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Unlike 1995's shutdown, military may not be paid this time


The Department of Defense says that if the government shuts down for an extended period, troops including those fighting in Afghanistan and Iraq will not be paid on time, according to a senior defense official.

The threat adds to the pressure the Pentagon is trying to put on Congress to pass a proper defense budget, rather than the continuing resolutions it has operated under for a the last few months. The resolutions fund the Department of Defense at a lower rate.

"If the continuing resolution expires, we have no money except for activities we can say are exempt as permissible by law, on the grounds of national security," the senior defense official said. He is unnamed because he wasn't authorized to speak on the record.

Officials insist the operations -- including the two wars, Libya and Japan -- would be not affected but it would certainly impact military families.

If the federal government shuts down, "you could have forces deployed in the field, with their families back home, and no one's getting paid. And that could be an issue," the defense official said.

If a shutdown were to last beyond the next pay period of April 15, the official says U.S. troops would not get paid on time.

This is a stark contrast to 1995, when military personnel continued to work and were paid. The official says unless Congress and the president specifically reach agreement otherwise, "some troops who expect a paycheck might not get it on time." The official says troops would receive back pay when funding is restored.

AJ Strata speaks for me on this issue:

Let me just cut to the chase.

If the Obama administration felt our national safety would be maintained by making sure our troops could focus on their jobs instead of the financial risk of themselves or their families, Congress would have no problem exempting the pay of our brave men and women from the shutdown.

Only a liberal ass - operating on full moron - would attempt to use military pay as a way to try and scare or coerce budget discussions. Especially after congressional majorities of liberal asses - on full moron - failed to pass a budget for the year during the last Congressional session.

The President's little game here is going to backfire big time - and permanently.

Given, as AJ has pointed out, that the Democrats,failed to pass a budget while in power, and given that this President failed to lead to get a budget passed since and given that the Dems are going against the will of the people now, wouldn't it be great if we could fire 50 Democrats from Congress for every day the government is shutdown.  50 a day. 

If only.


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Comments (28)

The President's little g... (Below threshold)

The President's little game here is going to backfire big time - and permanently.

Cynic that I am, I say it'll just be one more thing that MiniTru and the dems (BIRM) will blame on the GOP. "GOP refuses to compromise on budget because they hate grandma AND they hate the troops!"

"...wouldn't it be great if... (Below threshold)

"...wouldn't it be great if we could fire 50 Democrats from Congress for every day the government is shutdown."

I have a different idea. How about; the military doesn't get paid, CONGRESS and The Commander in Chief don't get paid. And when a budget is passed, CONGRESS and the CIC get NO back pay.

"50 a day. "I woul... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"50 a day. "

I would be content with 5.

Top 5 to go first.


If there is a shutdown, no ... (Below threshold)

If there is a shutdown, no one gets paid.

There are two classes of Federal employee when the government shuts down.


The excepted employees will be decided by the Obama Administration. These are the people who will continue to work. However, these people will not get paid. At least, not until the government opens back up again. I'm probably going to be in this "excepted" class, unless the Obama Administration decides to close all of our borders.

The non-excepted employees are furloughed. They get sent home and they don't work. This could be good or it could be bad. These are the people who are not needed during this time so they are let go, like being fired. The good thing about this is, the last time the government shut down, these people received retroactive pay once the government came back online. That would be a pretty sweet deal! You don't work, but you still, eventually, get paid.

So, obviously, our military will be excepted federal employees. They will be the people who will have to continue to work but won't be paid, at least, not until the shutdown is over.

If you want to read more about it, go here:


And here is the relevant portion that i'm talking about:

Federal agencies do not have the authority to pay their employees during a shutdown, regardless of whether the employees are working as "excepted" or furloughed as "non-excepted".

The last time I looked, the Department of Defense was a "federal agency"

I should also say i'm thoro... (Below threshold)

I should also say i'm thoroughly disgusted with people who live pay check to pay check.

I'm not going to be paid and i'm not sure how long i'm not going to be paid, but i've prepared for emergencies like this by doing something really unusual, it's called saving.

Ive put aside money for emergencies. I did this because I have a wife and four children who depend on me. I don't spend all my money on drinking alcohol and partying it up on weekends, or buying every Xbox game I find interesting, or going to every movie I want to see, or hell, even buying new cars (Both of our cars are old and paid for).

Don't tell me our military gets paid so little, specially those who are overseas, that they cannot save some of their money and prepare for hard times.

If not, let this be a lesson to them.

I applaud those congresscritters who decide to do the hard work now, for this generation, to get our financial house in order, even if it means shutting our government down and my losing my pay check.

I'd rather suffer a little now, than a whole heck of a lot later.

And believe you me, it's coming folks. If we don't push now, we're not going to have any choice later.

How about; the military ... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

How about; the military doesn't get paid, CONGRESS and The Commander in Chief don't get paid.

And the First Wookie doesn't get paid either. She has to go back to her bullshit job at that hospital in Chicago, where she was appointed "vice president for special projects" once "Barry" was elected Senator. (Thanks, Illinois!)

Still, $300 K/yr isn't bad for someone whose natural station in life is as a chambermaid at a Motel Six.

Comment from a friend "Th... (Below threshold)

Comment from a friend "That's it. I'm done, this is my last hitch. If they really had my back they wouldn't be betting my family's well being." He said he was fine with being ordered to risk his life, but their gambling with his family's finances over this, was too much.

Ok- my son is home on leave... (Below threshold)

Ok- my son is home on leave and the soldiers are "feeling" that this may happen- I am not sure how much has been hype or via the politicians manipulating the public.

Sick and tired and ready for budget cuts starting with ALL raises for Congress for the past five years. When everyone has something in the game maybe times will change...but we all know this won't happen.

The military could mobilize... (Below threshold)
John S:

The military could mobilize 1 million troops to go to Washington and ask for their paychecks. The 2,000 lb bombs in the Rose Garden would just be a courtesy detail. You always pay the army first, dumbasses.

"Don't tell me our military... (Below threshold)
retired military:

"Don't tell me our military gets paid so little, specially those who are overseas, that they cannot save some of their money and prepare for hard times.



you are showing your ignorance.

a. if someone is on a regular noncombat oversears tour they get an extra $30ish dollars a month separation pay.

b. if someone is on a combat tour they get danger pay, a whopping $50-$100ish dollars a month on top of the sepation pay.

c. Base pay for a SGT E-5 (most of the troops overseas fall in the category of E-5 AND BELOW) is about $2200 a month before taxes and deductions. They get about $400 more a month if married and living off post. If they are deployed overseas they lose their seperate rations (about $150 a month).

d. Most of the younger married troops dont drive around in new or fairly new cars.

So on that pay say they have 2 kids. Kinda hard to miss 2 paychecks with no money coming in.

Oh and BaggieTHose... (Below threshold)
retired military:

Oh and Baggie

THose military who are deployed are making that much money working 12 hours a day 7 days a week.

If you want to talk about folks who are not saving how about the seniors who only have social security and nothing else. In case you think I am bashing them my mother fits into that category as well.

If congress gets paid the M... (Below threshold)

If congress gets paid the Military get paid. I would say that those enumerated powers of government get funding. all others go by the way side.

I would much rather see congress men go without pay checks then an E-1 with a wife and kids. One guy get distracted he not such a big deal the other and he dies.
In first Gilf war the Military mde everyone get direct deposit so that if your deployed thief would not be any hardship.
When the government shutdown before we got pay.

It seems that this is cheep politcal trick. One that shows that the people in office do not give a frack about those men and women they put in harms way.

The Exective brach orders our troops congas pays them. If they are not taken care of it is the fault of the fault of the US government.

I believe Baggi is a libera... (Below threshold)

I believe Baggi is a liberal and just tweaking our conservatives.

Those that have been around Wizbang know that I am ademently pro troops and am a veteran myself. Saying that, I have no problem shutting down the three theaters of war and bringing our troops home. The democrats just aren't facing reality that our country is going broke. They continue to play games with the budget and now they are using our honorable troops as a prop. Our troops deserve to serve under a president that actually cares about the troops instead of using them to prop up a political stance. Shame on Obamalama and the pathetic left. Shameful. ww

The democrats screwing the ... (Below threshold)

The democrats screwing the military again?

Not surprising. They do it every chance they get.

Uh, retired mil, you forgot... (Below threshold)

Uh, retired mil, you forgot that those in combat zones don't pay Fed (and often State) taxes. That can be a bundle, and if you have a bonus coming that's tax free as well.

While I subscribe to Baggi's general financial approach, it should be noted that ONE of the many reasons folks enlist or accept commissions is that they expect a steady stream of income for a prescribed period of time whether they are polishing boots or wearing them out on the Hindu Kush. Some phrase about the full faith of the US Government. Well folks, if you thought that the US Government under the Obama Administration and the Democratically led legislature that got us into this financial mess is faithful and respectful of your service, you haven't been paying attention.

The DoD memo should be a battle cry to the populace, but its buried.

Oh yeah, and the jerks who ... (Below threshold)

Oh yeah, and the jerks who voted these miscreants into office are JUST as responsible for this mess as the jackasses in office. That's what, 54% of the voting population? Unless they get some religion of responsibility, they'll be the plurality that incited the purgatory of our demise.

If you want to talk abou... (Below threshold)

If you want to talk about folks who are not saving how about the seniors who only have social security and nothing else. In case you think I am bashing them my mother fits into that category as well.

I don't want to talk about folks who are not saving. I want our congress critters to do their jobs. We'll wish in one hand and you know what in the other, see which one fills up first, eh?

Regardless, closing your eyes and screaming like babies isn't going to save this nation from the financial/economic destruction that is coming. Whining that the military isn't going to get paid means we scare Republicans into going spineless, which isn't that tough to do.

I'm very proud of our military and support them all the way.

But they aren't being singled out here. I'm going without a pay check also. Read the OPM website that I posted. Federal agencies aren't allowed to pay their employees. Period.

This kind of whining reminds me of the Democrats who try and make it look like the Republicans are anti military everytime the Democrats want to give the military a raise.

I think that's stupid and dangerous.

In a few more years, our military is going to be unionized and then we'll be done for, for sure.

Hey, Baggi and spader... h... (Below threshold)
clear mind:

Hey, Baggi and spader... have you been institutionalized yet. you're both a disgrace!

and retired military, it ain't 12x7, it's more 18x7 and for the Marines in the combat areas, they're generally away from amenities for 3 -5 weeks at a time sleeping on the ground in tents.

and spader, you moron, it's only the combat pay that's exempted from tax, and for my combat SSgt. Marine-son, that was $125 a month... so before you go shooting your mouth off on a blog site get your facts right - oh, I forgot, you get your facts right out of your a**!

I seem to recall that my co... (Below threshold)

I seem to recall that my contract, back in the day, specified the maximum interval between paydays. If I recall correctly, and if the Enlistment Contracts are sill written the same way, this could void the contracts of all enlisted (and possibly officer) members of the Armed Forces, making the remainder of those contracts unenforceable.

That could come back to bite quite a few folks right in the @$$.

Clearly Mindless isn't the ... (Below threshold)

Clearly Mindless isn't the only one with problems this AM - I tried to respond earlier but the comment got held, I suspect because I mistyped something.

ANyways, at the risk of repeating myself, you are wrong. Kudos to your Marine, but he needs some help with accounting. All you have to do is set foot for one day a month in a combat zone, and you don't have to pay taxes on any of your income, benefits, etc. for that entire month.

Here's a link:


BaggiHere you go. ... (Below threshold)
retired military:


Here you go. WHy not write and tell this person that they can do without a paycheck or two and they should learn to live within their means

She says she cant give up paycheck (and she will get paid even if the govt shuts down)


She is only making about 15 times as much as those military guys you said are whining because they cant manage their money and are living paycheck to paycheck.

Stupid ads said we get paid... (Below threshold)

Stupid ads said we get paid good? Are you in the army....didn't think so. We work way..way more hours than a regular 9-5 job alright. And how many kids do you have? Do you have a family? Didn't think so. Think before you speak. Look up pay charts and compare 12+ hours a day...often 15 in my unit to your 8 hours a day. We don't et time to go grocery shoppig everyday alright! If you said shit like that in front of me I would mess you up. And surprisingly your 8 hour day doesn't include pt so probably nothig to worry aabout.

To clarify the confusion o... (Below threshold)
current soldier:

To clarify the confusion on military pay, being in the army 6 years,I can say that a deployed Soldier receives their regular pay, combat pay (50-150), save pay (50-100), seperate rations ( 300), BAH (if needed being anywhere between 500 and 1800)and family seperation (300)...all tax free. Nondeployed soldiers get their regular pat minus tax, bah and seperate rats. No, Soliders with not families aren't underpayed. That isnt seen until a Soldier has a family to take care of and are being told they cant get WIC or any other help because they "make too much". Luckily I set aside money each month in a seperater account so this shouldnt affect me as much but what about that one who cant afford to put aside money? Dont be so quick to judge.

^^sorry for bad typing. doi... (Below threshold)
current soldier:

^^sorry for bad typing. doing so in dark.

Well, I tried to respond ea... (Below threshold)

Well, I tried to respond earlier today from work, but got my comments held, maybe because I included a link that anyone could easily find on any search engine that clearly states in correct grammar that if any member of the uniformed services is in a combat zone for one day of a month, all their pay, benefits, and etc. are tax free for that month. Clearly Mindless is lucky to have a Marine serving from the family, but should be getting better financial information than published in their post.

While I agree with Baggi about financial planning and etc. I also note that uniformed service members enlist or accept a commission expecting the full faith of their government to provide the pay and benefits promised them. When the government fails at any time to provide this to those in uniform, it is a catastrophic loss in trust and responsibility. Those responsible have a very heavy burden of guilt on their shoulders. I already wrote my Senators and Representative today and plan to do so again tomorrow. How about all of us?

Baggie,Its easy fo... (Below threshold)


Its easy for you to say that, try telling that to the average enlisted guy with a family. Two years I had a Sailor working for me who had a pay discrepancy. Someone stopped his pay and he did not get paid for over 6 weeks. The look on his face by then told it all. He was beat down physically, could not pay his mortgage, put gas in his car, or buy groceries. All of this while he was gone and in training and could do nothing but call people to help. I was presonally on the phone everyday and it took a 3 star admiral to intervene to get him paid. You have the luxury of putting a little bit away, most enlisted Sailors do not.

Ok, so I don't understand w... (Below threshold)

Ok, so I don't understand what has changed to make them decide to halt spending. And did I read that correctly up top? We are at war with Japan? That can't be right. If so it's news to me, and I'm at my recruiting station every Thursday. But I don't understand the tactic being played here. Do what we say or we will cripple ourselves from protecting everyone? Sort of like putting a gun to your head and saying give me what I want. All I want to know is will the military get their money? If it takes longer to get paid will they be reimbursed an extra amount for their time waiting for the money owed to them.

Baggi,Is it except... (Below threshold)


Is it excepted and non-excepted or exempt and non-exempt? Thanks, Brainstrap!






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