in my relationship with Christ I am admittedly a near-total disaster.  I reckon He looks at me and just shakes His head.  Mea culpa.  Mea culpa.  Mea maxima culpa.

God have mercy on all us sinners... especially those of us who embrace brutal honesty.

H/T to Gerard who also carries the video of Ms. Barnhardt treating a Koran with some extreme prejudice.


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Comments (39)

Damn shes good!We need more... (Below threshold)

Damn shes good!We need more of this if we are to break the bonds of the unions and all the commies.and stupid people in general.

Terry Jones is an idiot and... (Below threshold)

Terry Jones is an idiot and close friend of Westboro Baptist Church (surprise!). He is a useful idiot.

I disagree with his disastrous little publicity stunt, but I support his right to free speech.

Whoop! Whoop! Take THAT, Li... (Below threshold)

Whoop! Whoop! Take THAT, Lindsey Graham!

If you agree with "dingy" H... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

If you agree with "dingy" Harry and John "F'in" Kerry on ANYTHING and call yourself a conservative, you're a RINO dope!

The first amendment is in p... (Below threshold)

The first amendment is in place to protect unpopular speech, don't need a first amendment to protect PC speech. If the Westboro A-holes can torment greiving families this Jones A-hole can burn a koran. It's interesting to see what kind of slime crawls out from under the rock Jones turned over.

Bravo!... (Below threshold)


And that, ladies and gentle... (Below threshold)

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what's known as a can of whoop ass!

A modest proposal:... (Below threshold)

A modest proposal:

I receive calls from Republican fund raisers, I imagine that some of you do as well. I will make no contributions to the Party or to the NRSCC if there is any chance that Lindsey Graham will receive a penny. Make sure you make that clear the next time the GOP or the NRSCC call.

The only issue I have with ... (Below threshold)

The only issue I have with Ms Barnhardt is her continous refferal to Graham as a Jackass. I have known several Jackasses in my life, they are more noble, honest and intelligent than Lindsey Graham will ever be. Some farmers even use Jackasses to protect flocks from predators. Nobody would hire a senator to protect a flock.

Limpsy Gramnesty Internatio... (Below threshold)

Limpsy Gramnesty International for UN secretary general!

Just like everything the id... (Below threshold)

Just like everything the idiots in DC do it's slippery slope, where does it end. Could some people make the argument that this is no different than the killing of Dr Tiller? Afterall he pissed off some religous nut who then killed him, how is Tiller responsible, he did asked for it afterall? Yesterday I read about the slut walk in Toronto same deal there, a woman dresses a little slutty and gets raped, I guess she had it coming. What happens the next time some enlighted artist decides to descerate Christ should the Christians start beheading people? How about we hold the killers responsible?

Ditto Jer @ April 5... (Below threshold)

Ditto Jer @ April 5, 2011 9:40 AM:

That, indeed, was a can of whoop ass. A giant, economy-sized, Sam's Club can of whoop ass.

If I was Grahamnesty, I think I'd make it a point to find out what state this woman is in on a day-to-day basis... and avoid it like the plague lest she catch up with him and finish the job in person.

Woohoo - Ann for President!... (Below threshold)

Woohoo - Ann for President!!

Just when you think the nut... (Below threshold)

Just when you think the nutbars can't get any nuttier, you find a nutty chick who says she's got more balls that General Petraeus.

He's only commanded the 101st on the way to Baghdad and spent six or so years in the war zones since then, with a few close calls for him.

Now if we had people who sp... (Below threshold)

Now if we had people who spoke like this we would have real Presidential candidate.

She is one of bravest woman... (Below threshold)
Indian Guy:

She is one of bravest woman I ever see in my life.
She reminds me my Hindu goddesses (Kali and Satyabhama) who destroyed the evil.

A bright lady def... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

A bright lady deftly identifying a lazy political thought that can become yet another cobblestone for the road to Hell that is stupidly being constructed for western civilization. She's right about Graham and right about Petraeus both of whom are, 'thinking from the hip'.

"Just when you think the nu... (Below threshold)

"Just when you think the nutbars can't get any nuttier, you find a nutty chick who says she's got more balls that General Petraeus.

He's only commanded the 101st on the way to Baghdad and spent six or so years in the war zones since then, with a few close calls for him."

So you disagree with everything she is saying, Chico?

Fear of Islam has taken ... (Below threshold)
gaius piconius:

Fear of Islam has taken the fancy of politicians, obviously. What was it!...one Koran burned in Florida led to 38 muslims dying at the hands of Afghan muslims. Well then, with luck, burning 1 million Korans could well lead to only 2 million Afghans left over, and that seems a better and more practical way to deal with fear than subordinating the US Constitution to what she she describes, quite correctly as, 'a manifesto of hatred'.

Is this the American versio... (Below threshold)
Thomas Lee:

Is this the American version of Geert Wilders?

This brilliant and courageous woman is going viral with her YouTube video showing her burning the Koran. If this petite woman has the guts to take on Islam what is wrong with the men in this country. Why are we trembling and scared witless of these Muslim flag and Bible burners?

By the way; I agree, the comparison of Lyndsey Graham to a jackass is unfair to the jackass.

Well dang, I find my... (Below threshold)
DJ Drummond:

Well dang, I find myself agreeing with Chico's comment. The lady lost my support - completely- when she started insulting General Petraeus.

Sorry, but General Petraeus is as good as we've had in uniform since Eisenhower. Anyone trying to smear him drops to Charlie-Sheen-level for credibility.

Yes, she was right to trash Graham. But she blew apart her argument by insulting Petraeus.

When she calms down, Ms. Barnhardt owes a sincere apology and retraction to the General.

Senator Graham was a senato... (Below threshold)

Senator Graham was a senator from SC when I lived in the Greenville (SC) area. He still represents the area around Walhall where I own property. After studying him and his voting record I have concluded that he is a pseudo-intellectual posing as a statesman. He and John McCain are buddies. Need I say more?

I want to have her kids.</p... (Below threshold)

I want to have her kids.

I generally like General Pe... (Below threshold)

I generally like General Petraeus. Can't say one way or the other whether or not he is responsible for some of the stupid ROE our forces have to deal with in theater. However, his comments on the koran burning were stupid. He needs to catch some fire for them. If he chooses to get involved in the politics of the matter, then he's open to criticism.

Remember, our fighting generals are gone. Chesty and Patton were the last. They are more politician than warrior now. I don't see Petraeus as a fighting general.

If his defenders think he is so tough, then a few verbal jabs from Ms. Barnhardt shouldn't cost him any sleep.

She's right on point for the most part in this rant. I prefer to look at the total work rather than find a point to disagree with.

Ann Barnhardt to Lindsey Gr... (Below threshold)

Ann Barnhardt to Lindsey Graham, "Me thinks I was enamored by an ass." That crazy moonbat must really have the hots for Lindsey. She doth protest too much! She wants him to come after her, eh?

Her reference to the nun wi... (Below threshold)

Her reference to the nun with the six dollar crew cut makes me believe that she has very little respect for her own religion. She certainly has no respect for anybody else's.

If I was Grahamnesty, I ... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

If I was Grahamnesty, I think I'd make it a point to find out what state this woman is in on a day-to-day basis... and avoid it like the plague lest she catch up with him and finish the job in person.

She's in Colorado...in fact in part II of the vid (where she reads various verses of, and burns pages of the Koran, she gives her FULL address, and basically says "Come get a piece of me...if you can."

Her reference to the nun... (Below threshold)
James Cloninger:

Her reference to the nun with the six dollar crew cut makes me believe that she has very little respect for her own religion. She certainly has no respect for anybody else's.

You can respect the religion and still not like some of it's practitioners. Like paedophillic priests, for example.

The only disrespect she's shown is for Islam...which was the whole point of the video, in case you didn't bother to watch it. I didn't see her taking down Judaism, Hinduism, Zoasterism, etc.

There were restrictions on ... (Below threshold)
jose maria:

There were restrictions on freedom of speech during World War Two. Ms Barnhardt should do more research. Just before entering World War Two, congress passed the Sedition Act of 1940, which limited freedom of speech and freedom of expression. It made it a crime to distribute written materials or make speeches in a way to cause insubordination or refusal of duty in the armed forces. It also made it a crime to teach or advocate the overthrow of the government by force. In addition the mail of service men was censored, news and newspapers were sometimes censored in order to maintain the morale of our troops and there was forced internment of Japanese Americans.

Correction: It was the Smi... (Below threshold)
jose maria:

Correction: It was the Smith Act of 1940. Sorry for the typo

I don't agree with Graham a... (Below threshold)

I don't agree with Graham at all, no to restrictions on free speech, but Petraeus is the military commander in Afghanistan and was speaking to Afghans in order to calm things down and perhaps save U.S. and other troops and aid workers' lives.

So, yeah, this chick is a nutbar.

Supreme Court Justice Steph... (Below threshold)

Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has also voiced disapproval of Koran burning. He said on Good Morning America that he was not sure that the 1st Amendment covered the right to burn a Koran.

This sounds a lot of provoc... (Below threshold)

This sounds a lot of provocative shit calculated to trigger populist sentiment in a certain direction (a direction perhaps desired by some who want to panic the herd over their own particular cliff). The western memes. The in your face attitude. The photos of guns. The flags and high heels. The equating islam with nazism. Even if she isn't an agent provocateur, plant, etc. she's sure serving the role of one by "upping the tension" against the Muslim world. I don't like the Muslim religion any more than any other freedom-loving American does, and I don't like the way things are in our country. But I also don't like the way she's bringing an ignition source closer to a powder keg with conduct like this, because those are our kids at war, and they are not so expendable that we can play with their safety by her getting up in the ragheads' faces like that from her nice safe home. If you aren't a f***ing Israeli plant, then be cooler, woman. Vote the right people in and we'll start DEPORTING. The solution is best served cold.

Bravo Janey! Yours is the ... (Below threshold)

Bravo Janey! Yours is the best comment I've read on this subject. She certainly has the right to free speech under the 1st Amendment, but the 1st Amendment does not protect one from the consequences of his actions. If the death threats come in I don't want a dime of my taxpayer's money going for protection and body guards for either her or Jones.

Janey and Maxim: Nice princ... (Below threshold)

Janey and Maxim: Nice principles, but no balls to back it up. Why are you both afraid of the TRUTH? Western Civilization is incompatible with Islam. Why do you want to kowtow to ragheads who would rather slit your throat than look at you? Wake up and smell the bacon!!

It makes me sad to see peop... (Below threshold)
Gary W. Ellsworth:

It makes me sad to see people not take a stand on this issue. Civilization is at risk. Europe is already lost because people are too selfish to "multiple and replenish the earth", children are too much trouble and hinder your life style Kudos to Ann Barnheardt and to Terry Jones. World War I really started when Mohammad slaughtered the 600 innocent Jews in Mecca and has continue until now. Thank God for Charles Martel, Terry Jones and Ann Barnhardt. We should have a new National Holiday September 11 which not only commorates vile attack on our soil in 2001 but also the fact that Islam was turned back on that date in 1683. Ann has given the battle cry. Surely we would lose this battle against the forces of Satan, except that we know that lucifer will lose in the end and Christ will reign. Thank you Ann and Terry and others, you give us hope.

Ann B. is a superwoman for ... (Below threshold)

Ann B. is a superwoman for speaking out against this evil that our ignoramous politicians can not seem to do. If these wusses were living during the WWII era, they would be outcasts and our enemies! Vote them all out who would betray us for such evil!

Ann Barnhardt has capsulize... (Below threshold)
Thomas Reichardt:

Ann Barnhardt has capsulized the national threat that muslim terrorsits pose on our country. She clearly reveals that the muslims' grand plan is world domination. When they mention "Peace", it is a world without Christians. When they mention innocense, it is a world without Christians. Face it America,the islamic world is not going to be peaceful or innocent unless it is a world without Christians.

Interesting discussion and ... (Below threshold)
JOhn Sutherland:

Interesting discussion and comments. Certainly brings out the radicals and the fed-ups. I think this video and the pro-Ann comments reflect on the incredible frustration of everyday Americans with the huge amounts of dishonesty and outright fraud coming from members of their own government, and their need for openness and honesty. Americans are tired of being lied to and defrauded by people who they elect and hire to do their legislative work for them. They are looking for real Americans in their government, not the one worlders or the traitors, or the criminals.

It would seem the only solution to the incompetence, dishonesty, fraud, and corruption coming from government is to do the job ourselves.

I respect Ann for having the chutzpah to see things clearly, and to tell it like it is. As for the progressives, totalitarians, communists, one worlders, and political sycophants in the crowd - get the hell out of our house.






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