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Dubs and The O - Another Comparison

Back in 2006, writing for another blog, I wrote about the man who held the office of POTUS.


I am re-printing that article now, for reasons that should become apparent:


"Readers know that I am a solid Dubya supporter, and about once every week-to-ten-days, I write a column basically reminding folks about what they personally owe this guy. I have to do this, you see, because there are so many more people trashing him on a regular basis, some of which pretend to be Conservatives. I'm just resetting a balance a little bit.

To some degree, this post will be a disappointment for some people, because I don't plan on dwelling on this issue or that, because we've been all over most of it, and only a Democrat comes to a blog and carries an opinion without having a clue on the subject.

Back in February '05, I wrote about the idiom "stepping up to the plate", and it seems a good thing to mention it again here. Folks may remember that Dubs was once one of the owners of the Texas Rangers, back when the team didn't suck on a regular basis. In fact, a reasonable person might say that Dubs had a bit to do with bringing in the players who made the team fun to watch. I mention this, because I also love Baseball, and find it's lessons salient and applicable all the time.

In that Feb 05 column, I wrote "Baseball is a good metaphor for Life, in no small part because the game will screw with you." And we should all be able to agree that Life has been very much a mind-game of late. In discussing what makes someone a person who 'steps up to the plate', I also wrote "imagine you are standing in the batter's box, waiting for a pitch which could come in at more than ninety miles an hour. You know that if you back off a little, you will be a lot less likely to get hit, especially since you get a fraction more reaction time. And the pitcher likes it, when you give him the whole batter's box for his own territory, forfeiting areas which would be a strike, but you can't reach by backing off. Or, you can crowd the plate a little, forcing the pitcher to be more accurate, pitch slower, or take the chance of hitting you and giving up a base. Trouble is, the pitcher won't like that, and more than a few will throw a 'brush-back' pitch, which are no fun at all. On a bad day, the pitcher will send a lesson and put one into your ribs. So, it's not easy to 'step up to the plate'; you may be sorry you did.

THAT's what "step up to the plate" really means. It's taking the chance you'll get hurt for a small reward, doing the hard job because it's necessary. There's a lot of players who'll choose to take the easy way, hoping someone else will do the job, and there's plenty who'll swing wildly and hope they get lucky. But a coach looks for the player willing to take on the tough job, to meet the responsibility when no one else will."

Well folks, that's Dubya. He's taken a few shots, and some would say it's his own fault for making the choices he has, but I say he's just been gutsy enough to stay in the box when it matters. Sometimes it hurts him, but that's how a team wins games.

Provided the other players can at least manage not to cheer for the other team."

Like  him, love him, hate him, whatever, it's clear that George W. Bush took the job seriously, including taking the hits that came from being the man at the plate.  The idea that Barack Obama has ever done the same is good for a laugh, but is also genuinely tragic.




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Comments (19)

I can't wait for the paid t... (Below threshold)

I can't wait for the paid trolls from Moron.org and Barry's Organizing for A-holes (OFA) chime in on this.

General Petraeus bows to Is... (Below threshold) Just because Obama is an in... (Below threshold)

Just because Obama is an inept idiot, does NOT excuse the FACT that Bush betrayed the Conservative cause with regards to overspending, and then (adding insult to injury) he tried to open up the southern border so that the economy could be eaten up and destroyed by millions of illegals.

0bama is just horrible (the worst POTUS ever!), but it still dosen't justify what Bush did on overspending and opening the floodgate on Illegals.

It's hard for Barry 'to ste... (Below threshold)

It's hard for Barry 'to step up to the plate' when he only has 'an exit strategy in mind'.


W was and is a class act. N... (Below threshold)

W was and is a class act. Not at all pretentious. Never complained.
Never blamed anyone else.
And there is no doubt that he loves the USA and truly believes in the fact that we are an exceptional country.

I have to say, I didn't vot... (Below threshold)

I have to say, I didn't vote for Bush in the 2000 primary. I thought he was just another RINO and would ultimately harm our country. Instead, I voted for Allen Keyes.

When Bush got the nomination, I closed my eyes and voted for him because it was better than the Algore.

But in 2004, I enthusiastically supported Bush, all because of 9/11 and his very powerful response to it.

Yes, President Bush was, for the most part, a domestic failure in many ways (No Child Left Behind, anyone?).

But his courage and steadfastness with Iraq and Afghanistan covered up a multitude of sins.

"he [Bush] tried to open... (Below threshold)
Hysteria Check:

"he [Bush] tried to open up the southern border so that the economy could be eaten up and destroyed by millions of illegals"

Somehow, I don't believe that is what happened, much less that it was Bush's intention. Destroying the economy is pretty much a liberal thing, donchaknow.

Critics howl about Bush bei... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

Critics howl about Bush being a "moran" (in the usage of one local moron), and point to his various contretemps in office, and how hated he was/is.

But they forget that there was another President who was also widely considered an imbecile by all "right-thinking" people (in one case, famously, by a member of his Cabinet), who was bitterly and vitriolically criticized in the press in the most savage terms, who suspended various civil rights (writ of habeas corpus, freedom of the press), who stumbled and bumbled his way through prosecution of a war (going through, IIRC, seven commanding generals), who faced murderous riots opposing his policies, who was roundly and passionately hated literally until the day he died, and yet bore all without bitterness or rancor. He is now considered one of our greatest Presidents.

I suspect that history will be kind to George Bush. To his detractors, not so much.

Please, spare me the Lincol... (Below threshold)

Please, spare me the Lincoln love. Few single men have done as much damage to the republic as Abraham "To save the Constitution, I had to destroy it" Lincoln. And of course modern history loves him: he reshaped America into the federally administered Empire it is today.

I guess the best sports met... (Below threshold)

I guess the best sports metaphor I could come up with for Obama would be "driving from the ladies tee"

The point was that percepti... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

The point was that perception at the time does not determine perception by history.

"And of course modern histo... (Below threshold)

"And of course modern history loves him: he reshaped America into the federally administered Empire it is today."

No, that would be your buddy, Woodrow Wilson.

I kind of feel for Obama.</... (Below threshold)

I kind of feel for Obama.

I think the poor sap knows he's out of his depth, and he also knows that a lot of the decisions he's been forced to make are backfiring on him badly - despite his 'advisors' telling him they were really great and wonderful and smart and terrific things to do.

(I mean, surely he's not so stupid as to think we can run trillion-dollar deficits for the foreseeable future. He's got to know he's screwed up, and screwed up badly.)

But whenever he's fucked up before, his 'friends' have bumped him up along the way, in a marvelous depiction of the Peter Principle. He looks so GOOD and he's so ELOQUENT with the right equipment feeding him his lines, they figured that he'd be a perfect front man. Obama tells the marks what they want to hear, keeping their attention focused on him - and in the background?

Hear that $1.5 trillion sucking sound? No, make that about $3-4 trillion... We've been scammed, well and truly ripped off by people who knew Obama wasn't ready to run a 7-11, much less the country - but figured on making their fortunes on his back.

To all the folks who are supporting Obama - I'll figure that you're probably NOT paid shills, though by your attempts to justify what he's done I'd really be inclined to think otherwise on an impartial examination - are you better off now after Obama's deficit spending has reached about $4 trillion? Are you seeing a material improvement in the lives of the poor and downtrodden you're supposedly caring about?

Do you see any real signs of a recovery? Or even of real optimism? You think the oil rig workers and their families and friends in the Gulf are going to vote for Obama a second time? Or all the people who bought into the 'Hope and Change' mantra who have been bitch-slapped by the reality of no jobs, running out of unemployment, and skyrocketing energy and food prices? Do you think THEY will think he's doing a wonderful job? Do you think THEY will vote for him a second time?

Obama is WAY above his pay grade, and has gone into what could best be described as a 'reactive' mode when faced with the fun and games of being President. He doesn't know what to do, doesn't have a plan, and is relying on his charisma to get him through and maybe even elected for a SECOND term.

Do you who support Obama really think that there's a REASON he should have a second term, after he's fucked up so badly? Hell, when Obama's got to go to SHARPTON to try to pump up his base, when he's got to pander to the race-baiting poverty pimps (who I think have lost a good bit of their influence by their supporting Obama in the first place) or face THEIR displeasure, you've got to wonder if Obama's gloss and shine has been sandblasted by reality to show the cheap metal underneath.

Like it or not, Obama's not cutting it - and as time goes on it's going to become more and more apparent. I think the real reason he's starting his election run is that there's folks in his party that would knife him in the back in a heartbeat for their own runs - and by starting so soon he's blocking their attempts.

Time will tell - but I think the history books are going to put Warren G. Harding WAY ahead of Obama in effectiveness. It may have felt good at the time to elect someone to prove you weren't a racist, but wouldn't it have been better to have elected someone COMPETENT in the Democratic Primaries?

the baseball metephor for O... (Below threshold)

the baseball metephor for Obamalama would be: He is in AA ball.

GW is well admired and respected by me. I did get pissed the last two years with the spending and the immigration end run, but overall, a class act.

There was no precedence for what he had to face but he did face it. He manned up. He and his team put the processes in place to assure it would not happen again and executed a war that regardless of what liberals say, killed many, many terrorists. His policies were so great, even Obamalama is keeping them on.

Immediately after 9/11 our economy tanked but again, his team went to work and it was short lived.

Rick, I agree with you. GW will go down in history as one of the great ones. ww

Sorry. DJ, I agree with you... (Below threshold)

Sorry. DJ, I agree with you totally. ;) ww

"Folks may remember that D... (Below threshold)

"Folks may remember that Dubs was once one of the owners of the Texas Rangers"

Rumor has it that Barry once dreamed of being the first American dictator. Affirmative action has made it possible.

I kind of feel for Obama... (Below threshold)
Jay Guevara:

I kind of feel for Obama.

I think the poor sap knows he's out of his depth

I agree. How horrible it would be to be catapulted into a position for which you (at some point) realize that you're hopelessly unqualified and out of your league, but you can't quit and your every move is on public display. Every time you step on a rake, everyone in the world knows all about it.

I'm not an Obama fan as a President, but I do feel for him as a man. He must be living a nightmare.

"I'm not an Obama fan as... (Below threshold)

"I'm not an Obama fan as a President, but I do feel for him as a man. He must be living a nightmare."

He's a guy who knows how to replace light bulbs on his car - who's suddenly placed in as the lead mechanic on a Formula 1 team.

All of a sudden he's got to worry about bearing clearances, bolt torques, fuel-air ratios, front-rear weight differentials, pump outputs, transmission stresses, axle alignments, tire wear, disc brake runout - a million and one little and big things that he may have been vaguely aware of - I mean, what's this funny wrench with the dial on it do again? - but he can't resign, can't quit the job. He knows it'd take literally years to get to the point where he'd know what he doesn't know. The racing team's going to lose, and it'll be his fault because he doesn't know enough, but he can't quit for someone more qualified.

And frankly, looking at the current crop of Democrats, I don't know who really is more qualified. They've gotten where they are, most of them, on being able to villify the opposition effectively and promise the voters that no matter what they'd get something good. They don't know how to lead, they don't know how to make hard choices, and the leadership position is defined by longevity instead of actual leadership talent.

And that was okay as long as there was one party willing to do the hard job of actually leading. (Even if it was cordially hated by the other.) But the Dem's leadership style seems to boil down to "We'll give you everything we promise, and ask nothing in return except your loyalty at the ballot box." And that works - until the money runs out.

And the money has run out... leaving us with an ineffective figurehead and a shitload of debt that'll be shaping the country for decades to come.

"I'm not an Obama fan as... (Below threshold)

"I'm not an Obama fan as a President, but I do feel for him as a man. He must be living a nightmare. "

I don't.

I don't thnk it's a nightmare for him in the sense that it would be for any of us. Judging by his reaction each time a new crisis rears its ugly head I'd say he's resentful of it - not afraid or worried. These are nuisances that get in the way of his grand plan to "fundamentaly transform" the country.

This is a man who effectively shrugs off responsibility for anything that doesn't work out as planned. It could only be a nightmare for someone who actually accepts responsibilty.






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