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Burger flippers of the world, unite!

From the Associated Press:

McDonald's Corp. will hold its first national hiring day April 19 to fill 50,000 openings at its restaurants nationwide. The company, based in Oak Brook, Ill., says it is making a concerted effort to add staff as its business improves and as more of its restaurants stay open 24 hours a day.

McDonald's is hiring restaurant crew and management for full-time and part-time positions. The company's hiring goal translates to between three and four new hires per restaurant.

Turnover slowed in the past few years because of the weak economy, the company says. McDonald's sees this event an opportunity to attract employees in a tough job market.

This is interesting for a number of reasons, particularly since McDonalds was one of the first companies to complain loudly about the cost of compliance with new ObamaCare health plan requirements.  One wonders how much $$$ the Obama Administration had to funnel to Mickey D's in order to affect such an about-face. 

And then there's that whole "burger flipper jobs" thing.  Remember back in the 1980's, when liberals pooh-poohed the Reagan recovery by claiming that Americans were really worse off, because high-paying, secure union factory worker jobs were being supplanted by automation and the only thing left for blue collar workers would be mopping floors or flipping hamburgers at McDonalds for $3.50 an hour?

Now we have a true hamburger flipper economy.  Where are the detractors?

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"Now we have a true hamburg... (Below threshold)

"Now we have a true hamburger flipper economy. Where are the detractors?"

Don't look to the Democrats - with the unemployment numbers as high as they are - desperation has set in. Besides, hypocrisy is their long suit.

The detractors a... (Below threshold)

The detractors are the 15th thru 45th in line for those "burger flipping" jobs.

FYI McDonalds was one of th... (Below threshold)

FYI McDonalds was one of the first to get a waiver from Obamacare. This really is good news for the economy. If their business is picking up, then people must have some more disposable income. Either that or McDonalds is sucking up the business from higher in the restaurant food chain. Anyone know what Chili's is doing?

"Besides, hypocrisy is thei... (Below threshold)

"Besides, hypocrisy is their long suit."

That's all they'll have left. Every single complaint/criticism they leveled at Repubs has come true in spades under Obomba.

Commentator "yetanotherjohn... (Below threshold)

Commentator "yetanotherjohn" has is right: as companies like McDonalds started coming forward to point out that they would have to cancel their insurance because of ObamaCare, the Democrats tried to silence the criticism. The White House responded by handing out waivers. ObamaCare also gives the White House a slush fund where they can give away tons of money to their favorite groups to ease the pain caused by ObamaCare.

Now, the first issue is the Constitutional question of whether or not ObamaCare actually gives the White House the authority to hand out these waivers. And I don't see anything in the Law that gives them that authority.

Any sensible person would conclude that the handouts and waivers are a very bad idea. It gives any occupants of the White House the authority to hand out favors at will, rewarding their friends and punishing their political enemies by withholding these favors. Crony Capitalism at it's best.

The big question for the minority who rabidly support ObamaCare is this: If this Law is so good for the economy, why does the White House find it necessary to hand out waivers and cash to ease the pain caused by the Law itself?

It seems that Rep. Pelosi got it wrong when she said, "We have to pass the bill to find out what's in it." Even after the bill is passed and signed into law, we still don't know what the Law really does because the Obama administration is concealing the impact of the Law itself.

The real irony here is that... (Below threshold)
Caesar Augustus:

The real irony here is that a large percentage of Obama's most fervent supporters are not qualified even to flip burgers at McDonald's.

"Where are the detractors?"... (Below threshold)

"Where are the detractors?"

I believe half of them are writing policy papers in the Obama administration, and the rest are media sycophants abusing their 'i (heart) obama' knee pads.

McDonald's CEO makes $17 mi... (Below threshold)

McDonald's CEO makes $17 million per year, I'm sure he earns every penny, unlike those lowly burger flippers with no health insurance.


Another payoff by Obamalama... (Below threshold)

Another payoff by Obamalama. This fool has got to go. At least a huge majority of the country knows what happens when you get an inexperienced liberal in office. ww

What do you bet "burger fl... (Below threshold)

What do you bet "burger flipping" and kitchen cleaning can't be automated and staff cut by two thirds?

This really is good news... (Below threshold)
John S:

This really is good news for the economy.

No it's not. McDonalds' Obamacare waiver was for one-year only. Its massive hiring effort is to raise headcount in each restaurant so that there are no longer full-time employees eligible for health benefits. So these 50,000 new jobs will pay $174 before taxes. And companies like McDonalds are real assholes about creating random ever changing schedules that can't be meshed with the two other part-time, minimum wage jobs one needs to sort of survive.

How do I know this? The chain restaurant where I find myself working 24-hours a week already has done this. Their new part-time-only policy took effect the week Obamacare was signed. But I’m sure this is a coincidence.

McDonald's wants some of th... (Below threshold)

McDonald's wants some of the better quality people that have been out of work a while, so they can start cutting hours on the low-quality people they have as holdovers from before the recession. Having seen the havoc those holdovers can wreak on customer service in my neck of the woods I can't say I blame McDonald's.

I think they've calculated that by now a lot of the people who dropped off the unemployment rolls over the past year or so are about ready to take a job now, even if it means flipping burgers.

So no, I don't think it's good news for the economy -- but it might be good news for people who have been avoiding McDonald's for reasons other than the food.






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