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Chris Christie: New Jersey teachers union are a group of political thugs

The man speaks truth, you know it, I know it and more and more people are coming to know it:


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Teacher's unions: Chris Chr... (Below threshold)

Teacher's unions: Chris Christie is a political thug.

Also, a one-termer.

What do you call a group of... (Below threshold)

What do you call a group of people that demand you give them money so they can than support a political party you may not even agree with? Sounds like political thugs to me.

The sun also rises in the e... (Below threshold)

The sun also rises in the east, water is wet, the President has jug ears...
What, were not stating the obvious?

How novel to hear the truth... (Below threshold)

How novel to hear the truth from a politician.
Truth trumps political correctness.

In the meantime, just in from Washington, DC.....................

It is very apparent to most... (Below threshold)

It is very apparent to most who use their mind that the democratic party is now much more interested in protecting their party and apparatus then saving their state or federal government. So pathetic. So unamerican. Their creedo is: "Ask not what you can do for your country, but what your country can do for you." That sums it up. ww

Excuse me Guvna' but, when ... (Below threshold)
recovered liberal democrat:

Excuse me Guvna' but, when the Dems had the Senate, House and White House they did nothing but spend money and pass Obamalalacare. No budget for a year and a half. Don't wimp out at this point and lump everyone together sir.






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